Sunday, January 16, 2011


Yes, my darlings, it's January, the new year is here and it's time for HOLLYWOOD SPY'S ANNUAL AWARDS. I am giving out the awards for 2011 to the people who have shared their wit, love, support, charm and positive energy with their favourite HOLLYWOOD SPY throughout the last year. You know
that HOLLYWOOD SPY always appreciates your support, comments and visits. The awards are going to all of you who were visiting and loving your spy on a daily basis in 2010! So, my gorgeous ladies and my dashing gentlemen here are the 2011 winners:

Now, if Charlie can have his angels, why wouldn't Dezz have his own? I actually have four of them - four ladies full of grace, kindness, intelligence and love: my brilliant Indonesian angel Ruth from FLIX CHATTER, my smart Australian angel Lyndylove from W.I.P. IT, my kind Native American angel Avalon from AVALON-MEDIEVAL, and my sweet American angel RaShelle from  A Number 2 Pencil Stat. And yes, since they are gorgeous and smokin' hot, they might even pose for their Dezzy in angel's outfits :))

Now, as you know, HOLLYWOOD SPY has his own stellar constellation of stars which are watching over him from all corners of the world shinning with their love. Here they are, my own stars:
SF STAR of the year is off course Alex J. Cavanaugh. Although I didn't have a chance to read his book, we've all seen what kind of buzz his CASSASTAR created around the blogosphere last Autumn.

WELSH STAR of 2011 is our dear Jamie from MITHRIL WISDOM, HOLLYWOOD SPY's own Indiana Jones, a brilliant young mind with a Master's Degree in Egyptology who lives near Catherine Zeta Jones (who is looking stunning tonight in the auditorium ;)

ASIAN STAR for 2011 is my dear Jaccsy from BUZZES CAFE, who also won a HOLLYWOOD SPY award last year, and who has tricked one lovely girl into marrying him last month so Nanny McDezzy is expecting his own Asian Godson or Goddaughter in about nine months :)

CANADIAN STAR for 2011 is our dear Clarissa Draper from LISTEN TO THE VOICES, HOLLYWOOD SPY's own forensic expert and also our secret Mexican spy ;)

KIWI STAR for 2011 is my favourite creature from New Zealand beside Karl Urban, my lovely and beautiful Wendy from MUSINGS FROM DOWN UNDER one of the most kind beings from the Middle Earth.

STAR OF NADIR is no one else but the lady who brought the little town of Nadir into the world of books, my dear Lisa Maliga from LEAVING NADIR. A very talented writer  and a great friend.

A very special FIGHTER OF THE YEAR award goes to my beloved Victoria Casvell from HAIRNETS AND HOPES an inspiring lady who fights for her dreams among hairnets and a bunch of children  like a true hero.

CHARMER OF THE YEAR award goes to one dashing top model and a beloved blogger, Dempsey Sanders from THEMOVIE411. His kind soul and stunning looks have charmed us all. He shares this award with a breathtaking, superwitty hunk called Christian James whom I love heaps (and then some more).

CAVEMAN OF THE YEAR goes to the best caveman out there, the pride and joy of all Canada - Kal from CALVIN'S CANADIAN CAVE OF COOLNESS, whom we love for making posts like this one or this one. He almost never comments here, but he supports his favourite spy with numerous links.

MAN OF INTEGRITY AWARD goes to Arlee Bird from TOSSING IT OUT, a man whom we deeply respect, admire, a writer with the most natural narrative talent and our favourite grumpy grandfather (he's fresh and young as daisy but he already has grandkids) :)

RA ANGELS award goes to many stunning ladies who are fans of both Richard Armitage and their Dezzy :) They've given me amazing support at Twitter,  here in the blogosphere and voting in thousands in HOLLYWOOD SPY's polls:  LittleVictory, Faboamanto, OneMoreLurker, Phylly, Nat, RAFanDreamer, Sinjoor, Kaprekar ... they all deserve this award.

HEART AWARD goes to all the people who have been sending their love to HOLLYWOOD SPY and thus deserve a place in my heart: Kelly Polark, Masy from THOUGHTS IN PROGRESS, Budd from MY ALTERNATE REALITYEmily White from EMILY'S PLAYHOUSE, Melissa Bradley from MELISSA'S IMAGINARIUM, Andrew Green from WHO WANTS TATERS?, Mary from GIGGLES AND GUNS, Ellen from ELLA'S EDGE, Kristin Rae from KRISTIN CREATIVE, Bryan from THE SFFHUB, Matthew from THE QQQEXPERIMENT, Leigh from THAT'S WRITE, Terrence from SCARLETSPIDER'S BLOG, Falsy from COLORFUL RANTS OF A FED UP SISTA, and MJenks from VITA BREVIS.

