Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Almost a year ago, HOLLYWOOD SPY reported how China is planning to make a huge underwater blockbuster with mermaids and all kinds of sea monsters with Monica Bellucci as the lead actress and Pitof as director. Now, with the shooting already begun, it seems a lot of changes have taken place in the whole production.
"Empires of the Deep", with the $100 million budget, has already made a record as the largest 3D production in China's film history. This fantasy adventure is co-directed by Michael French and Jonathan Lawrence, and according to the latest news instead of Bellucci, the film will have stunning Olga Kurylenko as the Queen of the Mermaid Empire alongside male lead Steve Polites and Liang Yanfei. Anthony Arendt, virtual camera operator in "Avatar" has also come aboard the film.
"Empires of the Deep" will follow a young man's journey through a mythical underwater mermaid kingdom, where he is trying to rescue his father, while encountering some of the most ferocious creatures the sea kingdom has to offer.


  1. This is a great news. :) I can't wait for this one. And I almost forgot about it completely.

    Still not much information around the net, but I've seen some press conference and some draft video footage from film itself. And it looks great, not that I ever doubted it.

    My google search for "Empires of the Deep" got me a picture from your previous picture-article about this film, Dez. :) On first page, as most relevant search item, I suppose.
    Either that, or my google customised itself after my previous web search/visit history. Although, I don't think that's the case. It never showed me results from this blog (on first page) before.

  2. I can handle Olga in a mermaid suit.
    That's good to hear there's camera experience coming from Avatar. Now that Cameron's set the standard, I'd like to see more 3D of that style.

  3. Oh, yes, Bels, GOOGLE often gives HOLLYWOOD SPY's pictures and stories at first pages :) It's not just your web search, but the fact that we often have unique stories and write about stories not many other sites write about.
    These days we are occupying first pages due to Gerard Butler stories and many links our fans and readers have left all around TWITTER, JUST JARED ...
    We've had almost a thousand visits today, due to the latest Gerard story, and the number of our readers is growing rapidly each week. It's all thanks to your support, Bels, and the support of our dear readers.

    I'm glad you are ready to handle Olga, Alex ;)

  4. I was looking forward to Bellucci in that movie, suppose I'll just have to settle for Olga, I'm sure I'll get over it.

  5. You know how EXCITED I am about "Empires of the Deep"... Chinese nature, mermaids, sea creatures, underwater sequences... everything I dream of! :)
    I'm so glad Pitof was kicked out kicked out of the director's chair. This man would have ruined the whole movie! Although I think Kurylenko is breathtakingly beautiful, I prefer Bellucci as the queen of mermaids. Just look at her face - she was born to play a mermaid!:)

  6. Hey, Ricky, haven't seen you here for ages!!!

    Yes, Neb, this post was intended to arouse your excitement :PP I'm also glad about Pitof, although I like his visual style, and he seems charming, all of his movies were just terrible.

    Monica Bellucci is by the way, extremely popular these days in Serbia because few days ago she said that she thinks Serbian swimmer Milorad Cavic was the most beautiful athlete in the world :)

  7. Hi Dezmond,
    I have been visiting regularly but normally the comments already made covered anything I was thinking.
    Speaking of Monica Bellucci, I'd urge anyone who hasn't saw Brotherhood Of The Wolf to get hold of it. It's a unique film and Bellucci (along with the rest of the cast)is excellent in it.

  8. This sounds kinda awesome.
    I'm down with seeing a mermaid movie.

  9. Yes, Falen, I'm also into seeing some mermaids in cinemas!

  10. I'm a huge Asian cinema fan so they could do just about anything and I'd watch it. LOL, but yes. We need more mermaids. There hasn't been a good mermaid movie since Splash and that was not "good" so much as really entertaining. I still love it though.

  11. Hey, Palindrome, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY, hope we'll be seeing you here often :)