Thursday, January 27, 2011


Even though there are years before we see Ron Howard's adaptation of Stephen King's famous sf saga DARK TOWER, we've already seen a lot of stars in the list of possible lead actors including Hugh Jackman,
Jon Hamm, and the two biggest contenders Javier Bardem and Viggo Mortensen, but according to "Beyond Hollywood" they now have an extremely strong rival. Fresh Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner, hyper talented Christian Bale could also get the role of the famous gunslinger Roland Deschain. He actually sounds like the best choice if you ask me! Always loved him in all of his roles and he could use a big new role in a big new saga which will have three movies and two seasons of TV show.

SHORT HEADLINES ABC has ordered a pilot for the new TV series called POE, which will follow the famous writer employing unusual methods to solve crimes in the 19th century Boston.

Ah, here's a super crazy plot: THE DETAILS will be a weird comedy starring Tobey Maguire, Elizabeth Banks, Laura Linney and Ray Liotta, about a family who discovers raccoons living in their backyard. As they try to eradicate the vandals, a chain reaction of infidelities, extortion, organ donation and murder ensues. Now, everybody knows how much I adore raccoons, the sweetest creatures ever!

Check out the first pictures from the unusual fantasy film we've never heard of before. Produced by American World Pictures and Bron Studios JABBERWOCKY (what a horrible title) will be an epic fantasy film starring Tahmoh Penikett (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA), Michael Worth (ACAPULCO H.E.A.T.), Kacey Barnfield (RESIDENT EVIL), Raffaello Degruttola, Steven Waddington, Richard Riddell, Ian Virgo, and directed by Steven
R. Monroe
. The film chronicles the story of a young squire (Michael Worth) who, alongside his brother (Tahmoh Penikett), must become a warrior to save his people and the woman he loves (Kacey Barnfield) after a horrific beast is unleashed on the Kingdom. I'm not sure, but I'm guessing this will be a TV movie or a mini-series.


  1. Bale isn't look like Bale in the picture. And I believe JABBERWOCKY is quite a ridiculously catchy word for a title :))

  2. So Jabberwocky has nothing to do with the Lewis Carrol poem? Hm. 'Kay...

    I can't sand Tobey Maguire. I don't even like to look at him, so needless to say, I will definitely NOT be seeing that movie, even though it sounds kinda interesting.

  3. You're right, Jabberwocky is a show that I've never heard of before. What a strange and unusual name. Looking forward to seeing that raccoon movie. Who knew they could be up to so much mischief.

  4. I'm with you Dez, Christian Bale is the best choice. That raccoon flick sounds like a weirdly fun film. Raccoons are so cute too. They are quite mischievous as I've had them spread my garbage all over the yard. :)

    Jabberwocky is a strange title indeed, but I am looking forward to seeing Tahmoh Penikett again. He is gorgeous.

  5. how will Jabberwocky be related to the world of Alice in Wonderland?

  6. For more on Poe's real connections to Boston,
    check out the Edgar Allan Poe Foundation of Boston's website

  7. Ah, you see, I am a HUGE Tahmoh fan so I was aware of Jabberwocky back in October when it was announced on his fan site he was going to Bulgaria to film i, but the stills have been circulating for a couple of weeks now. None of them seem to have him in them, though. I'm not sure where this is going to be playing - perhaps on the Space channel - but it seems intriguing.

  8. I could swear Jabberowkcy was a Terry Gilliam movie....

  9. Roland of Gilead is one of the coolest characters ever written. I could see Christian or Viggo, not sure about the others.

  10. I'll watch it simply because I love Christian Bale.

  11. Bale could pull it off. And wasn't there already a film called Jabberwocky? I'm thinking Disney...

  12. Chrisian Bale is a tremendous actor--I vote for him.
    The Poe thing sounds weird. I don't think Edgar ever did anything like this--it's revisionist history.

    Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

  13. Love Christian Bale, but like Matt said, I'm torn if you offer me Viggo Mortensen! :)

  14. @Jaccsy
    that's one his pics when he was young and fit :)

    I've heard that some people find him irrigating, just like Jake Gylenhaal. I'm impartial towards him.

    ah, raccoons are always up to some mischief :)

    oh, I so envy you on those raccoons :) And it's true that Tahmoh Penikett is one smoking hot fella :)

  15. @Budd
    why would it be?

    it was filmed in my neighboring Bulgarian? And, yes I'm guessing it will end up on sci-fy channel.

    the title is crazy enough for that

    I'm cheering for Bale :)

  16. @Stock
    we all love Bale ;)


    Poe probably didn't do that, but it sounds like an interesting premise for a show :)

    Bale is one of the best out there.