Congrats to all of the 37 winners of HOLLYWOOD SPY 2011 AWARD! You were all looking sexy and gorgeous as always! Lyndylove you were stunning in violet, Mary stop flirting with those young guys in the last row, Faboamanto stop smooching with Richard while camera's on you, Jamie, yes, you can take Zeta Jones home tonight, Kelly some producers are asking if you're interested in the Wonder Woman gig,  Arlee stop juggling with our golden statues, Falsy and MJenks stop pinching every gorgeous being you see in the auditorium tonight, Melissa love your new hairstyle it's not at all werewolfish, Flixy and RaShelle you were looking sexy tonight in your sparkly gowns, Ella people from ER say they're ready for you if you faint after that kiss with Brad Pitt at the stage, Matthew stop peddling you query letters to all the publishers at the gala ceremony,  Demps and Chrissy, yes, you may take me to the dancefloor now but be kind to my poor bones ;)  And yes, Alex you may play your guitar solo now, the stage is yours. See you all  at the afterparty and stay lovely till the next year!


  1. Whoo! Thanks awesomely for the award, Dez! I think with the prospect of taking Zeta-Jones home then I win doubly :D Congratulations to all the other winners too!

  2. Tears well up as she steps to the podium. She fumbles with the speech because the paper is crumpled and wet.

    "I had a speech prepared but now I can't read it," she starts, "damn you, black ink!

    "I would like to thank so many people. I think you know who you are.

    "The blogging community. Without you, I would have no readers, no one to post writing complaints to.

    "The other recipients. I know you all and you deserve such high honor.

    "And lastly, Dez. You put so much time and effort prepare these awards... I feel honored. Thank you."

    She walks off holding her Hollywood-Spy award high in the air for all to see.

  3. Huge Thanks for the ASIAN STAR Award, Nanny McDezzy ;) Your party is full of celebs, it's a huge benefit for me, the Paparazzi! :)

  4. @Jamie
    be careful with our Zeta Jones, she's married :)

    big applause for our winner Clarissa, the CANADIAN STAR! The whole auditorium cheers in standing ovations! :)

    watch out, the paparazzi could make a picture of you and Michelle Yeoh ... and you new Mrs. wouldn't like that ;))

  5. Thank you, Dezz! And you deserve the awesome, charming "you-rock" award for your efforts and dedication to the blogging world and to bringing us the latest Hollywood scoop.

    I shall now launch into my guitar solo, accompanied by Kate Beckinsale's awesome dance moves...

  6. Cool awards man :)) keep up the good work =]

  7. Thank you, dearest Dezzy, and a little bird told me it was a special day for you~ We're celebrating on my site! <3 heart you, too!

  8. @Alex
    thanks, Alex, glad you like the award, now hit the guitar and rock on!

    thanks, Doo ;)

    glad you like the HEART award, Leigh, a kiss to you ;)

  9. What a cute idea! Glad I found your blog today... looks like a lot of fun. :)

  10. Hollywood spy 's annual awards ... whats that ? :) jk

  11. aww dezz! thanks!!! you are soooo sweet! :)
    and congrats to everyone else! you have very cool followers dezz! :)

  12. @PK
    thanks, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY! Hope you will have fun with us at the afterparty ;)

    the place at which you're just eating free caviar!

    be welcome, darling, hope you like your award :) I indeed do have supercool followers as you can see around the blogosphere today :)

  13. Congratulations to all winners, and all who entered ;D

  14. Dez, you throw a wonderful award gala. You out did yourself this year. Thank you so much for my award. I'm speechless.

    Thoughts in Progress

  15. Hugs and kisses, Dez! How you managed to get Johnny Depp to present me with my award I'll never know. Thank you so very much. I love you!

    I would like to thank all the wonderful, wonderful people I've met through the blogosphere. You are always ready with support and love. Congratulations to all the winners, may 2011 be our best year yet and see us all exceed our wildest expectations.

