Monday, January 6, 2020


Your trusted spy has promised you that the beginning of the year will be marked by our announcements of numerous international epic projects, and
The new series started in Turkey last Novemer
I've been delivering what I promised throughout the last two weeks. We've announced new epic series from France, Slovakia, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Russia and today we are moving over to Turkey which, methinks, we haven't visited since their most famous period set series ever The Magnificent Century and its followup Kosem Sultana. They now have a new epic saga OSMAN THE FOUNDER (Kurulus Osman, at some places they call it The Founder: Ottoman) on Osman, the founder of the Ottoman empire. It started airing on their A1 television late November and as far as I've noticed you can find
You can find the series with Eng subs around the net
websites around the net where you can watch all of the six or seven episodes that have been released so far with English subtitles if you are interested in watching. The series sees one of Turkey's biggest TV hunks Burak Ozcivit playing Osman Bey, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. Bosnian actress Alma Terzich plays his antagonist, beautiful and exquisitely cunning Princess Sofia of the Kuluchaisar castle. I've had the chance to see the first episode so far (their episodes are 2 and a half hours long each) and I can tell you that beside his wonderfully brooding portrayal of the famous Bey, the series also boasts with gorgeous sets (both castles and cities under tents as
Alma Terzich, left, plays Princess Sofia of a Byzantine castle
back in those days the Turks have lived as tribal nomads in Anatolia), beautiful costumes and jewellery (Turks usually have special workshops and
The series depicts the birth of Ottoman empire
fashion houses that cater especially for their lavish productions) and magnificent cinematography filled with tons of stunning slow shots in the middle of action scenes.

 What's The Story?
In the absence of Ertugrul, the leader of the Kaji tribe, the leadership of the tribe was temporarily taken over by his brother Dundar-beg (Ragip Savas). Dundar, with his elders from the tent and his family, goes to the Byzantine fortress Kuludzhahisar to visit the ruler of the fortress of Jorgopolos. The purpose of the visit is also to
Burak Ozcivit plays the lead role in the series
conclude a trade and security agreement established by Ertugrul Bey. Ertugrul's youngest son, Osman (Burak Ozcivit), who went with his uncle on a visit to the fort will show his bravery in action when he saves the governor from the assassination. In the quest to find those responsible for the unsuccessful assassination, his friend and colleague Aibars (Serhat Onat) will suffer, and Osman takes the blame on himself and swears revenge. Osman's hasty and heroic behaviour is by no means pleasing to his uncle Dundar and older brother Gunduz (Emre Basalak), who also finds him responsible for tribal problems.
Yigit Ucan, middle, plays Osman's right hand Boran Bey!
However, following his dreams, Osman is sure that he is on the right path and that a new Turkish state will be born along the way ...

The Birth Of The Infamous Sultanate
The TV show includes Osman's internal and external struggles and how he establishes and controls the Ottoman Dynasty. It portrays his struggles against
Part of the series is set in the tent city of the Kaji tribe
Byzantium and the Mongols and how he was able to declare independence to the Sultanate of Rum in order to establish a sovereign state that would become
The series is basically a follow up to the series  on Osman's father Ertugrul
the infamous enemy of the Byzantine and Mongol Empires and would later on spread death and blood when his heirs move over into Europe many centuries after wrecking chaos and spreading fear around The Balkan and Greek peninsula. 


  1. I don't know this saga, I will check it:)

  2. 2.5 hours is movie length. I’d have to make time to actually sit to watch the episodes as I’d definitely need the subtitles!

    1. When you google Kurulus Osman one of the first sites to appear is the one where you can watch it online with subs :) It is interesting that although it is very long, it doesn't usually feel like it as their shows tend to be dynamic and you get enchanted by the sets and costumes.

    2. I shall set myself a reminder to do so. I'm in a nesting phase right now, trying to clean and organize everything in my house. We're thinking about doing some more renovations this year, and I don't want any clutter laying around once we start. I've already taken 3 car loads of stuff to the thrift store. I imagine I'll have 3 more loads by the end of the week. I'm purging everything we haven't used in a year.

    3. I've already kicked the festive decor out of the palace and replaced it with a more toned down things. What will you renovate this year? You should go to Jax and help her renovate her basement like you did yours :)

  3. Looks pretty good! Happy new year!

  4. One of my favorite parts of your website is that we get to travel around the world and see small bits of other cultures.

    ...we also get to see the hunks hiding out in foreign lands. I have a soft spot for manly men with longer hair!

    1. That is what readers always tell us on all our social networks, that we are the only ones that offer a glimpse into the series and films from around the world not just what the establishment shows you.

      He really looks amazing in the series, if you start watching, you will continue just for him :)