Tuesday, January 11, 2011


According to "Variety" ABC will work with Salma Hayek on bringing WICKED to TV. The eight part miniseries will be based on WICKED: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST, a book by Gregory Maguire,
which retells the story from THE WIZARD OF OZ presenting the witch as a hero fighting for her homeland. The book was later on made into a successful Broadway musical. Salma Hayek will be the executive producer and we still don't know whether she will star in it too.

SHORT HEADLINES Colin Farrell has officially got the lead role in the remake of TOTAL RECALL. Stan Lee will have a cameo in the new SPIDER-MAN. The first trailer for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS should be released in a month or so. JURASSIC PARK 4 will not happen -the rumors have been officially denied.  Elijah Wood has been added to the cast of THE HOBBIT as Frodo.

Here's some news and some eye-candy for you: one of the cutest celebrity couples actress Vanessa Minnillo and singer Nick Lachey will play together in Alex O'Loughlin's popular police show HAWAII FIVE O, where they will be engaged just like in reality. Minnillo will apparently play a woman who is engaged to Lachey's character and who works as a deckhand on a cruise boat that is taken hostage by pirates.

Some new pictures from the upcoming fantasy horror RED RIDING HOOD have been released yesterday. Starring Amanda Seyfried, Virginia Madsen, Gary Oldman, Lukas Haas, Julie Christie, and directed by TWILIGHT's Catherine Hardwicke, the film will follow a beautiful young girl who decides
to run away from her village with a boy she loves because her parents want her to marry someone else. But there's a little problem: a werewolf prowls the dark forest surrounding their village. The people of the village have to seek help from a famed werewolf hunter, and he warns them that the wolf, who takes
human form by day, could be any one of them. As the death toll rises with each moon, the girl begins to suspect that the werewolf could be someone she loves. You check the amazing trailer for RED RIDING HOOD here.


  1. Red Riding Hood looks GOOD!
    I also am surprised it took so long for Wicked to become a show (movie or TV!).

  2. it will become a mini series :) And I hope Salmonela will act in it, I love her heaps!

  3. I am sooo glad Elijah Wood is going to be playing Frodo again. I can't imagine Frodo looking any other way now.

    I'm a little eh about SPIDER-MAN. It just seems too soon. I mean, isn't the story starting all over again with all new characters?

  4. I don't recall that Frodo chap being in The Hobbit or There and Back Again.

  5. @Emily
    I'm also eh on SPIDER-MAN, I didn't like him in the first three flicks either and this new Garfield guy definitely won't make me like it now.

    I'm guessing they are definitely not sticking to Tolkin's story too much :)

  6. If Salma stars, I'll definitely watch Wicked.
    Glad they nixed Jurassic Park IV, sucks they are remaking Total Recall for no reason whatsoever, and I'll have to reread The Hobbit - don't remember Frodo in the book!

  7. Giggling now over The life and time of the wicked witch...
    Jurassic Park, never liked those movies.

    Like Seyfield and love those photos you posted, but wont see it, horror is not my thing.

  8. Little Red Riding Hood looks like it will be an interesting movie and Wicked sounds intriguing. Surprised they're not doing a Jurassic 4.

    Thoughts in Progress

  9. I am very excited about Red Riding Hood, that fairytale formed the basis of my love for werewolves. Nick and Vanessa are too cute and will be a perfect addition to the cavalcade of hotness that is Hawaii 5-0. Colin Farrell taking on Arnold, hmmm...could be interesting. He will definitely approach the character differently.

  10. Colin Ferrell in a remake of scifi movie -- that will be interesting to see. I think his take on the character will be a little different than Arnold's!

  11. See, after the abomination that was the last Jurassic Park movie, I was kind of hoping for another one so they could redeem themselves...

    I also think the Total Recall remake is unnecessary.

  12. Red Riding Hood looks like one for me! I'll need to get some friends to go with...

  13. Salma looks cute in the photo. Hope she's not too ugly if she's in the witch show. I probably won't watch if it's on TV--no patience for too many TV Shows.

