Monday, January 31, 2011


Ah, something that your dear Dezz and one of his angels, Flixy, have been fighting for years now has finally happened: Henry Cavill is officially the new Superman!!!! Warner Bros. has announced that the super talented young actor from THE TUDORS will take the lead role in Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot of SUPERMAN. Zack Snyder (300, WATCHMEN, LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS) is super excited with the choice of Cavill as someone who will wear the red and blue costume of the famous Man of Steel.
Charming Cavill is having other great films coming out soon: spectacular ancient Greek epicIMMORTALS in which he will play the famous hero Theseus and exciting thriller THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY alongside Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver. He is, as you know, the winner of WHO SHOULD BE THE NEXT JAMES BOND poll here at HOLLYWOOD SPY :)

The famous soap opera DALLAS is coming back to TV screens, since TNT is making the new series based on the younger generation of the greedy Ewing family. Some of the old characters are coming back, so we shall again see Patrick Duffy as Bobby, Linda Gray as Sue Ellen, and Larry Hagman as the naughty J.R. The show will follow the offspring of bitter rivals - J.R.’s son, John Ross, and Bobby and Pamela's adopted son, Christopher, who clash over the future of the Ewing
dynasty while the fate of Southfork itself weighs in the balance. Young Jordana Brewster is the first name in the new cast and she will play Elena, the gorgeous daughter of the ranch’s cook who is in a love triangle with Christopher and John.

Italian director Michele Soavi is starting the production on his adventurous epic TREASURE OF POMPEII this spring and he wants Nicolas Cage in the lead role. Planned as an adventure for kids similar to the cult film GOONIES, the story in POMPEII will follow  adventures of some boys  in Pompeii, the dead Roman city near the Vesuvius volcano, while searching for a hidden treasure.


  1. it’s not clear that Cage is even interested in the role, but since he’s interested in every role, he’s probably interested in the role.

  2. What a hot superman! Can't wait.

    I'm not a fan of Nicolas Cage but I love when he's out treasure hunting. I remember the Goonies and loved it! Can't wait to see the next.

  3. @Jaccsy
    he he you said it all :)

    hot as hell :)
    GOONIES was the film of our childhoods :)

  4. Henry Cavill as Superman? That seems like a good choice. Personally, I'm a huge fan of Tom Welling. I just can't picture anyone else playing the role. :)

  5. I kind of wanted the True Blood guy as Superman, but Cavill does seem like a great choice!! Are all the new superheroes played by British men???

  6. @Emily
    he is a perfect choice :)

    Joe Manganiello? He he nobody remembers his name :) Not, all, THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA are played by Americans :)

  7. The treasure of Pompeii was the Lupanar (don't look that up at work, if you're unfamiliar).

  8. I love Tom Welling but understand why they had to go with a different actor to shy away from the Smallville Universe. Henry looks the part and excited to see him get it, I did like Joe Manganllio as the front runner at one stage, but can't deny Cavill has what it takes to play Supes.

  9. oooh! a pompeii story like goonies sounds excellent!!! but please, please, please hollywood! keep cage OUT OF IT!!!!!

    handsome superman- i don't think i've ever seen him in anything... and that brewster is the gal from The Faculty isn't it?

  10. Henery Cavill should make a good super-man imo

  11. YAY for Cavill! When I opened my Twitter on Sunday afternoon and saw that he had been cast I was jumping up and down with joy! I have a post dedicated for this news scheduled for later today, too, I'm so glad Snyder picked him. I'm more excited than ever for the project now.

  12. I'm glad Henry has the role. He and Zack will certainly put some needed fire into the on screen Man of Steel. J.R. and Bobby Ewing...dear God I have hazy memories from childhood, my older cousin was addicted to that show. Should be interesting with Ms. Brewster.

    Hugs to you, my friend. Hope you are having a wonderful Monday.

  13. Maybe Cage will finally find his niche.

  14. I have been fascinated by Pompeii since I first saw a TV documentary about it when I was about 5 years old. One of the first stories I ever wrote was called "The Mystery of Pompeii"--that was in the fourth grade I think.

