Monday, January 17, 2011


Now I know that last night's Golden Globes were in the shadow of HOLLYWOOD SPY'S ANNUAL AWARDS :) but whom did you like best at the boring old Globes? Must admit no one has taken my breath away this time with their fashion, but when it comes to best dressed ladies here are HOLLYWOOD SPY'S favourites:
I thought Jane Krakowski was the best dressed lady in the house, although pregnant she was absolutely magnificent in that asymmetric metallic blue gown with gorgeous earrings and lovely hair. Olivia Wilde was also looking elegant and sexy in her star studded chocolate gown,
although I didn't like her hair, while Mila Kunis also looked pretty in her emerald silky dress which matched her mesmerizing eyes even though she's still young and could wear sexier things as well. Catherine Zeta Jones, who is generally the best dressed women in the world, also looked radiant and charismatic as usual, but it was more due to her inner beauty and her unbeatable natural elegance. I would love to see more vibrant colours on her. Her hair was gorgeous.
The worst looking were undoubtedly Natalie Portman, who showed a total absence of elegance and style beside her total absence of acting skills, while I kinda expected from Tilda Swinton to appear in something as horrible as her shapeless skirt and blouse in different shades of white - which is a big NO!
Best dressed gentlemen were off course Alex Pettyfer (I AM NUMBER FOUR), dashing young Hollywood star, then there's our future Thor Chris Hemsworth in a bow-tie and Jeremy Renner (HURT LOCKER) who was probably the best dressed among them all, totally dressed in dark blue which I especially like to see on men.


  1. Come on, Natalie is cute and I like her dress. You can't consider her on an equal footing with Tilda, who is probably kidding us with her white yellowish shapeless thing! And why would Natalie be acting? I don't see the purpose on the red carpet...
    But I agree with you, Olivia Wilde (except her flat hair) and Catherine Zeta Jones look amazing =)
    Angelina Jolie wore a dress for fifty-year-old ladies, but she was so charming that I barely noticed the gown was horrible. And Eva Longoria was very classy, but I think it was too dark. I almost felt like she was at a funeral... However the hair looked amazing.

  2. Lucinda, I didn't mean her acting on the red carpet, but Natalie's acting generally, she is known as a very plastic and expressionless actress.
    I agree with you that Angelina's dress didn't look good, too sharp for her skinny body. Eva was lovely but yes, it was too dark.

  3. I loved anything that was sparkly and nothing that was shiny (except maybe Jane's dress -- loved the colour too). Natalie Portman looked gorgeous. Many of the actresses however seemed to forget about their hair, but the ones that did do something, did it well.

    Who was the one with different coloured shoes on? I've forgotten her name. She wins for worst dressed.

  4. u didnt cover anne heathaway. she looked the best :)

    great post though

  5. Ha. Tilda Swinton always looks awful! I didn't watch the Golden Globes, but I heard some buzz about Olivia Wilde's dress, and I wasn't disappointed. But I agree with you--her hair was lackluster.

  6. Lots of ladies were wearing your mighty shade of green, Dezzy, clearly you've been a busy little bee? :D Surely the worst dressed is Tilda, it's like she didn't even bother trying and she was a presenter!

    Btw, Jeremy was in Hurt Locker dearest, not District 9. That'd be Sharlto Copley :)

  7. @Lyndylove
    yep, the colour of Jane's dress really went amazingly well with her beautiful eyes and golden hair :)I didn't notice the one with different shoes, how strange :)

    Ah, she was lovely but I don't like overly "fashiony" dresses, so I didn't like those rough and huge shoulder straps which make women look like robots (although I love that on Gaga), but I did love its golden shine. :)

    And guess what, Sandra Bullock had the same hairdo as Olivia but even bigger :(

  8. @Flixy
    ah, sorry about the HURT LOCKER, you do realize I was hosting a gala ceremony last night :) and my head is still swinging :) I corrected the accidental mistake ;) And yes, those ladies just knew what's the colour of the day :)

  9. Fortunately, Tilda Swinton's, acting skills are vastly better than her dress sense, which is always, well - appalling!

    I agree that Jane Krakowski looked gorgeous. I love that colour on her.

    But of course, the evening was shadowed by the Hollywood Spy Awards. And had there been a best dressed man, the honor would have gone to you dear Dezmond.

    I had a lovely evening. Thank you so much! :)

  10. I love Catherine and agree she should have worn something a bit more vibrant. Her elegance shown heads above the crowd though. Loved Alex and Chris, too. So hot!

    What was with the matronly gowns last night? I expected sexy and got grandma for the most part. Angelina, Scarlett, Sandra and Anne all wore mother-of-the-bride gowns. Worst dressed for me was Julianne Moore in that pink mess and Heidi Klum in that 70's Scooby Doo sundress.

  11. Olivia definitely looked the best, what a unique, gorgeous dress. I liked her bangs, but not Sandra's new bangs.
    I love the green on Mila and Catherine too, my fave color.
    Thanks again for a great party yesterday, Dezz. I even had to sleep in a little today after the late night!

  12. I thought Natalie's outfit was shapeless. Of course, I thought most of the outfits were blah, although Olivia did look sexy.

