Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Beside Ian McKellen and Elijah Wood who have been officially confirmed for THE HOBBIT alongside Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving and Andy Serkis (Orlando Bloom hasn't been officially confirmed yet), the epic adaptation will get another new cast addition - David Tennant (DR. WHO)  will play Elf King Thranduil who is also the father of Legolas. If you remember, David was previously offered the role of Bilbo Baggins himself, but it was later on given to Martin Freeman.

Pretty Lena Headey (SARA CONNOR CHRONICLES, Spartan Queen Gorgo from 300) has joined the remake of JUDGE DREDD as Madeline Madrigal, a.k.a. Ma-Ma according to "MovieWeb".  As you know, HOLLYWOOD
's favourite actor Karl Urban is playing the lead role which was previously played by Silvester Stallone, while Lena will play the main villain, a dangerous and naughty gang leader with a scar on her cheek. The sf film about a judge who sentences criminals as soon as he catches them should premiere sometime in 2012.

SHORT HEADLINES Steven Spielberg's prehistoric show TERRA NOVA will premiere on May 23rd on Fox. Tom Hardy has been seen with a bald head and a beard sparking rumors that he might play Dr. Hugo Strange, the main villain in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. The first trailer for CAPTAIN AMERICA :THE FIRST AVENGER with Chris Evans has been delayed because it apparently wasn't amazing enough.

Few weeks ago HOLLYWOOD SPY has shown you a behind the scenes clip of Starz' ambitious new epic show CAMELOT which will premiere
April 1st, and I have the first trailer and some great new pictures for you. Starring Joseph Fiennes as a more battle loving Merlin, Eva Green as evil Morgana, Jamie Campbel Bower as young Arthur, Tamsin Egerton as Guienevere and Claire Forliani as Arthur's mother Queen Igraine, the show will bring an exciting, dynamic and sexy new take on the famous tale about Arthur and Merlin. The romantic adventure will present a historically authentic retelling of the classic King Arthur legend. When King Uther is poisoned by his own daughter, his legitimate but publicly unknown son, Arthur, must succeed the king and return greatness to the Castle Camelot.


  1. David Tennant as the elf king... Someone in Hollywood loves me.

  2. ah, and it also means that someone in Hollywood doesn't love me, because that role was destined to me by all laws of nature and logic :)

  3. Oh Joseph Fiennes is in Camelot. Hmmm. Oddly, I prefer Ralph...but whatever. Beggars can't be choosers.

  4. ah, on the other side I totally prefer Joseph :) Royals can be choosers :PPP

  5. Oh thank you Dezzy! Anything Hobbit related pretty much makes me pee my pants with excitement. Or something like that.

  6. "The romantic adventure will present a historically authentic retelling of the classic King Arthur legend."

    Yes, you can totally tell how authentic and real the retelling is based on the pictures.

    Of course, it's hilarious that the story surrounding a person who may never have existed can be deemed "historically accurate". *eyeroll*

  7. David Tennant as the elf king. Yay! I think Karl Urban does not work nearly enough. I love him, love him, love him. I can't wait for Priest.

  8. I keep my TV on Showtime 24/7! I'm down with Camelot since The tutors is gone...still crying about that one! lol

  9. Joseph looks a lot different than his brother in this picture. But this should be an excellent version of Camelot.

  10. all good news today, awesome. Can't wait to see Lena Headley in Dredd. Hopefully that is her costume.

  11. YAY!!! Camelot keeps looking more and more awesome! and DAVID TENNANT!!! whoohoo!!!

  12. I'm glad they keep picking all these lovely looking men to play the elves. :) It wouldn't be right, otherwise. :)

  13. I don't know much about either the Hobbit or Camelot so I can't say whether these men are well chosen but I will give impressions when I watch the show.

  14. @MAtthew
    glad I got you so excited :) I guess there will be other THE HOBBIT news these days since the casting is on.

    blame it on the studio, I'm just a messenger ;)

    no, no, you can't possibly love Karl Urban more than me :)))

  15. @Falsy
    I'm surprised you're not watching SPARTACUS, Falsy, I mean it is full of scantily clad hunks and beauties :)

    it should, if that young guy proves right in the role of Arthur, which I currently doubt :(

    I'm guessing it won't :) They will probably make her look ugly and nasty as a villain.

  16. @Vics
    the trailer is great isn't it?

    yay, indeed

    it certainly wouldn't :)

    we shall wait and see.

  17. Man, The Hobbit cast just keeps getting better and better. I'd love to see Tennant as Elven King. Btw, I know you're not crazy about Lena, Dezzy, but I think she's a good choice as a villain in Dredd. Would sparks fly between the two as well? Ah well, I'm still waiting for a new movie where we can see Karl's face from start to finish :D

  18. DezzyDarlz, it's funny to think of Tennant originally as a stumpy hobbit and now an elven king. I think he would do a good job either way. And the camelot trailer looks great!

  19. The remake of Judge Dredd is looking better. So is the cast for The Hobbit.

  20. @Flixy
    it's not that I don't like Lena, I just didn't like her in 300. But it's the other part of the female cast in JUDGE DREDD whom I just don't see deserving of the role.

    yep, it is funny, I thought the same :) CAMELOT will be a real medieval fun!

    glad you think so ...

  21. I always learn something new when I stop by here. Interesting movies coming out.

    Thoughts in Progress

  22. @Masy
    glad you think so, Masy ;)

    she says she loves you too! ;)

  23. Not blaming you. Just voicing...something.

    Incidentally, how long do you think it will be before we get a smash up of "sexy" Arthurian legend invaded by either zombies or vampires? I'm giving it two years, at least.

  24. This looks so wicked! But my assumption is that either the States or Europe will get it first and we in Canada will be waiting and waiting...

  25. @MJ
    Hm, I think the vampires and zombies are out and the mutants will be the new trend. Shapeshifting king Arthur would be a nice twist ...

    If you have STARZ I'm guessing you will watch it simultaneously with USA.

  26. Nope, we don't get that Channel up here.

  27. hope some of the cable channels will broadcast it in Canada. Here in Serbia it is broadcast on HBO CABLE.

  28. You can get HBO here only with an expensive satellite package I'm not willing to pay for. Eventually these things do come here, like The Tudors and The Pillars of the Earth, etc., but it's LONG after everyone else has seen them already.

  29. well, then I recommend a little help from Torrents :)

  30. David Tennant in The Hobbit sounds pretty damn good to me! I'm not too sure about Camelot after watching the trailer. I'll be too busy comparing it to Merlin once it shows.

    I'm so glad that we can get HBO in the UK from feb 1st (as Sky Atlantic). It'll mean I won't have to wait ages for some good quality shows!