Wednesday, January 19, 2011


After a long search, STARZ has found their new Spartacus, a man who will replace Andy Whitfield in the second season of their super popular epic series SPARTACUS BLOOD AND SAND. The lucky guy is young Liam McIntyre, whom HOLLYWOOD SPY has mentioned before as the possible candidate. The Australian actor will now play the Thracian warrior sold into slavery in the
Roman Republic, after which he became the champion of the arena, and then he lead the slave revolt which we've seen in the end of the first season. We've seen McIntyre in TV series THE PACIFIC, NEIGHBOURS and he will, as producers said, take Spartacus forward instead of just replacing Whitfield.

SHORT HEADLINES Johnny Depp is officially playing Tonto in the film adaptation of LONE RANGER. Darren Aronofsky (THE FOUNTAIN, BLACK SWAN) may direct BATMAN 4. Last year's blockbuster RED will get it's sequel bringing Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis and John Malkovich together again, the writers have been already hired.

The most talked about piece of news since yesterday is the first picture from the upcoming mutant film X-MEN: FIRST CLASS which shows all the members of the cast together in their costumes. You can see Michael Fassbender as Magneto, James McAvoy as Professor Xavier, January Jones as the White Queen in a superhot costume, Rose Byrne as Moira MacTaggert,
Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, Oliver Platt as Man In Black, Caleb Landry  as Banshee, Lucas Till as Havoc, Edi Gathegi  as Darwin, Jason Flemyng  as Azazel, Zoe Kravitz as Angel and Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw. The film premieres this June.


  1. Looking forward to seeing January Jones in those Emma Frost outfits ;)

  2. Damn! Helen old as hell and STILL LOOK GOOD! I wouldn't want the cougar around my man...he'd be mesmerized!

  3. @Jaccsy
    I know you are, Jaccsy, I know you are :)

    ah, she's not that old :) she is sixty something. Have you seen her nude pics she did last year? A brave woman, indeed!

  4. Hmm. I'll withhold judgment on the Xmen photo until I can see them better. I'm still excited about the movie, though.

    I don't know anything about Liam McIntyre, but I like what I see! :D

  5. I will agree that I will see the movie soley based on January Jones, but how about we take random x-men characters from various points in time and of various ages and plop them into a story together. You might as well have Kitty, Jubi, and Jean all joining up at the same time.

  6. I must admit my knowledge of the x-men is limited to what I learned while watching the cartoon when I was younger. I'm afraid I only recognize three of the names from that cast of mutants. However, I'm looking forward to the movie! I always like a decent action flick. :)

  7. i don't know x-men canon either! but i love to see all the different make-up and special effects in x-men movies so - YAY!!!
    and jiminey, dezz!! you picked a bunch of my fave romcom actresses!!! you really like to challenge us huh!??! :)

  8. Congratulations Liam McIntyre!

    Man! Another Lone Ranger! Tonto means dumb in Spanish and he was a Native American:) But, I like Depp....May have to watch it anyways...

    Dezmond, in real-life did you know Depp is part Cherokee? Lol, maybe he's family:)

  9. X-Men: First Class looks incredible and what a roster of talent. Liam McIntyre is so sexy and he will be great. I keep praying for Andy. he's incredible.

    Have a wonderful day, my friend.

  10. Red 2!!! Yes!! Helen Mirren? Yes!! Bruce Willis? Yes!! John Malkovich? Yes!! Seems like the general consesus is "YES!!" for this news! :)

  11. I'll look for everything but Spartacus. Depp as Tonto -- curiosity will get the best of me on that one. :o)

  12. Johnny Depp as Tonto? I can picture it, yes, and he should do well, but I wonder if there will be any complaints from the native American groups that an actual native American wasn't used.

    Tossing It Out

  13. Cool picture from X-Men: First Class!

  14. I still haven't seen Red. I need to remedy that.

  15. Awesome for Xmen! I love that I can come here and find out everything I need to know about movies! Thanks, Dez!

  16. What a great line-up for x-men. It seems that McAvoy is in every movie now. Also, love Helen Murren, can't wait to see the sequel.

