Sunday, January 2, 2011


Another film that we might or might not have needed is THE THREE MUSKETEERS, the new adaptation of the famous Alexandre Dumas' story directed by Paul W.S. Anderson (RESIDENT EVIL). Coming out next Autumn, October 2010, the new version of the old story will have a star studded cast and
will follow the hot-headed young D'Artagnan (Logan Lerman from PERCY JACKSON THE LIGHTNING THIEF) who joins forces with three rogue Musketeers. They must stop the evil Cardinal Richelieu (Christoph Waltz) and face off with lord Buckingham (Orlando Bloom) and the treacherous Milady de Winter
(Milla Jovovich). Ray Stevenson (ROME, THOR, PUNISHER 2) will appear as Porthos, Luke Evans (CLASH OF THE TITANS, ROBIN HOOD, IMMORTALS) as Aramis and Matthew Macfadyen (THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH, ROBIN HOOD) as Athos. Mads Mikkelsen (CLASH OF THE TITANS, VALHALLA RISING) will appear as Rochefort while young Juno Temple will play the
queen. Beside getting a state of the art update in 3-D THE THREE MUSKETEERS will be less focused on corsets and feathered hats and more on the eye-popping action, romance and adventure, which isn't really what the first pictures from the shooting tell us :) So, what do you think, are you excited about the film or not so much?

And if you're in the mood you can visit Dempsey's THE MOVIE 411 site where I'm guesthosting today with the list of my favourite actresses. Pop over and leave a comment there if you like my list :)


  1. Hmmm.. I see some huge anticipation here for D'Artagnan, Musketeers and zombie slayer Milady de Winter :))

  2. you mean me myself, Jaccsy? No, I'm not actually overly excited about this flick. I do love historical films, but this particular period, with frills, feathers and too much lace never was my favourite part of history on film :) I like more ancient periods.

  3. but he does look good with a goatee :)

  4. I was hoping Orlando would have played one of the musketeers.

  5. I like the fact that Orlando is playing the bad guy for a change, though this movie I'm not so sure of, one of them things I will either really like or hate. The only movie I ever really enjoyed involving the muskateers was Man in the Iron mask with Le Dicaprio. The cast in this though are good.

    And thanks for hosting todays post over on my side Dezz, I love it.

  6. I have mixed feelings about this one! Seems like every 15-20 yrs someone decides to do a remake.
    I do like the idea of more action and Orlando as a bad guy...

  7. @Avalon
    not this time, Avalon

    part of the cast really is good, I will watch the film for MacFadyen, Luke Evans, Orly, Mikkelsen and Ray Stevenson.
    Thanks for having me as the guest host ;)

    don't forget that there is one more Musketeer film beside this one in preproduction :)

  8. I've always romanticized the whole Three Musketeers thing so I'm ready for this with all the action!

  9. Loved your guest post, Dez! Brilliant. I am looking forward to this simply because Three Mustketeers is one of my all time fave stories. I have read reread this book I don't know how many times. Interesting casting as well. Big fan of Christoph Waltz.

  10. @Mary
    you might need a sword and a corset dress to take part in the action :)

    thanks, Melissa, glad you liked it, I can't wait to see yours over at Dempsey's ;)

  11. ...I'm surprised a remake of the Musketeers is already in the works, considering how the last version is less than a decade old. Anything with Bloom and Jovovich teaming in however, will surely be worth the price of admission:)


  12. Got to give them some credit for the all-star cast.

  13. @Elliot
    ah, there's never been any logic in Hollywood, Elliot :)

    yep, the cast is a big one!

  14. Ahhh that explains it. I was wondering why Orlando Bloom looked like such a douche in his costume, but it seems it is because his character is a douche. Thanks Dez! I liked the last Musketeers movie they did, so hopefully this one is good as well.

    Oh, and Happy New Year Dez!

  15. Oh goodie, a costume drama & we get to see Orlando Bloom sporting bloomers! :)

  16. @Bry
    the mystery is explained :P Happy New Year to you as well, Bryan!

    two gifts in one :)

  17. Gotta love eye-popping action. That's what I like in a movie. Fun and frolicking.

  18. "frolicking" - now that's a word we hear for the first time at HOLLYWOOD SPY, Lyndylove :))))

  19. Whenever I think of the Three Musketeers I think of the version with Oliver Platt and Chris O Donnell. It was pretty campy, so this version will automatically top that :P

  20. I cant believe this will be any good. if it is ill be impressed;

  21. gotta be honest, I didn't understand the whole 3M thing until I taught HS and had to read the book. The BOOK was my first experience with this tale, and it was Fantastic! :D <3

  22. I will watch anything with Matthew Macfadyen in it and can't wait for KungFu Panda 2!

  23. I'm not familiar with the 3 Musketeers, book or movie, so this will be fresh for me.

  24. You cannot know how happy I am to see these pictures. You have done it again, my friend. I had heard rumors of a new 3 Muskateer movie but had no right to ever expect it was this luscious looking. Can't wait for the trailer.

  25. @Jamie
    where has Chris O'Donnell disappeared? I used to love him a lot.

    we will all be impressed :)

    what's HS? :)

  26. @Clarissa
    HOLLYWOOD SPY also loves Matthew Macfadyen a lot :)

    oh, that's unusual, Medeia :) there were so many Musketeer books and movies, how did you manage to escape them? :))

    I remember that you were amazed by Milla's first dress rehearsal pictures earlier last year when she was trying on Milady gowns.

  27. I like the cast here (well except for Bloom but that's ok). I like all the actors playing the 3 Musketeers, and glad to see Stevenson's getting some major roles. I'm a sucker for period flicks and this one certainly looks promising.

  28. i'm not too excited about this one... the movie has been made so many times already!

  29. @Flixy
    yep, Stevenson and MacFadyen should be getting more roles! I don't mind Orlando, but I'm not into Milla's poor and silly acting, even though we share the same blood :)


  30. I'll definitely see this one. Mainly because I'm a sucker for period movies, and I love Matthew MacFadyen in just about anything. Glad to see Ray Stevenson, too. He was perfection in Rome. Any news on the "Rome" movie/sequel?

  31. Lynn, if you write ROME in the search button in the right sidebar you will find a number of posts on ROME film, but sadly, as the time goes by, I'm losing my optimism that the film on that magnificent show will ever get made :(