Wednesday, January 1, 2020


Tomas Mastalir plays the lead role in the series
Although your trusted spy is inarguably world's number one source for international period set projects (as some of you like to say - If I've heard about it, I've heard it from the spy) I don't think we've ever had anything from Slovakia, except that one time when they did Maria Theresa co production with Austria and Hungary, but now they've joined forces with neighbouring Ukraine on new 12 episode historical mini series THE SLAVS (Slovania) and today you can feast your eyes on the first photos from the sets of their most expensive series ever. Check out the teaser below, but have in mind it is just a very early promo teaser without any post production done on it.

 What Is It About?
This historical adventure series is set in the 7th Century and follows the lives of the occupants of the Carpathian basin, at the time before the union of Slav tribes. The plot takes place at the neighbouring forts Big Table and
With 4 million euro budget, it is the most expensive Slovak production ever
Furnau, which need each other for trade but the power interests and the pressure from the incoming Avar marauders will put them into conflict. The main heroine, a young girl called Draha (Polina Nosykhina) is different
Postproduction will last till June, with airing in September 2020
than her peers because she's conscious and ambitious. During her journey of self discovery, she is accompanied by a mysterious stranger that she saved and
The series will probably air sometime in late 2020 or 2021
named Vlad (Juraj Loj), who is slowly becoming a member of the fort Big Table. Although the occupants of the fort did not like him at first, they are
Most of the shooting is taking place over in Ukraine
getting used to him thanks to his heroic acts - especially against the Avar tribes. Along with Vlad and Draha's story, the series simultaneously follows the story of Radúz (Tomás Mastalír), the son of fort Furnau's elder, who is a proud and well-trained warrior!


  1. Looks good, although we'll probably never see it here. Have a good New Year's Eve, Dezzy!

    1. I've slept through it, Debs :) The firecrackers and other nasty artillery woke me up around midnight for about ten minutes and then I just turned over and continued sleeping and I'm working today, hoping I will have work throughout this new year!

  2. We'll probably never see it here either, but it does look good. Happiest New Year, Dezzy. Fingers crossed you are bombarded with lots of work this year, sexy playthings, and many blessings coming your way ♥

    1. I'm stressed as I don't know if I will have work, so that is my key wish.

    2. That will be my wish for you as well. I have no wishes except to hit remission again, so I will send my extra wishes out into the universe and hope the fortune gods bestow you with all the work your heart desires.

    3. I will pray for us to both be healthy (as much as possible, because, let us not kid ourselves, we're wrecks) and to have money for living! I need something big to translate this year, but have nothing announced after Queen of Fire :( I wouldn't mind a few weeks of rest, though, as I haven't rested since 2018 :) How is your health these days, deary?

    4. I have faith something will come through for you. You are the best translator after all!

      I feel like I am finally back on the mend. I took drastic measures and drove to Michigan last month for marijuana edibles and cbd oil since they finally legalized it there for recreational use. I talked to a doctor here when I was at my lowest point and he said studies show thc + cbd is beneficial for helping to heal my illness and a lot of people in Canada use it instead of pharmaceuticals. It can take a few months to achieve full remission, but I do feel like it is working. I’m intermittent fasting as well, another thing beneficial for IBD since it gives my gut 16 hours to heal between meals.

      How are you feeling, dahlink? Hopefully nothing major health wise for you to suffer though!

    5. Yes, I told you as well before that you should start using weed :))) But seriously, everybody here who has bowel cancer and similar problems uses the oil.
      Yes, I do the chrono diet myself, eight hours of eating and then 16 hours of fasting, I've been living like that since high school.

      I've had a lot of bad situations with my so called brother and mother this month, so my heart rate went up again and I had to double my pills, they still don't care and keep annoying me, and it all shows on my heart condition. I'm helpless about it. I haven't talked with my mother in weeks now.

    6. Oh, dear lawd! I'll send you a message over at Facebook and you can fill me in. I think I dropped the ball on getting back with you over there. It's been a trying few months, but thankfully things seem to be calming now that we finally have the holidays past us.

    7. Don't beat yourself about it, dahlink, I know you're busy with da family and the holidays and your own health. We're still not done with holidays here, it's Orthodox Christmas in my country today.

  3. Happy New Year!!

    After reading that description, I think the man she saved is a spy or some sort of traitor!! The unbelievable heroes typically are.

    1. Happy New Year! Feels like it started ages ago LOL