Saturday, April 10, 2010


It seems we'll be seeing more and more female heroes in Hollywood in the upcoming years. According to latest news, one of the comics which will get its big screen adaptation is "Danger Girl", one of the most popular ones outside Marvel/DC world, which features a group of busty, scantily-clad secret agents. The main characters in the comic are not just femme fatales, but are also champion markswomen, language experts, scholars of world history ... Todd Lincoln ("The Apparition") will direct "Danger Girl". Here's what one of the producers had to say about the project: I would describe it as Kill Bill meets Raiders Of The Lost Ark with the "team" element of Mission: Impossible. I would say to the uninitiated that the book is a smart, hip, fun and beautifully drawn love letter to the best action/adventure movies of the last 30 years. It is the story of a lost girl who, through this incredibly kick-ass adventure, finds her destiny, comes of age and helps save the world. The first casting solutions will be announced in time for this year's Comic Con International.


  1. Kill Bill meets Raiders? That's an interesting combination.

  2. that's what you find interesting in the whole combination??? :)))))

  3. IS there any comic book or graphic novel left that hasn't been adapted?

  4. Lots of hot beautiful women, lots of action, and plenty of campy spy humor. I'm in.

  5. Throw in Megan Fox (who seems to be on tap for every other comic film) and I'm in! ;)

  6. Sexy secret agents and kick-ass girls as main heroines all sound good and well, but the reality is that those kind of movies never do as well as the ones with their male counterparts. Same situation is in comic world and video games (with a few notable exceptions).
    That is the main reason we still haven't seen any of those "announced" movies. The producers are big on words and promises, but the reality is often different from their wishes.

    Not too say Danger Girl movie won't be made. It's just that, based on my experience, we can't be sure of anything until the principal photography starts.

  7. @Castor
    I've noticed that the thing with the comics adaptations is that they get announced and then never get into production.

    :))) it's a formula for success :)

    Megan is good in looking good and nothing else, so she could really fit into this movie :))

    I agree, Bels, as I've explained to Castor above.

  8. This sounds great. I don't usually get excited about comic book translations, but I like the idea of this one.

    My daughter (2) thinks she is Bat Girl. Actually, she says "Batman Girl," while my son is Spiderman and Birdman (he made that one up), so I suppose I should be prepared for an onslaught of comic books in our house.


  9. so, she is not a princess anymore? :)) I guess it's daddy's influence :)