    Tossing It Out

  14. Ew no! I'm not liking this idea of Lachey + Minnilio in my favorite show! Oh well, at least they're not a recurring cast. WHy not reunite Daniel Dae Kim with his Lost co-star Josh Holloway, now that's a casting news I can get behind ;)

  15. I don't watch Hawaii Five-O but that's cool. I like Nick. Also, scary photos for Red Riding Hood.

  16. @Salma
    yep, Salma will be a huge deciding factor on whether we will watch it or not

    I liked the first JURASSIC PARK, but later sequels were weak.

    I like RED RIDING HOOD too, I didn't expect I would, but I liked the trailer.

  17. @Melissa
    "the cavalcade of hotness" really is the right word to describe "Hawaii 5-0", Melissa I couldn't have said it better myself :))

    it probably will, although they both seem quite cold :)but Colin definitely is more charming.

    last JURASSIC PARK really was an abomination!

  18. @Carolyn
    we shall organize a party and go together - all friends of HOLLYWOOD SPY ;)

    well, maybe if Salma stages it in a circus .... :PPP

    ah, I don't know why you don't likey me darlings Minnillo and Lachey :) They are two very cute, nice and well behaved people. I wouldn't mind your picks either :)

    I like him too :) and I love his song WHAT'S LEFT OF ME.

  19. Oh wow...they're making a Total Recall remake. I don't know if I should feel excited or disappointed. On a more deliberate note, I absolutely cannot wait for X-Men: First Class. I am a big fan of Matthew Vaughn's work.

  20. Always wanted to see Wicked, so the TV series would be pretty awesome.

    Red Riding Hood just looks like another Twilight for me (not surprising, since its the same director). I'll probably give it a miss.

  21. I'm not sad about Jerassic4. I'm surprised by Total Recall remake...say what? Really? I'm looking forward to Red even though I'm pretty sure it will be super predictable...but I don't care.

  22. Wicked was an interesting book--I'm intrigued by the idea they're making a TV series out of it.

  23. Total Recall?

    This is about 400 kinds of awesome!

  24. @MDV
    Yep, it's another remake we're not excited about and it smells like another flop to me :)

    I can't stand the director, but I must admit I loved the visuals in the trailer.

    yep, we just have to see that red hood float in the air in those magnificent scenes from the trailer :)

    you read the book? I'm guessing it's more interesting as series than it would be as a film.

  25. @Andrew
    what? You hear about it the first time now? I wrote about the remake before :))

  26. I have to agree with one of the comments that Red Riding Hood looks like another Twilight. Looking forward to Wicked!! That's really exciting. Wow I so would love my book to be a movie one day *sigh* ;p I just got my first review! Eeeee :)

    The Arrival, on Amazon NOW!

  27. All of these sound great to me! I do think "Red Riding Hood" looks and sounds haunting like Twilight. Still looks like I will probably take my daughter n' friends to this show~

  28. @Nicole
    congrats on the book, Nicole! You must be over the moon now :) Wishing you all the best with its success!

    Well, I'm not sure the film is for kids, but you can definitely watch it with some girl friends or your hubs possibly :)

  29. i think i've said it before, but i love the look of this red riding hood... i just hope hardwicke handles any action scenes better than she did in twilight- those action scenes were truly horrible.
    the only thing i know about WICKED is when the glee people covered their DEFYING GRAVITY song. i thought it was a beautiful song!! probably would give the show a view. here in Kansas wizard of oz stuff is really popular. :)

  30. never heard of that song from WICKED, but I do like the title, sounds creative!
    And I agree on Hardwicke. She isn't a good director.

  31. Wicked the musical is one of my FAVORITE musicals. It's so well done. I've heard good and bad things about the book, but I've never read it.

    Red Riding Hood looks decent--I like Amanda Seyfried--but I'm a little concerned the Twilight director was in charge of it..... :|

  32. yep, Kristin, we are all a bit concerned about Hardwicke directing the movie ...

  33. I want to see Red! Fun! :)
    I wonder what it's rating is, do you happen to know what it is, Dezmond?

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