Thursday, January 6, 2011


Although we thought that Angelina Jolie won't become CLEOPATRA in the lavish new epic when James Cameron decided to do some other projects, it seems the film might get a new director. The word has it
that some high profile director is close to sign the contract in this Sony Pictures 3D movie based on CLEOPATRA : A LIFE, a book by Stacy Schiff. Differently from previous versions, this film will not show the Egyptian queen as a sexy seductress but as a politician, strategist and a warrior. Hope Brad Pitt won't become another Richard Burton in this one.

Here's the exclusive first picture from ANONYMOUS, Roland Emmerich's (INDEPENDENCE DAY, 2012) historical mystery, with Rhys Ifans, Vanessa Redgrave and David Thewlis. Set in the political snake-pit of Elizabethan England it will try to solve the mystery on who was the author of the plays credited to William Shakespeare? ANONYMOUS poses one possible answer, focusing on a time when cloak-and-dagger political intrigue, illicit romances in the Royal Court, and the schemes of greedy nobles hungry for the power of the throne were exposed in the most unlikely of places: the London stage.

According to "MovieWeb" lovely Gemma Arterton (CLASH OF THE TITANS, PRINCE OF PERSIA) has officially signed on as Gretel in HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS, starring alongside Jeremy Renner. The film which starts shooting this March in Berlin will continue the story years after the original fairy tale, with the brother and sister becoming bounty hunters to cope with their tragic past. Do they have to butcher every fairy tale over in Hollywood?
And to all my readers of Orthodox religion, I'd like to wish pleasant Christmas Eve today and a lovely Christmas tomorrow!


  1. Is it just me? Or are most movies coming out in 3D? A Cleopatra 3D doesn't make sense! Though I've never seen Angelina in that shade of blue;she's usually in black or cream. She looks different all colorful!

  2. @Kelly
    yep, 3D is the new craze :) And you have no idea how difficult it was for me to find a colourful pic of usually depressive Angelina :) I thought a bit of cobalt blue with Angelina and Gemma would brighten up our Thursday :)

  3. That CLEOPATRA movie sounds really interesting. I love all those movies about ancient civilizations. I'd have to say they're my favorite.

  4. omg, you nailed it w/that hope for B. Pitt. That would blow if he did that... And ooo! Anonymous sounds amazing! I'm also curious about this H&G Witch hunting... good stuff coming~ :o) <3

  5. Man Angelina is still so hot for her age. I'm gonna watch that movie just for her lol.
    Nice blog btw

  6. Anonymous sounds fantastic, though I'm worried a bit because it's Roland Emmerich and he's not exactly known for his character dramas and mysteries. Still, it's a stellar cast and I can't resist anything Shakespeare.

    Have a wonderful day, my friend. :)

  7. Cant wait for them to come out :) only thing I don't like it going to far with the 3D for every movie

  8. Dez,
    I think that's a pretty picture of Angelina & much needed for people who are under cloudy skies!

    Anonymous should be fascinating as there has always been lots of speculation about Shakespeare & who really wrote those plays. Will there be any aliens in the mix? :)

  9. Emmerich is trying something different, isn't he?

  10. Ah too bad, H&G would've been an interesting one... but not with this cast. Btw, Emmerich doing a period Shakespearean drama? What's the world coming to? :D

  11. @Emily
    those are my favourite too, Emily, that's why I often write about them ;)

    ah, I really hit your favourite things today :))

    thanks, Jack ;) and that isn't a fresh pic of Angelina :)She is much skinnier today :(

  12. @Melissa
    how did you conclude that he isn't known for his character dramas and mysteries? :))))) I think that's what makes everyone a bit reserved about the project.

    I hear you, it is a 3D epidemic in Hollywood.

    thanks,I did try to find the right pic :) And, no there will be no aliens,but an occasional mammoth might stroll through the set :)

  13. @Alex
    he is!

    it is!

    yep, I don't like the cast either, I don't generally understand Renner's popularity in Hollywood.