  16. @Jonia
    thanks, Jonia, come join the afterparty ;)

    glad you like the award, Masy dearest! Loved your black gown at the red carpet! :)

  17. @Melissa
    Johnny came as soon as he heard he will be presenting an award to you, darling :) And I'm joining you in your wishes!

  18. Oh what a surprise. I Have prepared a speech: ugh hmmm...

    I come to accept this award on behalf of Dempsey Sanders who unfortunately can't be with us tonight as he got his penis caught in his zip.
    May I begin by saying how truly honoured I am to share this award with Demps, I did teach him all his charm, just unfortunately my wit never rubbed off on him. And one day when he is old and grey (which is no doubt very soon) and can no longer model, he will look at his best Charmer Award and think to himself 'I did it, I finally shared an award with CJ!'

    Thank you all so much that have supported me and ThMovie411 and also who have shown Demps just as much love for a blog that really should of been mine.

    Thank you, toodles x

  19. I am indeed honored to be bestowed with such a prestigious award as the "Man Of Integrity Award". That's a lofty image to live up to and a big blanket to fill. Thank you from the bottom of my fingertips tapping the keyboard.

    Now let me make my way to the buffet table since I just woke up and I'm starved. What? No meat?

    By the way, I'm impressed by the amount of work you put into this awards gala. Great job!

    Tossing It Out

  20. Congrats, winners! And thanks, Dezmond, for spreading the awesome!

  21. Well Dezmond, thank you very much, I have sneeked a visit backstage. I miss all my blogging activities at the moment and missing your news also, but thought I would quickly stop by and say thank you. I will be back very soon.

    And CJ you swine ha ha! Though i agree, you have got the wit.

    Great award ceremony Dezmond, well done.

  22. Wow what a surprise *me blushing*, I'm awarded as a RA angel among other wonderful ladies! Thank you very much Dezz, you're so sweet :D.

    Now off to the table, food looks yummy ;)

    OML :)

  23. Congrats to all the winners! Very well deserved.

  24. @Chrissy
    eventhough I would prefer to die from too much bed activities, one of these days, Chrissy, you might just kill me with your wittiness ;) I'm off now to help poor Dempsey with his clothing ;)

    don't worry, Lee, you've already filled up the blanket :)) And why do I have the feeling you're all here for the food? :)

    thanks, Nicole, and welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY!

  25. @Dempsey
    glad to see you at the gala, just don't sneeze at other guests :) OK, you may just sneeze a bit on Chrissy he deserved it with the above comment about you ;) I'm popping by your house to bring you some soup for the flu and lotion for the zipped up parts of your body :))

    be welcome, you and the ladies deserve the award for sticking with your spy for so long and on so many occasions ;)

    I thank you in their names.

  26. Oh so fancy. Everyone decked out in their finest duds. The buffet is delicious or was that at the event in the other ballroom? Congrats to everyone.

  27. DEZMOND - This is the BEST awards show, EVER!

    You look so handsome in your white tux - dashing.

    A BIG, BIG thank you for my award. Grace. Kindness. Intelligence. And, LOVE. Four of my favorite words. I'm so honored. I'll be sure to display it with pride. Thanks for thinking of me.

    Also, I get to share it with some amazing ladies, too. =D

  28. @Holly
    ah, I again have a strange feeling that everyone is here for my food. I blame all of my recipes shared at Facebook :)

    I knew you would like the show, the award and everything else, that's why you are one of the four angels ;) And I'm still stunned by your little black dress :)

  29. Aww! Thank you! Thank you! I really was not expecting to win! *clutches award with death grip* :)

  30. Thanks Dez! You're so awesome man, it's great to know you.

  31. Awww Deezy! Thanks for the love! *rubs bald head for luck!* You sexy beast you! I'ma gonna show you some love back on my blog today!

  32. Great picks for the awards. The pictures of possible Bond stars kept distracting me.

  33. Oh...My....Goodness! Dezzy-baby-hun you are such a doll! Thank you so very much!
    I lost my speech but that wouldn't stop one of Dezmond's Angels:

    I would like to thank my mum, the blogging community, but most especially I would like to thank Dezzy. You are awesome!

    Thanks too for this special occasion. I had an awesome time!

  34. @Emily
    glad I surprised you then :)


    he will be glad to hear that ;)

    thanks, glad you liked the award!

