Friday, January 14, 2011


Ever since Andy Whitfield left SPARTACUS BLOOD AND SAND because of his cancer problems, there has been a lot of rumors about the future of the super popular epic show. When it was officially announced that the show will continue with a new actor Hollywood Spy's favourite Wentworth
has expressed his wish to take the role, but now it seems that his partner from PRISON BREAK could get the role: according to "Beyond Hollywood" much more muscular Dominic Purcell has already screen tested for the role of Spartacus, but there's also the young Australian actor Liam McIntyre who was left as the main candidate after the previous round of auditions. So, we shall see the famous rebellion of slaves on TV but we still don't know who will be its leader.

Ridley Scott’s ALIEN prequel is currently in the casting process and it seems we shall see some really great names in the prequel to the famous sf saga about freakish alien monsters. Since the film will have a female lead, the studio wants Charlize Theron, a name big enough to back up the film's huge budget. According to rumors,
Michael Fassbender could play an android in the film, while Asian star Michelle Yeoh could get the role of Vickers, a fortysomething, tough-but-sexy crew member.

SHORT HEADLINES Famous soap opera from the 80's DYNASTY will be made into a film, Blake, Alexis and Crystal are coming back to life. Frances McDormand will give voice to a calculating and goal-oriented animal control officer in
MADAGASCAR III. Disney is already planning TRON LEGACY sequel.

You've probably seen this since yesterday when it premiered, but here's the first image of Andrew Garfield in costume in the new SPIDER-MAN reboot. The film is currently shooting and it will appear in cinemas in 2012 also starring Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Rhys Ifans as the villain, Martin Sheen as Spidey's uncle, C. Thomas Howell... The reboot will portray Spider-man as a teenager grappling with both contemporary human problems and amazing super-human crises.

And, how excited are you about HOLLYWOOD SPY'S ANNUAL AWARDS this Sunday? Have you scheduled your visits to hairdressers, beauty salons, spas, fashion designers, bling bling sellers? Because you gotta represent your hood at the gala ceremony and shine in front of millions of viewers!


  1. I love Miller and Spiderman. But you know what I love more? Awards! Count me in.

  2. you are one of the VIP guests Clarissa and don't forget to prepare a speech! And, yes, Wentworth Miller will be at the ceremony too as my close personal friend :)

  3. Awards? OMG, what do I wear?!? I'll need new shoes, obviously. ;)

  4. new shoes, new dress, a new man to escort you, everything must be new ... ;)

  5. is fassbender the gentleman from centurion? i'm sorry it looks like miller won't be spartacus- you seemed to really be looking forward to that!

  6. Note to self: don't tell the old man about the new man. Check. ;)

    Better be careful. That old man is doing a guest post on my blog in a few days. If I make him mad he might say mean things!

  7. @Vics
    he is, he's our brave centurion :) And yes, all my dreams and goals and aspirations would've been fulfilled if they gave the role to Wenty!

    well, if he's a dashing old man, just put him in a new tux and he will do as well! Paparazzi at HOLLYWOOD SPY'S ANNUAL AWARDS ain't picky!

  8. Saw the Spiderman picture yesterday. And all ready for the festivities this weekend, Dezz!

  9. Purcell was good in prison break, but it looked like he was calling it in there at the end.

  10. Charlize in the Alien prequel, yes! I love her. Plus, Alien is one of my all time fave movies. Michael Fassbender, too?! Hell to the yeah. This movie is on my must see list and it hasn't even started filming.

    I'm thinking of a new hairstyle for the gala. Oh, and some delicious arm candy.

  11. A party?? Oh my! What will I wear? :)

    The rest of your post was just as interesting as always, but once you mention dressing up to me, I get distracted. :)

  12. Geez, I have never even heard of that Spartacus show...Another one we obviously don't have in Canada! I LOVE Wentworth Miller and I LOVE Dominic Purcell, though! Hot stuff, both of them!

  13. Alien & Aliens were the best of the series. But w/ Ridley aboard, am curious about the prequel.

  14. I'm a little more than nervous about his new guy playing spider man.....*grits teeth* But he's fine as hell so you know I'll at least give him a shot lol

  15. Charlize Theron would be an excellent choice because she is such a great actress, but do we really need an Aliens prequel?

