Friday, January 21, 2011


Although there were rumors that Michael Sheen could be the new villain in JAMES BOND 23, according to "MovieWeb" the villain might be a female after all. It seems that the studio again wants Rachel Weisz to join Daniel Craig and play the evil head of the sinister organization behind
the villainy in CASINO ROYALE and QUANTUM OF SOLACE. Now this would all be very intriguing since Rachel Weisz and Craig have been having a secret love affair after she divorced her husband Darren Aronofsky. And what's even more interesting, and what most other sites forget but not your HOLLYWOOD SPY, is that Rachel had a love relationship back in the past with the director of the new Bond film Sam Mendes, who even made his ex wife Kate Winslet mad with his friendship with his ex lover Weisz. The new Bond film is tentatively titled RED SKY AT NIGHT.

SHORT HEADLINES Warner Bros. is planning remakes of LETHAL WEAPONS, TARZAN and THE DIRTY DOZEN. CAPTAIN AMERICA THE FIRST AVENGER trailer will premiere during Super Bowl. The nepotism never stops in the Smith family - Will wants his daughter Willow to play ANNIE in a remake. Check out the first photo of Michael Fassbender as Magneto in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.

A few days ago I asked myself what is that dear Brit Rupert Friend (also known as the boyfriend of that skinny English girl Keira Knightly), whose acting
was so captivating, perfectly balanced and charming in THE YOUNG VICTORIA, doing now? He will join Rhys Ifans and Bill Nighy in THE BEAUTIFUL FANTASTIC, a story which was proclaimed the best unproduced script of the year some time ago, and it follows a reclusive author (Felicity Jones, a British actress who could also star in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN with Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender) who shuns the outside world and spends most of her time compulsively tidying up her flat. But when she ventures out to the local library, she meets  a slapdash inventor (Rupert Friend) who loves chaos and enjoys dashing through the library aisles, much to the chagrin of the librarian.
Now, I shall leave you staring at Rachel's and Rupert pics for at least half hour ...


  1. Is the Red Sky at Night a post for the Significant Other Blogfest? It sure sounds like a tongue in cheek one. Title seems appropriate to the star mix.
    Why all the remakes?

  2. Magneto just doesn't look right if he's not in red and silver/white.

  3. ah, there are too many significant others in Rachel Weisz' story :)

  4. @MJenks
    ah, those were the boring 60's and 70's with boring style and ugly clothes :)

  5. Rachel as a villain? That would be different.

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  7. I hope Rach won't ever take the role since there's an unspoken belief amongst actresses that appearing opposite Bond will leave their careers shaken and destroyed :)

  8. OH shit! I hope that bond curse does not apply to Rachel! That would totally suck balls!

  9. I would like to see a goof female villain to throw bond completely off his game and I love the idea that there is a strong connection to the previous films in terms of the organization Bond will be trying to bring down. I appeciate the same director too. Someone is doing some thinking for once over at MGM. Thanks for getting this good news to me early as usual.

  10. she would be great in a bond film i hope that goes down.

  11. I don't think the supposed Bond curse applied to Teri Hatcher or Halle Berry. Don't think it would apply to Rachel, either. I'd love to see her as the villain in Bond. Although, what a soap opera back story.

    I loved Rupert in Young Victoria and this Beautiful Fantastic sounds very intriguing.

  12. I would definitely pay to see Rachel Weisz play a bond villian. She not only has the requisite acting chops to pull it off, but she is elegantly beautiful and sultry—essential characteristics of any Bond girl/villian.

  13. I wonder if the Bond film will have the Fixx song "Red Skies at Night" as part of the soundtrack.
    That Magneto costume looks pretty cheesy.

    Tossing It Out

  14. @Alex
    it would

    that goes only for unknown actresses who were Bond girls, Rachel wouldn't have a love connection with Bond in the film, she would be a villain and she is already super popular :)

    it won't read my comment above :)

    glad to see you excited about the project, Kal ;) I'm not into Bond, but I would watch it with Rachel in the cast.

  15. what a tangled web RW has constructed! :D But that sounds fun re: her being a villain in a 007 flick~ yay! :o) <3

  16. @Cpt
    she indeed would ;)

    well, it did apply to Halle since she didn't do anything after winning the Oscar and playing in Bond, but it won't apply to Rachel since she's already a star :)And yes, wasn't Rupert just amazing in YOUNG VICTORIA?

    Yep, she has all that it takes, she will possibly become a Bond villain, not a Bond girl

    yes, that's what you get from the 70's fashion, we've seen it on you at you banner picture :PPPP

  17. @Leigh
    it's like a Spanish soap opera :)

  18. Wow, that James Bond set will sure have some sexual tension! I love it.

  19. I had the same reaction when I heard Rachel was considered for the next Bond flick. I wonder if Daniel might have a hand in it [um, pardon the pun] I mean, surely they won't have a problem in the chemistry department? :D

    Oooh Rupert Friend. Was wondering why he hasn't been in anything. I like him in Young Victoria.

  20. Nice to meet you. Thanks for your comment over at Mason's about my blog book tour. I've seen you around and now I know where to come to learn all about a movie I want to see.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  21. Rachel will make an intriguing villain.

  22. Halle did X-Men 2 and 3 after Monster's Ball and Bond. Plus a couple of smaller, very good movies like Things We Lost In the Fire and Their Eyes Were Watching God. She took time off to have a kid and is just getting back into films.

    I don't think there is a curse. Look at some of the ones who have starred opposite Bond and worked post-007 with varying degrees of commercial success. Rosamund Pike, Kim Basinger (who won an Oscar after Bond), Michelle Yeoh, Jane Seymour and Eva Green.

  23. @Clarissa
    it will be a bomb waiting to explode :)

    OOOH,I knew I would interest you with some Rupert :)

    welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY, nice to have you here, hope we shall see you often ;)

    @M Pax
    she will!

  24. But if there is a curse, Rachel is far too talented to let it get her. :)

  25. @Melissa
    her role in X-MEN was considered the worst performance in that film, and when it comes to her Oscar she is also considered one of that actresses who didn't really deserve it. All of her films in which she had leading role were flops (GOTHICA, CATWOMAN) and her dramas went unnoticed ...

  26. I never knew that about Halle's Oscar. I thought she was great in Monster's Ball. Ah well... I stand corrected. :)

  27. Magneto? Whaaaaaaaaaat? :((((

    Rest looks good!

  28. the beautiful fantastic sounds really cute! :)

  29. Only 1/2 an
    Wow, these all sound worthy to see! Rachel Wesz sounds like she should of been the new Cat Woman... I can see claws coming out! Scandalous...

  30. worth seeing is what I meant, I'm back so I can stare longer... ;-D

    Did you make your kiwi cake?

  31. @Doo
    you no likey MAgneto?

    it definitely does :)

    ah, yes, when that Rupert hypnotizes you with those stunning eyes, it could take more than half an hour to come back to reality :)
    I've baked the biscuit this morning, and later on I will prepare the whipped cream and kiwi :) You will probably see the cake at Facebook next week :)

  32. I don't really like how he looks now :)

  33. yep, I don't like the costume either, but I do like what's underneath it :)

  34. Can't wait to see Rachel!!!! She's one of my fav!! (Specially after Constantine)

  35. she is very popular among the moviegoing crowd :)

  36. I would be more interested in news about new actor for James Bond. Not about female lead or main villain.
    Daniel Craig is an OK actor by me, and he can even play a secret agent, but not Bond. James Bond needs to have more charm, and at least some sense of humor.