    Would you please stop putting up pictures like the one of Jordana Brewster? I had a difficult time getting that page off the computer and I had to keep going back to look at it---I've got things to do, Dez!

  15. Dallas revisited, that should be interesting.

    Thoughts in Progress

  16. I almost glossed over the Dallas news because of Henry :D I grew up watching that soap series, even still remember the theme song to this day! I'd be curious who they'd cast as Bobby and JR Ewing.

  17. I'm excited at the prospect of Henry Cavill as the new Superman. I remember him early in his career as Albert Mondego in the Count of Monte Cristo.

  18. Yaaay! More Henry Cavill. More! I'll go see any movie he's in.

  19. @MJ
    I can look whatever I want at my work, since I'm my own boss :)

    glad to see you back my dear, I see you managed to fight off the zombies and their nasty viruses!

    yes, they could leave Cage out of it :) I have no idea where she played, this is the first time I see Miss Jordana :)

    he should ;)

  20. @Flixy
    yes, it was such a big news yesterday that all the sites published it even though they usually don't work on Sundays :)

    yes, he and Zack will be a lovely combination! I just hope they won't find him some horrible Louis Lane. Hope your Monday's good too, mine was a workaholic one, since I'm working on three books at the same time :)

    I wouldn't count on it :)

    but, Lee, Jordana is your birthday bunny, you are supposed to stare at her as much as you like :)

  21. @Masy
    it should!

    I forgot the music theme for DALLAS, although I remember it was a nice one, but I still remember the one from DYNASTY :) which I loved more as a kid :)

    ah, yes, he played in MONTE CRISTO too :) And he was great in it as always

    me too, me too :)

  22. Well my mom loved Dallas more than Dynasty so I watched whatever she watched :D There was also an Australian soap called Return to Eden that was huge in my country. We named our cats after their main characters!

  23. I watched DALLAS too, my grandma loved it :) Oh, and I did love love love RETURN TO EDEN, it was such an amazing soap :) I also loved COVER UP with Jennifer O'Neill and HAREM with Omar Sharrif and many other crazy soaps and shows back in the 80's :)

  24. Goonies was win, so I hope they keep the cool adventure feel. I love Pompeii. I'm not so sure about Henry Cavill as Superman...they should get Clark Kent, he'd be perfect for the role. HAHAHAHA I crack me up ;)

  25. you've been boozing a bit today, yes, dahling? :PPP

  26. Dezzy darling... I don't booze at 10am!! Well, it's 10am for me..actually it's now 10.30am. eek, I'd better get back to work!

  27. Henry Cavill! Yay, Dezmond! I agree - excellent casting :)

    As for Nicolas Cage, I'm not a great fan at the best of times.

    I see you've had a costume change? Most fetching :)

  28. I try to avoid Nicholas Cage when I can...he really irritates me. Cavill, on the other hand, I'd watch read a phonebook!

  29. It's about time!!! Henry totally deserves a great leading man role! Although, I love Tom Welling, too. And, seriously? Dallas? Isn't there already one too many shows on tv about spoiled rich people?...

  30. @Lyndy
    he he ... :)

    oh, thanks for noticing my fetching new outfit :))) /winkswinks/

    yes indeed

    I think he irritates 99% of world population :)

    yes, yes, too much rich people on TV!

  31. Goonies meets Pompeii...sounds good! Cage can pull it off; He does real well, with this type of film! Cavill, as Superman, mmmh, I really wanted him as Bond. I guess Superman is the U.S.
    version of Bond, lol~

  32. Congratulations to Henry Cavill. :) It's not everyday you get a chance for a role like this one. I think he will make fine Superman.
    Let's just hope the story/script is not as boring as last one.

    I like Jordana Brewster. She's... ...very pretty. :)
    To bad I have so little interest in new (or old) Dallas series. Not my genre.

  33. @Ella
    he he Superman could be US Bond :))

    I shall pass your congrats to Henry, he's my best friend, you know :PPP
    He is actually among my ten most favourite celebs ever. So I'm beyond happy.