Thursday, January 13, 2011


And this is also almost official now: as rumored, Orlando Bloom (who has just become a father few days ago with top model Miranda Kerr) will again play the magnificent and ethereal Elven archer Legolas in Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT but he will have just a two minute role for which he will apparently get $1 million. Another official addition to THE HOBBIT cast is Christopher Lee who will again play the evil Saruman. Some other Hobbits from the LORD OF THE RINGS might join the cast from the Middle Earth again as well these days.

Ron Livingston (BAND OF BROTHERS, SEX AND THE CITY)has just scored two new gigs: he will appear in TEN YEAR alongside Channing Tatum, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson, Lynn Collins and John Krasinski. The
film's about a group of friends who reunite ten years after their high-school graduation. He will also star in a very strange film called THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN in which he and Jennifer Garner will be a childless couple, unable to conceive, who bury all their wishes for a baby in a box in their backyard. One day, they wake up to find that a child is born, but the child is not all that it appears.

SHORT HEADLINES Blake Lively and Emma Watson will compete for the female role beside Taylor Lautner in YA fantasy film INCARCERONAnne Hathaway, Keira Knightley and Jessica Biel will all audition for roles in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, but it
seems Eva Green and Naomi Watts are the top contenders for female roles in the new Batman film. Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig have been confirmed for JAMES BOND 23.

Michelle Pfeiffer has joined WELCOME TO PEOPLE, in which she will play the mother of a young businessman (Chris Pine),  who returns home after his estranged father's sudden death only to discover a surprising family secret that he has an older sister (Elizabeth Banks) he never knew about and a young nephew. Olivia Wilde will play Chris Pine's girlfriend.

Although I can't stand him, Woody Allen has got himself a nice cast in MIDNIGHT IN PARIS a romantic comedy that follows a family traveling to the city for business. The party includes a young engaged couple that has their lives transformed throughout the journey. The film celebrates a young man’s great love for Paris, and simultaneously explores the illusion people have that a life different from their own is better. The cast includes: Adrien Brody, Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard, Owen Wilson, Michael Sheen, Kathy Bates, Tom Hiddleston ..

And are you excited about HOLLYWOOD SPY'S ANNUAL AWARDS with the gala ceremony this Sunday? Hope your gowns and tuxedos are ready! Live coverage is here on January 16th! Prepare you winning speeches and poses for the photographers!


  1. Ready for your awards, Dezz! And excited that there will be another Bond film.

  2. blech. i can't stand woody allen either.
    ten year sounds cute.
    what is up with bloom wanting all that money for two minutes of film time? you'd think he'd be grateful that lotr gave him a career... maybe i'm not understanding that right...

  3. @Alex
    don't forget to write a speech

    maybe Bloom didn't ask for so much money himself :) maybe they just offered it to him :)

  4. Or maybe Bloom didn't ask for it, but his agent did. But, two minutes sounds about right for how long he should be in the movie.

    If I'm not mistaken, the Hobbits from the Lord of the Rings should be children during the time that the Hobbit takes place. I thought it was like a 30 year gap between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

    There must be significant backstory being added to the film if all the Wizards and the Elves and such are being written in. I like how he's trying to get it right, but it seems like there's too many irons in the fire on this one.

  5. Never heard of Ten Year, but the cast is coming together nicely and the plot has potential. Chris Pine is carving out a smart career for himself and is right on the path towards superstardom. And Blake Lively is beautiful. I need to see her in more films :)

  6. I think with Galadriel and Legolas returning to the story indicates that the screenplays are deviating from the novel in significant ways just to help it connect with the LOTR films.

  7. ooo! An awards show! How exciting... sigh. Michelle Pfeiffer is so pretty... and a new Woody Allen joint. With AB even! Sounds like a lot of good stuff on the way~

    of course Bloom's in Hobbit. Tolkein launched his career! :D <3

  8. I am very excited for your awards. I will have to pop in when I can as I am going to an old friend's house for lunch and laughs.

    Not a Woody Allen fan either. He acts like Ambien for me. Knocks me right out soon after the opening credits. ;)

  9. Ron Livingston = OFFICE SPACE! That movie is a classic. If you haven't seen it yet, Dezzy, please do yourself the favor & do so. It's so funny!

    My gown is currently at the cleaners but I'll make sure to pick it up this weekend! :)

  10. P.S. Is this a high school picture of Orlando?

  11. Congratulations to Orlando!

    Wow! A million for two minutes, lol, I am in the wrong business!

    Good luck Anne and Keira....

  12. A million dollars?!?! Man they throw that money around like it's nothing. I'll put on elf ears for that! I've already got blonde hair! grrr

    And Blake Lively is WAAAAY too old to play Lautner's opposite. My vote is for Emma!!

  13. great news Dez, wow Michelle being a mother for Chris Pine seems weird, but I guess she is of that age now even though she does not look it.

    Hope Dempsey is well enough by then to get to your awards!

  14. @MJ
    I will try to get his agent to work for me.

    Blake really is lovely, I especially like her as brunette in GREEN LANTERN.

    the gotta think of the fans who brought so many billions of dollars to them from LOTR

    it did, Orlando's career pretty much started with LOTR

  15. @Melissa
    yep, Woody's films are great when you have insomnia :)

    at the cleaners??? What do you mean? You must buy a new gown for this special occasion can't wear old feathers :)

    we are all in the wrong business except them stars :)

  16. @Kristin
    she is older than him, but at least she's a decent actress differently from that talentless Emma :)

    yes, Michelle has reached that critical age and now she will be getting the roles of mothers.
    We're expecting you at the awards, Chrissy, too ;)

    It seems I'm the only who didn't notice that :)

  17. Can't wait until the awards!

    I'm actually looking forward to the movies you talked about today. Love Jon Krasinsky and anything with him in it. The movie with Jennifer Garner looks really interesting.

