Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The first official featurette for one of this year's most anticipated historical shows CAMELOT is here. Premiering this April on Starz, the exciting new show will bring an action packed version of the famous Arthurian legend with Joseph Fiennes as Merlin,
Claire Forlani as Queen Igraine, Eva Green as Morgana, young Jamie Campbell Bower as King Arthur and Tamsin Egerton as Guinevere, with James Purefoy guest starring as King Lot. Check out the interesting behind the scenes look on the show with exclusive scenes and interviews with the lead actors.

If you are anxious to see the costume that January Jones will wear as curvaceous Emma Frost aka White Queen in the 2011 superhero flick X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, which will describe the youth of our dear mutants,
you don't need to worry anymore. Speaking to "MovieWeb" January reassured us that the costumes will be "insane" and that they involve "a lot of very body-conscious stuff". She also revealed that she didn't have to "do all the crazy prosthetics" because White Queen's morphing into her diamond form will be CGI. As you know January joins James McAvoy (Professor Xavier), Michael Fassbender (Magneto), Kevin Bacon ...and a bunch of young Hollywood actors in the new installment of the mutant saga.

And today you can also watch another great video at HOLLYWOOD SPY - a stunning trailer for the exciting third season of the amazing and popular British series BEING HUMAN which will be aired on BBC later this winter.  The popular show, which also got its US version to be aired on SyFy this January (which probably won't have the authentic and charming spirit of the original British series), follows the adventures of three unlikely roomates - a kind vampire, a goofy werewolf and a timid ghost, starring Aidan Turner (who will appear in Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT), adorable Russell Tovey and super lovely Leonora Crichlow.


  1. Now I'm really looking forward to X-Men First Class!

  2. Thanks for the trailer, I love it. Scary and funny, like the show. Long wait for the new season on BBCAmerica, usually months and months after the UK.
    I have my doubts about the US version also. From what I've seen, I don't think they get the humor of the original. We'll see.

  3. @Alex
    because of the pic? ;)

    yep, it definitely won't be anywhere close to the British original. It just can't be no matter how much they try :(
    Glad you liked the trailer :)

  4. Looking forward to Xmen, the white queen will be a brilliant character I think and glad January is playing it. Being Human also looks interesting

  5. I personally wish they chose some more curvaceous girl to play White Queen, especially since the costume we've seen earlier shows a very cheep looking coat and boots and a very very skinny January, but I'm still hoping it will all look better on film.
    I think you would like BEING HUMAN, Dempsey :)It's on BBC3

  6. She must live in the Southern Hemisphere because January is HOT!
    Did you see the American Remake of Being Human. They had to remake it so that it would be in English, I guess.

  7. That's a very clever trailer for Being Human. Love that song--never associated it w/ vampires before, tho'!

  8. The vid will not play for me? It says it is private?

  9. I love Being Human, but I have not been able to keep up because I don't get BBC America with my cable and those jerks refuse to run their episodes online. I have to buy the DVD's. You're absolutely right, the American version will not be as charming as the original, they've gone for strictly pretty. I don't know why Syfy just didn't purchase the eps like they did for Merlin. Arrgh!!

  10. I think that January will play The White Queen very well. I'm glad that this report alludes to the fact that her costume will pretty much stay true to the comic! :)

    :) :) :)
    George and Nina are so wonderful in that trailer!!! ALL of them are!!! :) :)
    i'm SO ANGRY about them "americanizing" the show!!! that's so stupid! it's going to lose all its charm!! russell, leonora, and aidan MAKE the show!! ugh!
    i couldn't get the camelot vid to play- but i'll say it again- the series looks super interesting! :)

  12. X Men first Class looks promising :) I'm looking forward to Camelot, mainly to see how it compares to Merlin. Being Human Season 3 is going to be awesome! The US one from what I've seen lacks everything that made the British version great, sadly.

  13. Dude. I can't watch the videos at work right now but these both sound awesome!

  14. @Budd
    I kinda don't wanna see it :) British version was amazing and I don't see the point of making the American one.

    it's a great video, isn't it? :)

    for some reason STARZ always does that with their videos :( As if we're not helping them with promoting their shows :( I've put the new one, hope it won't be taken down.

    yep, they could've done the same thing as with MERLIN - just show the original series, the language is the same.

  15. @Scarlet
    we shall keep our fingers crossed, but I didn't like the first pic of her in the costume that we've seen earlier this winter.

    they are all super cute in the trailer :))) And I've put the new video for CAMELOT, hope you will be able to see it.

    I think CAMELOT will be much more for adult audience that MERLIN, and it probably won't have MERLIN's British charm, but it will be more edgy and sexy :)

    watch them at home :)

  16. I like that they're giving a newer but more human look to Camelot. Can't wait to see the show.

  17. Camelot looks intriguing....
    But not as intriguing as that pic you posted of January Jones.

  18. @Clarissa
    it will surely be an exciting new series! :) History, battles, sex, kings and queens, lavish costumes ...

    ah, you have no idea how difficult it was for me to choose that picture since I have some super indecent pics of January and didn't know whether to post them or not :) Maybe I will post them some other time :) Keep your eyes open.

  19. January Jones = gorgeous.

    Looking forward to new series of Being Human. The earlier series restored my faith in UK TV.

  20. yep, BBC generally promises some great programmes for 2011. I've always loved them, but now I love even more :)

  21. I wouldn't think January might be so bare and smooth :P :)

  22. btw, Thank you VERY much for adding me to your sidereel! What a priviledge! appreciate that!

  23. Geez put down the vampire werewolf thing already! BAHHH!

    I thought the gal from She's out of Your League was playing Emma Frost. This girl looks waaay better. The pic you chose was obviously saliva bending. James McAvoy as Xavier? Really? Kevin Bacon? Really???? Geez.

    Hey, how's it going???

  24. @Jaccsy
    and she is staring right at you, Jaccsy :)

    be welcome, you've been in it for almost a month now :)

    ah, you haven't heard that after all the vampires and werewolves the zombies and mutants are coming to Hollywood? :)
    I believe you meant Emma Stone who is staring in SPIDERMAN :)

    is Hollywood Spy getting some free viagra pills from you at least? :)

  25. Awesome stuff Dez! Superbly stoked for the premiere of Camelot in April. I likey :)