  35. @Falsy
    he he ... rub it all you want :) And thanks for coming to the gala ceremony ;)

    yes, those Bond pictures tend to do that to people, just like most of the pics at HOLLYWOOD SPY do :)

    be welcome. Yes, nothing can stop a Dezzy's Angel :)

  36. At my age, what's a little flirting, already?
    *wink, wink*
    These are great awards for a lot of outstanding people from a truly great guy. Thanks, Dez. You made my day.

  37. Dezz, I had some drama getting ready for your gala event, I was mistaken for paparazzi...
    Phew, I finally made it; I wouldn't have missed it! Thanks for having the ER ready, I won't be fainting over Brad, though ;-D I am partying at my blog. I look forward to seeing you at the after party! You are such a wonderful host; I can't thank you enough for my award! You like me, You really like me... ;-D xXx

  38. @Mary
    now is it really me who made your day or those young guys from the last row? :)))

    yes, my penguin bodygards had strict instructions not to let any paparazzi in, they must've mistaken you because you were shooting private pics of Gerard Butler at the red carpet ;) Glad you like the award ;)

  39. OOOOOO Thanks so much!! Lovely awards!! I've made my acceptance speech on my blog :)

  40. glad you like the award, Kristin, I'm heading over to your place now ;)

  41. OMG! Thank you Dezmond for thinking of me - and I'm shamefully late!!

    My stiletto got caught in my evening gown, the Rolls-Royce was late and now my mascara has run!

    But hey, nothing a glass or two of good champagne wont fix :)

    Once again, thank you so much dear Dezmond. And may I say, you're looking jolly handsome tonight my friend. Nice white number you've got on :)

  42. What a great way to acknowledge all your bloggy friends! Love the personalization you did there, Dezz! I like the green flower too. :) Congrats to the recipients!

  43. @Wendy
    yep, there's lots of champagne at the afterparty so no worries :) Glad you like your award, and me really is looking gorgeous tonight is I not? :))))

    thanks, Carol, that was the whole idea of the gala ceremony :) Welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY ;)

  44. Oh, darn! I think Angelina has the same dress as me tonight!
    Thank you, dahling, for the fabulous Heart Award. You must know that of course I Heart you and your Hollywood Spy blog! Mwah!
    Now please direct me to the champagne...

  45. Wicked cool event, Dez! I had a great time...I'm heading to the after party. No reason to wast this hot hot hot dress on my closet.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  46. checking in from Kelly's blog and what a party this is! Whew! Great blog - love these awards, I know quite a few of these awesome bloggers! I'll be back!
    And special thanks for steering me to Ricky Martin's new video. I hadn't heard this one, and loved the vid!

  47. I am proud to accept this award from you buddy. You are the real deal and it's an honor to feature you prominantly whenever I repost something terrific I have found here. You inspire me to work even harder in the next year.

  48. Thanks Dezzy - I'm truly honoured, you're the best!

  49. @Kelly
    just follow the tail of Angelina's dress and you will find the bar at the gala :) Glad you like the award dahling ;)

    glad you've enjoyed the gala ceremony ;) And the dress really was hot ;)

    glad you stopped by and Welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY where you can always find the freshest music hits beside film and TV news :)

  50. @Kal
    ah, that's nice of you to say ;) There's nothing better than being somebody's inspiration :) Keep on supporting your spy in 2011 too ;)

    be welcome my dear :) Thanks for stopping by!

  51. Wow, I feel like I got a front row seat at the Golden Globes, without having to sit through the boring speeches!

    Awesome stuff, Dezzy!

  52. Indeed, you do look gorgeous tonight dear Dezmond. Very angelic actually. White suits you :)

  53. Dez, thanks for the honor to be called an RAangel by you is truly sweet AND given an AWARD only icing on the cake!!!
    Now pass me a Cosmo!!!
    Sinjoor - cRAzy FANny

  54. Oh my goodness!! I'm so HONORED to be one of your angels Dezzy... you definitely trumped Charlie as all your angels come from four different countries... all ready to strike a pose with you in the middle in your sleek white tux :D Why of course I look sexy in my sparkly gown, I mean you designed my dress remember? ;) THANKS for the lovely award Dezzy, it's such a blessing and privilege to know you and your blog ever since I started blogging, so this award is totally icing on the cake! Congrats to all the other HS award winners, let's continue to support our Dezzy in the years to come. Woot! Woot!

  55. Cool awards show! Who knows. Maybe next year I will get a shout out. I'm so new to blogging but your blog makes me want to work that much harder at my own. Job well done my friend!

