Saturday, January 15, 2011


Although it was said that Eric Bana will get the lead role in ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER, which will follow the American president, who becomes obsessed with slaying vampires after his mother is killed by one, now it appears that a whole bunch of actors will be screen testing for the role. The list includes Adrien Brody, Josh Lucas, James D'Arcy (captivating British actor from MASTER AND COMMANDER, AN
AMERICAN HAUNTING) and some other young actors too and they will all compete to star in Timur Bekmambetov's adaptation of  the Seth Grahame Smith novel.

Jim Carrey will take the lead role in RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT for Paramount Pictures.  The famous comedian will star in the epic film about the life of newspaper columnist Robert Ripley who searched around the world for the most unusual people and places that he
immortalized in his newspaper column. The locales were exotic and the sights were unbelievable, but the film is about Robert Ripley's journey to appreciate that the unusual people were more than just conquests to be cataloged. The film almost started production back in 2007 according to "MovieWeb" but this time it's really moving on.

Now here's a crazy script for a pretty great cast: according to "Playlist" CHRONICLE will be a  film focusing on two childhood friends who reunite to launch the biggest marijuana dealership in New York City.The actors who are in talks to take roles in the film are: Justin Long, Ryan Phillippe, Mickey Rourke, Helena Bonham Carter, Vincent D'Onofrio ...

SHORT HEADLINES ABC has officially greenlit the pilot for the new CHARLIE'S ANGELS TV show produced by Drew Barrymore. The search for the new angels is on. Believe it or not, the fifth installment of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN is already being planned, and Johnny Depp wants the lead role again. Ben Stiller will team with Will Ferrell in ZOOLANDER 2.

Are  you excited, are you excited, are you super excited about tomorrow's HOLLYWOOD SPY'S ANNUAL AWARDS - the glamorous, glitzy and ultra prestigious gala ceremony?  Have you prepared your outfits, your speeches, your smiles and sexy escorts for the red carpet?


  1. i thnk jim carrey is unbelievably talented! and ripley's sounds like it could be a heart-warming movie!

  2. A fifth Pirates? What is left, not that I'm complaining as long as Johnny Depp is going to star in it.

    BTW, UPS won't ship snow.:(

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. Carey is more compatible as one anecdote in RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT show.

  4. Josh Lucas as Lincoln... No, no and no! He's so sci fi B movie. No depth at all.

    Can't wait for the gala. ;) Got my sexy man candy all picked out.

  5. 5th Pirate movie=Disney opening a new theme park to truly milk dollars! I suspected it before, but now, really makes me think...
    Vampires and Abe Lincoln, what a concept, well, I hope it is original, lol!

    Jim Carrey...I would prefer him to be one of Ripley's unusual finds, but that said. He will make it work; He has mad skills.

    OOOh, the dazzle and bling, the last time I dressed up for an award party, I ended up in the ER, with a torn calf muscle. I will see what I can do.... How exciting!!!

  6. I am intrigued to see what you have for us tomorrow Dez! Got my tux all laid out and everything! u may not even recognize me! But to help you out...I'll be the best looking guy there! That's all you need to know! :) Because I'll be hosting The Red Web Awards on my site almost all week!! I hope you can attend also at

  7. I'm ready for tomorrow! I have to start today to get ready but I'll be set!

  8. Every single one of those movies sounds awesome, way to not screw around Hollywood!

  9. ...Barrymore is a talented young lady whose been in the biz, thanks to Mom and Dad, throughout her childhood. If anyone can bring "Angels" back to life on the small screen, she's the girl:)

  10. @Vics
    yes he is, but mostly in comedies, he really doesn't know how to bring a dramatic performance without looking like a parody ... he tried but didn't succeed in that. But in comedies, he's unbeatable.

    he is, he actually expressed a wish to play in number 5 as well, even though number 4 isn't yet finished!

    he he ... good one, Jaccsy, good one :)

  11. @Melissa
    but Josh has such mesmerizing eyes and plus he's all blond and dashing :)))

    ah, hope nothing similar will happen to you tomorrow at our gala ceremony .. unless you get a heartattack when Brad Pitt kisses you to congratulate you while presenting an award... but that wouldn't be my fault :)

    there will be all kinds of silly things tomorrow, I will be throwing jokes at you from the stage, I will charm you all in my white tux, there will be glitz and glamour when the ladies start appearing at the red carpet, there will be laughs and tears when the awards start coming .... you will see :)

  12. @Clarissa
    of course, you must look your best in front of millions of viewers all around the world, hell, we should've started the beauty preparations a month ago :)))

    what? You even like ZOOLANDER II? :)))))

    and plus she has been an angel herself, so it's easier for her now :)

  13. The outfit is at the dry cleaners as we speak :P
    I was disappointed to hear that Bana wouldn't be Honest Abe for the movie adaptaion, I think he would have done a damn good job at the role. Carrey as Ripley is a good match too; if it's strange and bizarre then Carrey fits the bill.

  14. As always, great news. I will definitely have to watch Jim Carrey's performance as Ripley; he has such an incredible range and this story is filled with endless intrigue. Chronicles also sounds like an interesting movie. I wonder who will direct this film.

    Lol, there is going to be a Zoolander 2, I had no idea. "How can we be expected to teach children to learn how to read if they can't even fit inside the building?" Part 1 was full of wacky quotes, let's see if II can follow suit.

  15. If Carrey doesn't go too overboard with the role, it could be interesting.
    One more day to the gala event!

  16. @Jamie
    hope they won't leave an iron burn on your outfit ;) Yes, I would like Bana in that role too, not sure why he isn't good enough for them, or maybe he is, but we don't know it yet :)

    glad you like the news, Matty. Yes, that one with Carrey sounds really interesting, it could even be epic with scenes from all around the world. ZOOLANDER II really is a big LOL.

    one more day, and I'm all suit, I'm currently wearing cucumber slices over my eyes while being massaged by a team of masseuses :) Gotta look pretty tomorrow!

  17. Zoolander 2? really?

    I am looking forward to Chronicle more her Dezzy, and Jim Carey's new role.

    I will be sure to check your awards out tomorrow.

    Toodles, CJ

  18. I can't wait for that movie!!!!!

  19. Hey DEZMOND - If anyone can handle the Angels, it'd be Barrymore. I hope it turns out great.

    One more day. I'm sooooo excited. Yipee. =D

  20. jims one of my favourite actors, love it !

  21. @Chrissy
    yep that one was supposed to be funny :) And you must appear at the gala tomorrow, and you will see why if you come ;)

    which one?

    the whole world is exciting and buzzing about tomorrow's gala :)))

    glad you like the news, Ed! ;)

  22. Jim Carey will rock as Mr. Ripley! Thanks for the heads up on a new Charlie's Angels series...Oh what fun!

  23. A 5th installment of Pirates???? As long as Johnny is lead, I'm there. Super excited about the ceremony!!!!

  24. @Sharon
    glad you like today's news, Sharon ;)

    oh, off course, we must all be excited about the ceremony ... we positively must ... it's the biggest event of the year :)

  25. A 5th Pirates? what is going on? Zoolander 2? Is that really necessary. I'm still stunned over Scream 4. Who could possible be the killer in that one?!?!!

  26. You know, I'd watch Johnny Depp read the phone book...bring on the 5th installment!
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  27. @Toast
    I'm with you some killer from SCREAM needs to kill all of those minds in Hollywood which are coming up with all the bad remakes

    ah, you're easy to please :))