Thursday, January 20, 2011


Josh Lucas has just joined the cast of Clint Eastwood's new drama J.EDGAR which already includes Leo DiCaprio, Judi Dench, Armie Hammer ... In the film about the famous head of The
Bureau of Investigation, Lucas will play famous pilot Charles Lindbergh, whose son's disappearance and murder was investigated by  J.Edgar Hoover. As you know Josh Lucas is also in the run for the lead in ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER.

SHORT HEADLINES As you've probably heard since yesterday, the actress who is getting all the possible roles in Hollywood these days, Anne Hathaway is officially the new CatWoman in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES while Tom Hardy will play the villain Bane. Sony will make SEX ON THE MOON, a
film about a young aspiring scientist who thumbed his nose at authority by planning to steal moon rocks from his NASA employer for the love of his girlfriend. John Lithgow will play Barney's mysterious father in HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

As you know, the sequel for the successful blockbuster G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA is currently being written, and it won't be directed by Stephen Sommers again, but what is official is that Korean hunk Lee Byung-hun will reprise his role of the magnificent Storm Shadow, a  ninja from the team of villains who always wears dashing white outfits. The shooting of the action adventure should start sometime this June. Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller, Rachel Nichols and others should all come back to the sequel as well since their original contracts predicted a possible second gig too.

Here's another interesting cast: A VIEW FROM A BRIDGE will have Anthony LaPaglia playing  Carbone, a dockworker who is unhappily married to Beatrice (Vera Farmiga) while raising their niece Catherine (Mia Wasikowska). When Beatrice's cousins visit from Italy and become enamored with Catherine, Eddie becomes consumed with jealousy and rage.  The adaptation of the Arthur Miller's play will also include Sam Neill and young Sebastian Stan.


  1. Hel-LO Lee Byung Hun! I will see anything you are in. :)

    I heard Anne Hathaway was Catwoman yesterday, and I was just as underwhelmed then. That sort of casting decision makes me nervous about Dark Knight Rising.

  2. Ah, I knew ladies will respond nicely to that Hun, he really is a "hun" isn't he? :)
    I'm not overly shocked by Anne's getting the role. Something fishy is going on in Hollywood since she seems to be getting all possible roles these days, and plus I'm one of those who can't stand Nolan's BATMANS :)

  3. Even if the GI Joe sequel's as bad as the first, I'll see it. For you, Lee. Just for you.

  4. Stephanie, don't forget there's also Channing Tatum and some other hunks in it ;)

  5. J. Edgar could be interesting. Not sure about new Catwoman.

    Thoughts in Progress

  6. yes, the reactions on the new catwoman are very mixed ... I think no one is overly excited ... most are just impassive.

  7. Anne Hathaway must have one spectacular agent if she's getting all these roles. I don't really know how I feel about the pick. I've never pictured her as an actress who could portray sexy. Cute and possibly charming, maybe, but not sexy.

    Oh well. We'll see.

  8. LOL! I heard Anne got the Catwoman deal and I thought of you~ :o) <3

  9. The cast of J. Edgar is shaping up nicely. I will definitely see it.

  10. If I ain't wrong, Hathaway wasn't even in your previous felincious poll :))
    About tomcat, it's no problem if you use it for your own pc, but don't spread it! :))
    n bout your fave topic 'k-hun' above, Lee isn't the best one, want me to introduce you with other? ;)

  11. With regard to any apprehension about Anne H. as the Catwoman, it's important for people to remember the reaction when it was announced that Heath Ledger would be the Joker. I mean, people were quick to lambast the decision, but Ledger ended up giving an impressive, iconic performance that still gives me goosebumps every time I watch TDK.

    True, she might suck in the role, but let's wait and see...

  12. I think the choice of John Lithgow as Barney's dad is a little weird but Lithgow has mega-chops so I'll sit back and let the man do his thing before I get all Internet Angry and use too many exclamation points. I was really looking forward to this weeks episode of HIMYM but was called in to work. However, as a DISH customer/employee I have the TV Everywhere app on my phone and was able to watch the show live, on my phone, while I was in the break room at work...and since I have it recorded, I'll probably re-watch it off my DVR again today on my lunch break. Great, heart-filled episode. Can't wait to see where they take things from here.

  13. Well I happen to love Anne Hathaway, though I'll admit she looks a little weird as Catwoman.

  14. After the first G.I.Joe debacle everyone should be running away in shame instead of making a new one. What people will do for money! Maybe they're going to keep making movies in the franchise til they get it right.

    Tossing It Out

  15. Was that really her dressed as Catwoman? I'm not excited about this... but if Christian Bale is still going to be Batman (please say he is) then I'm sure I'll see it.

    I'll watch Josh Lucas as a vamp... sounds good to me! :) Though I think Bana might have a better look for that part.

  16. Meh on Anne as Catwoman, but this isn't the first time I'm not enthused about Nolan's female casting, I mean in Batman Begins he cast Katie Holmes against Christian Bale?? Seriously! Nothing against Anne and I think she's talented, just wrong for the part.

    Btw, is A VIEW FROM A BRIDGE a feature film? Oh, I like the cast. esp. Sam Neill and Farmiga.

  17. Love Josh Lucas...he stole my heart in Sweet Home Alabama. Hope to see him in more roles soon!
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  18. J. Edgar interests me. I'll see G Joe -- won't know what it's about but I'll enjoy it;-)
    Hathaway has saturated the field, so doubt I'll be seeing anymore of films.