  17. Christian Bale is a great actor. I think he'd be great in some good King adaptations.

    And as for Jabberwocky, I think Budd's right. Since the original Jabberwocky poem is connected to Alice in Wonderland, I'm surprised they're using the title for something that seems so unrelated.

  18. Christian Bale is getting better with age, but as for Tobey, I can't seem to get Spiderman out of him.

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  19. I love Bale and he'd be great in this role but part of me want him to do a 'lighter' film, by that I mean less dark/brutal/intense y'know. I know he's said he won't ever do rom-com but there are a lot of poignant dramas that he'd be good in... I want to see more of his romantic side like in A New World.

  20. I'm excited about all of those. Very interested to see how Dark Tower gets interpreted.

  21. I love fantasy, but there seems to be a lack of originality in fantasy films

  22. @Rosie
    he was always great in sf, I loved him in EQUILIBRIUM and REIGN OF FIRE, two of the films I adore.

    he is? :) And yes, Tobey will remain Spidey forever.

    it would be nice seeing him in a film in which he's not a maniac or someone who has less than 100 pounds!

  23. I agree with flixchatter. I love Christian in almost everything that he's done, but I really don't want to watch him lead another dark franchise...3 films and a tv series...sheesh! I want him to do more films like The Fighter, Rescue Dawn, The Machinist. Or historical dramas like Empire of the Sun and New World...I'm really hoping this 13 Women of Nanjing film turns out well. And he can obviously do dark comedy because American Psycho is fantastic!

    Anyway...I really hope they cast Viggo! He's perfect for the role!

  24. @Jonia
    you can't sleep when you're working it in Hollywood!

    it will be one of the most interesting projects for sure!

    I will have a very interesting fantasy film announced tomorrow :)With some great pics as always (hunky ones:)

  25. @Anonymous
    I'm also very anxious about 13 WOMEN OF NANJING, that should be a thrilling and touching story. And according to today's news apparently Javier is getting the role, but Viggo will be mentioned tomorrow here with some other great new role :) Be sure to drop by.

  26. Well, Jabberwocky was a poem that existed in the world of Alice in Wonderland, it really isn't in the context of the world of Alice in Wonderland. It's like The Fairy Queen in our world. The poem itself, taken out of the context of AiW has nothing to do with AiW, though, so it makes sense that you can make a stand-alone story out of it without there being any references to AiW.

    Does that make any sense or am I just confusing people more? :)

    Yes, Dez, it was filmed in Bulgaria...Around November - December, I believe.

  27. wow! Toby McGuire looks... different! And hubs will be psyched about that Dark Tower coming out. Not so psyched about Ron Howard directing... :D Thanks, Dez~

  28. @Allyson
    CONAN was also filmed last year in Bulgaria, while here in Serbia we had RAVEN with John Cusack and LOCKED UP with Guy Pearce.

    yes, I'm not psyched about Howard directing either ... don't like him.

  29. Bale will rock it; Raccoon movie sound interesting. I too, can't see Tobey behind Peter Parker, but will try. Poe series, sounds good...we need a different twist. Jabberwocky sp?
    not sure yet...

  30. Alice Through the Looking Glass was one of my favorite books as a child so I'll be very interested in watching Jabberwocky (and for the record, I like the title =) to see if the movie follows the story line of the poem. (For those who watched the Disney cartoon Alice in Wonderland, a famous line sung by the Cheshire Cat, "and the mome raths outgrabe," was taken from a poem in Lewis Carrol's book called Jabberwocky. Just a little useless context for ya.) And I have a nerdy crush on Tahmoh Penikett, though I know him better as Paul Ballard in Dollhouse.

    Wow, I just read what I wrote and realized I am such a power geek. Hahaha

  31. @Ella
    gotta love the raccoons :)

    somebody explained the same thing above in the comments :) And I see that hunk Penikett really has a lot of fangirls around him :) Can't say I'm surprised, he really is dashing :)

  32. That's right Dezzy, I think all the crazy yo-yo-ing of his weight's got to take a toll on his body. Not sure why he's always so into dark films it's almost an obsession.

  33. I have to disagree with you about Bale. He isn't who I would have pictured in the role. In my mind, it should be somebody more square of jaw, with more rugged good looks. Tom Selleck is too old, but that's more what I'd have in mind. Somebody who really "looks" like they stepped out of the Old West.