  56. So honored to be a part of the awards gala and this wonderful blog. I have to give Nat a special thanks, as without her, the extent of my crush probably wouldn't have cluttered your comment section. And, of course, a thanks to lovely Richard. If it weren't for him, I'd probably only have a healthy perspective on tall, dark and handsome actors. (How boring!) But most of my gushing goes to you Dear Dezzy who humors my musings and works hard to offer a delightful and informative forum for those who love film and appreciate beauty (in all its forms). Much love to you and your faithful visitors. And congratulations to the other winners! Ok, now where's the bar?

  57. That was fun! I'm new - followed the trail of excitement and sparkles! :)

  58. Ahhh...Thank you! I love being your angel:)

  59. Well, I had written a big thank you speech, but, using my cell phone, it got messed up and wouldn't post. So here is my 2nd attempt!

    I'd like to thank the one and only Hollywood Spy and his Madagascar Penguins :) for the honor of this award! I have truly enjoyed supporting and being supported by The Hollywood Spy! Thank you for all of your great posts!

    Dezz states that there's nothing you can do about the Hollywood Spy loving you. I disagree. The ONE thing you can do is accept and embrace it! As I embrace this award! Thank you once again! And here's to all of the rest of the award winners as well!

  60. Congrats to all the winners - what a star-studded event!

  61. This is a lot of fun! A few of my friends are in there, go Kelly and Matt!

  62. Congrats to the winners. *claps*

  63. Congratulations to all the winners! Dez, creative as always. :)


  64. @Juls
    thanks for not considering my speech boring :))

    thank you dahling, you know you're always angelic to me ;)

    ah, glad you like the award my dear ;)

    and I'm privileged to have you as a friend in the blogosphere ;) And yes, you did look amazing in the gown from THE HOUSE OF DEZMOND ;)Now, strike the angel pose :)

  65. @Matty
    if you keep up the good work and remain a charmer that you are you will for sure shine at next year's HOLLYWOOD SPY ANNUAL AWARDS :)

    he he that was one of the best speeches of the evening :) Glad you like your award my dear!

    ah, yes, my darling freaks have spread the excitement all around the blogosphere this weekend :)

    be welcome my dear ;)

    ah, you're the first one to thank my Madagascar penguins, and now I think you've become their favourite ;) The guest didn't like them too much since they were playing security officers during the gala.

  66. @Susan
    thanks Susan :)

    HOLLYWOOD SPY always tries to spread some fun around :)

    hope you've enjoyed the gala, Medeia ;)

    thanks ;)

  67. Congrats to all for the awards! Dezz, you are awesome for doing this!

  68. Yay! Congrats to all the winners!

    Dez, i wanted to add that my stupid work computer blocked your blog (streaming media or some such reason) so i'm not usually able to comment (i'm on my home PC today) but i still read all your posts every day in google reader.

  69. Dezzy,
    THANK YOU SO MUCH! :) I really appreciate the unique award. I wish I could've been there to properly accept it. It's also fun to read about so many other deserving & unique winners.

    You're uber cool, Dezzy! :)

  70. Dear Dez,

    These are the best awards ever! Thank you so much for the award, I will treasure it. I will also treasure being included with my fellow award friends!

    Many hugs!

  71. @Lydia
    thanks, Lyds ;)

    must be the naughty part of my site, although I don't think it's that naughty ;)

    thanks, Chris, our winners are the best

    be welcome, my dear, glad you like your award.

    thanks, Myriam, you know I also treasure you and the RA ladies ;)

  72. sorry so late thanking you. I was away from the computer all weekend. All well deserving winners. I must have slipped through by the skin of my teeth.

  73. Wow, thanks so much Dez! You're always such a nice guy. While the acceptance speech is long overdue, I still greatly appreciate. Hopefully I will have more time to be around here soon. It's just that I'm so bloody busy I barely have time for me. But thanks Dez, you rock!

  74. better late then never, hm, Bry? :) Glad you like the award, hope you will proudly display it in your living room.

  75. Thank you, dearest Dezzy! I feel very honored to be recognized as an RA Angel on your fabulous blog. *hugs* I'm so glad I wasn't included on the worst dressed list that night... you must have given me some advice!

  76. Thank you for being so generous with your awards to include l'il ole me on your star-studded list. I have copied your lovely RA Angels icon to display proudly on my blog -- if you please?

  77. yes, Phylly, off course you can display the award at your blog, that's what awards are for to be proud of them :)