  14. Sexy! And wow, you've got an exclusive pic! How cool. Can't wait to see these features.

  15. I agree with Kelly. Hollywood needs to temper its hysterical craze for all things 3D and get back to focusing on human stories that do not rely upon a technologically visual premise. Despite this skepticism, I am still going to see Cleopatra...and damn, Jolie looks super-hot in that picture. Nice find Dez!

  16. In a very short space of time I've become anti 3D (not 3D animation, but those silly sfx that require wearing special glasses and paying extra money to see a movie that would be just as good without those extras) RAWR I say! RAWR!

    I like the sound of Anonymous though. :)

  17. @Clarissa
    something blue and sexy will appear here tomorrow as well. You've been warned :)))

    Yep, but Hollywood should first temper its vampire/zombie/teen craze monster before dealing with the 3D one :) And I knew my boys would like that pic ;)

    'tis true my dear, they're just ripping us off :( Let's start the riots! :)

  18. I LOVED that book. I can't picture Angie in that role (only because Schiff's portrait of Cleopatra was plain), but I'm sure I would enjoy watching her in the role anyhow.

  19. Ah, then you will enjoy the film, if it really gets made, finally made! :)

  20. Curious about Cleopatra; would love to see Anonymous; you can keep H&G.

  21. now, I'm not a fan of Angelina Jolie's work over the past, I dunno, 10 years?!! But I honestly wouldn't mind seeing her as Cleopatra and am actually hopeful for her in the role. I hope that the soon-to-be director chosen will utilize her effectively for both the audience and for her career. Dezz, if you were to pick a director for the project...who would it be? I'm curious.

  22. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who don't see what the fuss is about Renner, Dez!

    @Scarlet – I'm with you on this one. I'm tired of seeing Angie but I gotta admit she'd be good as Cleopatra.

  23. Angelina is a HO she cant play cleopatra

  24. I am now embracing 3D a little more now even though it still goves me a huge headache. The news surrounding Cleopatra is interesting. And its the first time I have heard about Hansel and Grettal, I need to get my head out of the sand, this is what xmas does to me!

  25. @Mary
    ah, we shall pass H&G to someone else since I don't need them either :P

    well, to be honest, I've never really liked Angelina's work nor her behaviour, the only role I loved her in was in ALEXANDER because she was very authentic in it and was the only one in that movie with some passion and idea.
    When it comes to possible directors of CLEOPATRA there are three names for me - Shekar Kapur, Tarsem Sing and Baz Luhrman but if any one of them would do it I would hate to see Angelina in the lead role which should go to the actress who has profound imperial charisma for it - Catherine Zeta Jones!

  26. @Flixy
    you know I don't like arrogant, not so talented, pompous little punks :)

    it would be kinda offensive giving a royal role to someone with suspicious past and behaviour.

    you can use the search button on the right to find my earlier stories on H&G if you wanna read them :)

    exactly :)

  27. I like the sound of all three :) I hope that they give some historical credence to Cleopatra this time around. So far they've all failed :P

  28. well, having in mind that she will played by Angelina, and we know that the real Cleopatra was unattractive, it seems they won't stick to history :)

  29. Catherine Zeta-Jones would also be a great choice, but somehow, I see Jolie pulling off the look a lot better! I admittedly am not overly familiar with the directors you listed, and will do some research on them. Thanks for taking time to answer my query.

  30. Shekar directed ELIZABETH, ELIZABETH THE GOLDEN AGE, FOUR FEATHERS ... while Tarsem did THE CELL, THE FALL and is currently finishing IMMORTALS, the lavish ancient Greek epic. Both of them are visual geniuses.

  31. I would love to see east coast actress Janet Miranda play this role. I have seen in her in several plays and some independant films. She is absolutely stunning to look at and her acting is really great. She makes delightful choices and is very much in the moment. I vote for Janet Miranda to play Cleopatra.

  32. Janet Miranda is a Hot pick for this part. I would like to see her play this. She is definately HOT