  18. $1m for 2min????? GASP! Gotta like that!
    Michelle Pfeiffer is looking good after all this time.

  19. Oh, and Dezzy, I'm planning on wearing a deep purple sparkly dress with crazy high heels to your award ceremony ;)

  20. @Clarissa
    I love Krasinski too, both him and his wife, they are adorable :)

    ah, I love purple colour, it will look smashing on you :) Don't forget to prepare a speech as well ... you might need it. You have been warned ;)

  21. I'm looking forward to the awards :D I'm glad that a bunch of the original cast are making it into The Hobbit. I hope that both Lee and McKellen are well enough to reprise their roles.

  22. @Lyndylove
    a speech off course! In front of the whole auditorium!

    you gotta represent Wales at the ceremony on Sunday, I mean Zeta Jones is coming too, but you will be our Welsh star at the red carpet!

  23. Gotta say I am a big fan of both Orlando Bloom and Adrian Brody....
    Can't wait for The Hobbit!

  24. Who cares about the Golden Globes when you've got the HS award!! Looking forward to it Dezzy.

    Man, does Michelle ever age? That woman still looks amazing! Btw, that Midnight in Paris does have a great cast, though I'm just so so about Woody Allen. Jeers for Lautner, I'm utterly baffled as to what people sees in him. But who knows, maybe one day he proves me wrong?

  25. @Andrew
    I like them both too :)

    what Globes? HOLLYWOOD SPY'S AWARDS will be the most glamorous and the most touching event this season :) I think I will put a smile on your face, Flixy :) And Michelle has money for bottox :)

  26. Sounds like fun, I'm thinking silk, feathers and sequins (what, too much?) for my gown - that should go nice with my fluffy slippers.

  27. ooo harsh!! i think emma is a doll--her acting doesn't bother me now that she's older. :)

  28. Hello DEZMOND - I'm so looking forward to your awards show, I'm giddy. Can't wait to see you in all your handsomeness. =D

    I'm glad Orlando will be in THE HOBBIT. Totally bummed it'll only be for two minutes. Sheesh.

    And, I've loved Michelle Pheiffer since her Grease 2 days (yeah, I know). ;D

  29. Well you always puts a smile everytime I come over here, Dezzy :D :D As for Michelle, I guess botox isn't her only BFF, the other one would be Photoshop.

  30. I'm amazed - $1 million for two minutes. WOW

    Thoughts in Progress

  31. Yay, an awards show.

    I like coming here and reading about casting news. I'm always behind in my film watching (maybe it has to do with all the books I read). Even when these movies come out, it'll still be a while before I see any of them. It's still something to look forward to, though.

  32. $1million for 2 minutes?! wow....Wow.
    Can I say that Keira Knightley better NOT be chosen for ANY role in DKR!!
    Glad to see Craig and Mendes official for Bond23! Thanks for the news, Dezz.

  33. @Charmaine
    ah, fluffy slippers are a nice touch, they will make you the star of the red carpet this Sunday ;)

    I'm also bothered by her horrible new hairdo :))

    I will be smashing and dashing at the ceremony this Sunday, my white tux is already ready :) PS you must dress sexy that's all I can reveal to you Shells, believe me you will need a sexy gown on Sunday!

    ah, yes, I wish Photoshop was my best friend too!

  34. @Mason
    and Chris Evan got just 300,000$ for the lead role in CAPTAIN AMERICA FIRST AVENGER :(

    well, it is better reading books than watching films, but I need my films after 8 hours of translating books every day :)

    well, you know that I can't stand DARK KNIGHT, and as far as I see it they already have all of the actresses I don't like in the possible cast so Keira would fit that scenario nicely as well :))))

  35. very funny! I actually finished my article for today a couple of hours ago and made mention of Keira and Spidey and your site! It will post in a few hours. I laugh at your desire for Keira, as, you will see, I specifically pointed her out as one I desire LEAST to see in TDKR. hahaha

  36. my desire for Keira? Now, that's probably the first time anyone has made such a sentence about me :)) But it could've been worse, you could've killed me by writing - Dezmond's desire for Leo De Caprio or Natalie Portman :))))

  37. hahahahaha. I almost DID write that! :) j/k

  38. Woody Allen in a film? Meh, I'm with you on this one, Dez. The idea of Saruman being involved with The Hobbit however, further advances my fears that this will not be a good time for fans. It was bad enough when they were talking about tossing Senior Bloom onto the screen (when his character is not really involved in any part of the story). Now they're going to incorporate a character that definitely has no place in the film. I'm sure in the vastness that is Middle Earth, Saruman was up to something while Bilbo and company were traveling around. But whatever diabolical plans he was hatching were never a part of the Hobbit tale - nor should they be.

  39. ah, Eric, the way I see it no matter what they do the fanboys won't be satisfied, so they are at least going for satisfying the general audience which is bringing them the money in the end and which wants their favourite stars from LOTR in this film as well. I, for example, wouldn't watch THE HOBBIT if they didn't decide to put Blanchett in it again :)