  13. wow ok. i just read in i-D magazine he was from croatia. lol

    thanks for the correction :)

  14. @Wendy
    ahhhhr, thanks dahling, I indeed was stunningly dressed (As usually) :))) but you were simply stunning at HOLLYWOOD SPY'S ANNUAL AWARDS! Did you wear something from the House of Dezmond? :)

    ah, yes, there were a lot of grandma gowns at the Globes :) Spot on, Melissa with Heidi, she was truly ridiculous in that dress :)

    it was a dreamy dress on Olivia, perfectly balanced, if it was any other colour it could've looked kitschy but on her it looked stunning! He he, hope McConaughey kept you company while sleeping today :)

    did you hear that your Beckinsale has died her hair blond recently?

    @Dark Blue
    :)) ah, to them we are all the same :) They probably think Croatia and Serbia are ex Soviet republics :))

  15. Haha! Of course, I wore the strapless number from the House of Dezmond. Don't you remember? :)

  16. Wendy, believe it or not, there really is something called THE HOUSE OF DEZMOND,and you can see my designs over at my FaceBook :)

  17. They all look so pretty. Tilda needs some makeup or something. She's so washed out.

  18. I love green, I thought Catherine looked elegant and I love Olivia's chocolate, sparkly outfit. I wish her hair had been different! I love the guys you chose, classy look~

    Natalie, looked pretty, but I didn't like her dress! I get the plastic look, it is a face my Mom and I describe as expressionless. Tilda, would of looked better, if she had gone with one of her Hollywood costumes, angel or Ice Queen or something. She can pull off so many unique looks. It is sad to see no effort~

  19. @MPax
    she definitely does :)

    I have a strange idea, Tilda did it intentionally, I think she thought she was making a statement or something with that horrible outfit.
    Glad you liked Catherine's and Olivia's look too :)

  20. She can't dress well at all, but I still love Tilda.

  21. I didn't get to watch the red carpet but those are some really nice outfits.

  22. I accidentally flipped on the "Golden Globes" last night and then turned it off. You know me--I had no idea who was who or what was going on. And the ceremony was such a bore after the fabulous Dezzies.

    Tossing It Out

  23. i thought that jenna u...something from glee was one of the best dressed too... and julianne moore and angelina jolie had hideous dresses... but that tilda lady! and the one that's always in the movies with johnny depp!
    i agree a lot of mediocre dresses! but there were some really pretty ones... :)

  24. Dezz, you were to harsh to Natalie, I think she was glowing. :-P
    Compared to Tilda she's like an angel. :-)))
    I like Natalie more without makeup, she's prettier when she's looking all natural. :-)

  25. I liked Nat too ;p *giggle* did you think Megan Fox was looking rather thin? Didn't look as foxy as usual I thought! I liked the one shoulder styles, very pretty :)

    The Arrival, on Amazon NOW!

  26. Didn't watch the show, but love the photos.

    Thoughts in Progress

  27. Hi DEZMOND - Love, LOVE Olivia's dress. I thought January Jones' dress was va va voom. Loved Anne Hathaway's, especially from the back - totally sexy.

    And, I thought Natalie looked beautiful (it's because she's a pregger woman), made her all glowy. =D xoxo

  28. I agree with Nicole above that Megan Fox looked abnormally thin, though her dress was pretty. I didn't mind Natalie's dress too much. Catherine Zeta Jones is ALWAYS gorgeous--it's incredible. Olivia's (is that the girl from House?) dress was awesome... I would love to twirl around in it.

    All the men look nice cleaned up, though Christian Bale was sporting a rugged look bordering on homeless where his hair is concerned... not cool, Batman... not cool.

  29. Catherine Zeta Jones always looks great.

  30. @Dezmond: oh, I didn't know Natalie was known for being a plastic actress... It's true that she always uses the same expressions, but we could say that about many famous and renowned actors. However, she was amazing in Goya's Ghosts ;-)

  31. @Vapor
    I will tell her you love her :)

    yep, some were lovely!

    yep, nothing could ever beat the Dezzies :)

    yes, Angelina definitely didn't look good, and she didn't look healthy either :(

  32. @Mike
    oh, please, Mikey dearest :PP She's is stylish only if you can call it stylish when you wrap yourself in a "sarma" dress and put an ugly plastic excuse for a rose over your boob and then put some horrible neckless on yourself as well :)

    Megan was too skinny. I don't what's with the Hollywood actresses and being anorexic :(

    thanks, Masy, glad you like the pics

    yes, Olivia's dress was fantastic, but I didn't like January's - it was too "porn" for me :)

    ah, I know that every girl would like to try on Olivia's dress and twirl in it a bit :)

    she indeed is!

  33. Dezz, here's my list of worst dressed celebrities: Tilda Swinton, Helena Bonham Carter, Michelle Williams and Heidi Klum. :-)
    Natalie is somewhere in the middle. :-P

  34. Very very beautiful picture's, but where is cate Blanchett. I've been looking everywhere. Do you know if she was at the Golden Globes or not?

    Wanted so badly to see her dress hehe

    Thanks for the topic. I love your blog <3

  35. @Mike
    wish I saw you at the Globes, I'm dying to see you in a tux :)

    unfortunately, neither Blanchett nor Winslet were at the Globes, they were both at HOLLYWOOD SPY'S GALA AWARDS :))