  17. @Summer
    you can see the pic better if you click on it!

    I have a feeling that at least 50% of viewers will watch the film because of January :)

    don't worry ,Emily, I have no idea about the X-MEN history either :) we shall just enjoy the action, the story, the costumes...

    ah, yes, that was and always is the idea of all my polls :) Hope you found your favourite among the ladies! I see no one has voted for J.Lo so far :)

  18. @Avalon
    ah, bummer, that means you can't have anything romantic with Depp :))

    I only wish they chose someone who isn't so similar to Andy, this way everybody will compare him to the first Spartacus

    didn't know you would get so excited about RED II :)

    curiosity killed the cat, as they say

  19. @Arlee
    as you can see in Avalon's comment above, she's a Native American, Depp has that blood in him.

    it is, can't wait to see new ones

    I haven't either

    well, almost everything I guess :)

    I wouldn't mind seeing McAvoy in everything!

  20. Stunning indeed. :) Thanks for the buzz.

  21. X-Men is looking so cool right now Dezzie darling, the cast involved look great, and happy to see this first picture.

    Toodles x

  22. I was going to post something about this X:Men pics but now I don't have to :D I'm just sooo anticipating the trailer for this, primarily just to see Fassbender & McAvoy. RED was tons of fun, but I hope they bring back Karl Urban, too. Btw Dezzy, has he been in your James Bond poll? 'Cause he'd get my vote!!

  23. @M Pax
    I know you love your sf :)

    the cast really is great, isn't it, Chrissy dearest? So many wonderful and gorgeous young people in that film!

    my targets in the film are the same as yours :) Fass-My-Benders and Mc-Me-Avoy although I don't mind January-Me-Jones either :)
    No, I would never put my Karl in 007 poll, I want better things for him :)

  24. I have but one thing to say:

    Ah..Johnny Depp...swoon.

  25. I don't know, but deep down I have a feeling X-men will fail :S I hope not though!

  26. Break out the cowboy boots & hat -- Johnny Depp does a western! :)

  27. he he too gorgous for then own good I think sweetie. Din't know Kevin Bacon was cast in it though, that was a surprise.

  28. @Lyndylove
    swoon all you want ... we shall not tell your hubs...

    I kinda too, but I hope for the best

    it was only a matter of time

    yes, darling, Kevin is playing what he knows best - a naughty villain ;) and PS you have some of the cast of X-MEN presented more vividly here:

  29. Sounds fabulous! Thanks for putting this together!

    ~Elizabeth :)

  30. @Elizabeth
    be welcome, glad you enjoyed it

    we shall see, we shall see ;)

  31. glad you like it, Wendy dearest ;)

  32. hubs knows all about my infatuation with Johnny :)

  33. I heard that the XMen pic was a fake; and the producers went "where the hell did that come from?! and released their own the next day. I'm not sure if that's 100% true, but nevertheless that promo pic looks damn awesome :D

  34. @Jamie
    I think they meant some other poster which appeared recently, but this photo also could be a fake :)

    ah, poor hubs :)

  35. What is your favorite X-Men animated series of the three and why?

  36. Sorry, Brad, but I've never watched X-MEN animated series, just the films ;)

  37. Lyam: Rebosas por todos los poros de tu cuerpo, masculinidad y olor a macho. Desde que ví tús fotos como spartacus, no he dejado de fantasear contigo. Te imagino como exclavo arrodillado, completamente desnudo, esperando a que un centurión decida que hacer contigo, su verga gruesa y fuerte como la piedra, sedienta de sexo tiene la punta caliente y húmeda, la arrima a tus nalgas y da una embestida, tú gritas al sentir como te abre, después una segunda embestida y otra y otra, hasta llenarte, te folla con fuerza y deprisa para correrse enseguida... Hasta que pronto, explosiona como un volcán, bañando todo tu interior.

  38. oh, dear goodness, everybody who happens to know a bit of Spanish, will certainly blush after your comment, German