    No hairdressers, fancy clothes, or bling for me. After all I have an image to maintain.

    Tossing It Out

  16. I just hope spiderman will be good =]

  17. DEZMOND - I'm getting all glammed up for Sunday. Can hardly wait to see you in your white tux!! =D

    The SPIDERMAN pic is cool.
    But I'm more of a Wentworth kind of gal. Hope the Spartacus people choose wisely.

  18. @Alex
    yep, I saw it too, but I couldn't post it right away since I publish posts in the morning and make them in the evening to better suit the needs of my readers.

    he was good in it, and Wenty was too.

    wow, then it's a perfect project for you, the two of them might appear together in SNOWWHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN too

  19. @Emily
    you must look your best on Sunday, you must shine at the live coverage!

    ah, what can I tell you, here in Serbia we don't have 90% of shows from the USA :(

    glad you like it :)

  20. Wow, does Spiderman look stupid, lame, not worthy...I could go on. Sorry, they already did a good job with Spidey (for the most part). A reboot IMHO is a waste of time that could be better spent on the countless other comic book characters available.

  21. @Falsy
    I think I'm even more nervous than you about the new guy playing Spidey :) even though I don't really like that franchise.

    will you juggle for the auditorium if you receive an award at the gala ceremony? :)

    me too :)

    ah, I know sister, you have good taste and thus prefer the Abercrombie and Fitch types :)

  22. @Eric
    that could be said for most of remakes that are currently cooking and baking in Hollywod!

  23. Not a big fan of spiderman so I'm not fussed about the new guy. I will likely see the movie anyway because what I do like is action pewpew movies. And Dynasty???? A movie???? Some things are meant to stay in the 80s

  24. Aliens prequel, count me in! The Spider Man reboot with Andrew Garfield starring and Marc Webb directing is an ambitious project, to say the least. I did like 500 Days of Summer; although, I am not sure how that sensibility will translate to an action-based Superhero film. We shall see...

  25. Really looking forward to the new Spidey :D And count me in on the festivities this Sunday :D

  26. @Lyndylove
    what? How can Alexis possibly be boring? :))))

    ah, love the new name, it's as if I chose it for you ;) Yes, we shall see, could be good, could be bad, currently I'm not optimistic about it since I didn't like SPIDERMAN III at all.

    you're coming with Zeta Jones? Yes?

    glad you think so ;)

  27. No, no, no! Theron and Fassbender are already booked to do my next movie together... I'd have to ask Mr Scott to delay his project or find other people. I hope he'll be ok w/ that since we worked together on my first flick together :D :D

    Kidding aside, I think it's great to have those two together in Alien prequel. Btw, I used that same photo of Charlize on my draft, she looks exquisite in that photo, isn't she?

  28. but the two of them are staring in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN too :) I love all of Charlize's pics from the J'ADORE DIOR campaign and I think I've used them almost all now (naked on a chair, standing in a pool of gold), except one which I'm saving for next occasion :)

  29. I have to be honest, though maybe the picture, but the suit does not seem nowhere near as nice as the previous one worn by Maguire, it looks a bit cheap.
    The awards are intruiging me, I want to know more

  30. yep, I agree with you, the suit from the previous films was really something special and beautiful, but let's hope this is just because of the picture, maybe it will look better on film.

    Glad I got you intrigued by the awards ... will you be able to sleep tonight ... oh, will you? :))))

  31. no, I can hardly wait, plus it may just get Dempsey out of his zombie status.

    I re-edited the recent post I did, with an announcement of your awards, following a swift order by Demps ha ha.

  32. ah, so you love me "so much" that only after sweet Dempsey's order you announce my gala ceremony at your place??? :(((( I'm heartbroken :)
    As I said there will be love, laughter, smiles and tears tomorrow at the gala with lots of glitz and glamor off course ...

  33. Hum? Wonder who will take the role in Spartcus? We might be surprised.

    Nice pic of Spiderman, but I think photos is all I will be seeing.

  34. I share your emotion on Spiderman, Avalon!