  19. @Emily
    ah, she really must have a great agent or a big shot daddy or something ... Do you remember when she was in a relationship with some rich mafioso? :)

    ah, don't tell me I'm your first association when you hear Anne Hathaway :)

    I'm guessing it will do good in USA, but not outside it. I generally don't like Eastwood, he always makes films only for US audience.

    nope, Anne was not in that poll :)
    Yes, yes, please introduce me to another one in an illustrated way if possible :) And when it comes to the tomcat wallpaper I'd use it but it's too small, you must send me a bigger one :P

  20. @JM
    yes, but you must remember that not everyone was amazed by Heath's role. I personally loved his performances in other of his films, bu his Joker role was one of the worst ones I've ever seen - unfocused, overly dramatic, unnecessary morbid and dark, with no charm and wit ... there was no Joker in that Joker. But I generally think that Nolan's films are without soul and vision.

    can't agree, but I'm glad you will enjoy the film :)

    thanks for commenting ;) Nice to hear you are using your lunch breaks in a fun way

    mind you, that's not the picture of her as CWoman, we shall see that in the future :)

  21. @Arlee
    I wouldn't call GI JOE a debacle. It was a successful film which scored hundreds of millions of dollars around the world, and was entertaining enough although it didn't have the charm that most films from Stephen Sommers have.

    no, that's not her and yes, Bale is in the lead role

    yes, you are totally right, he has a bad eye for casting ladies. Katie Holmes next to Bale - ridiculous. Yes,that will be a feature film.

    yes, he was sweet in SWEET HOME ALABAMA :)

    he he I knew you love ninjas and costumed agents :)

  22. Well at least he's got a good eye casting the men, as I totally approve of Hardy's casting :D Besides, with Bale back as Batman, it's not like I'll be paying attention to the ladies, he..he..

  23. Josh Lucas has that same steely stare as Clint. Seems a natural pairing. Wasn't into GI Joe until you posted Lee's photo here. :)

  24. @Flixy
    oh, we do like us some Hardy whenever, wherever ... well, ok, maybe not in a Nolan film :P

    @M Pax
    ah, I knew that Lee pic will have a positive impact on the humanity :)

  25. Is Lee's body for real? Look at all those bulging bits! (I'm admiring it as an artist, of course)

  26. yes, you could mold a pudding on Lee's abs :) which would be a lovely little pastime :)

  27. The last movie, View from a bridge sounds super interesting. What a plot and way to delve into human character.
    I did know that Hathaway was to become catwoman and she fits the outfit well.

  28. That show sounds interesting.

    I like your blog, I'll be following.

  29. Catwoman and Batman is not my thing, but cool news about Anne Hathaway. I agree, she has been receiving numerous roles these days. I would rather see Anne, someone that really has talent and a pretty face, rather then someone just sexy, but can't act. In my opinion, Anne has earned these roles. She doesn't have to go on drunk sprees for the press or sign herself in as an addict, to get attention. She works hard.

  30. I'm not really please with Anne being catwomen, I don't know, but i have a feeling she isn't for ti :(

  31. @Clarissa
    that's not her in the outfit, Clarissa :) It's just a model I used to illustrate the story, but the big boobied one is her :)

    thanks, hope you will enjoy the blog daily :)

    don't forget that Anne had her share of scandals too, she was a girlfriend of the mafioso Raffaello Follieri and got into the spotlight during her relationship with him :)

    I have the same feeling, Doo

  32. So far Hathaway has only been announced as playing Selina Kyle (at least that's what it says on, everyone is jumping to conclusions that Catwoman is actually going to make an appearance. So I'm holding out for the chance that Nolan's not going to bring Catwoman into the film but just use the character of Selina Kyle as he has the previous two mediocre female co-stars in the last two films. And if there is going to be two villains hopefully Thalia will be the 2nd, supposedly that's who Eva Green was testing for.

  33. Josh Lucas has to be one of the most boring actors out there. He's the watered down Matthew McConaughey with half the charm and acting skill.

    Now Hun was and is the best thing about GI Joe. This picture of him is over the top hot. And I will be Googling Sebastien Stan. Good Lord he's sexy. Those eyes...;)

  34. Leonardo & Dame Judi together... some good quality. And cool about Anthony LaPaglia. I saw him on Broadway in the same role. Cool when a movie works out that way.

  35. I'm surprised Anne Hathaway got the part.

    And as for DiCaprio and Dench together - most unusual. But mighty fine casting methinks.

    So glad it's still snowing here. It's so hot and humid in Middle Earth :)

  36. @Answer
    ah, you are still nurturing hopes for you Eva :))))

    he he .. a watered down Matthew McConaughey .. he he :))

    hey, Rob, long time no see!

    uuuu, I forgot it's summer Down Under :) At least you can go to the beach and watch guys in their speedos :P

  37. So excited Josh has 2 new movies coming up!! I especially can't wait for Lincoln Lawyer, looks awesome!

  38. I still hope Batman film could interest me, with some good script. It's a small hope though, since I hated last film, and I don't particularly like his role or his overexposure in recent comics.

    Hathaway wouldn't be my first (or second) pick for this role, but who knows, maybe something interesting would come out of that choice. (Small hope for that also, if the film is boring by itself.)