Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Now I know this isn't connected with movies, but you will forgive me since I love Shania Twain so much: she just got married to Frédéric Thiébaud  in Puerto Rico on New Year's Day (see the lovely pic here). The interesting fact is that Shania's ex husband had been previously cheating on her with Frédéric's ex wife. After the affair between their ex spouses, Shania and Frédéric have obviously found a solace in each other. Life writes the best of romances and twists, doesn't it? I hope Shania will give us a new album soon as well. She had the most amazing pop hits (GONNA GETCHA GOOD, THANK YOU BABY, KA CHING, STILL THE ONE, THAT DON'T IMPRESS ME MUCH ...) and stunning videos!

Earlier last year I've informed you that director Neill Blomkamp (DISTRICT 9) is preparing a new sci-fi film ELYSIUM  which will take place on a distant planet in the future and, like DISTRICT 9, will feature social and political themes embedded in a sci-fi action movie setting. According to new rumors, beside Sharlto Copley, who already worked with Blomkamp in DISTRICT 9, and Matt Damon, the rather boring cast might also include Jodie Foster. Colour me sleepy :)

It's seems that James Franco is trying to use and abuse his five minutes under the spotlight, so beside starring in one too many of the upcoming films, and
hosting this year's Oscars (and possibly getting one), he will also become a director. The two possible projects to have him behind the helm are AS I LAY DYING, the film adaptation of William Faulkner's complex novel which follows the members of a family who must take the body of their mother to the town where she wanted to be buried, and there's also BLOOD MERIDIAN, also an adaptation of a novel which follows American mercenaries in the 1850's hunting Indians in the Mexican borderland.


  1. No NO NO NO NO!!! James Franco can NOT direct EITHER of those!! Blasphemy!! NOOOO!!!!

  2. Well you rather go to your bed if you're sleepy, man :P :)) I'm sure is exciting with this cast and can't wait to watch another film from Blomkamp.

  3. @Summer
    that is the predominant reaction around the world on this news, Summer :)

    I will leave that cast to you then Jaccsy :P Matt Damon makes me fall asleep faster than any drug, and Jodie isn't any better in that respect either :)

  4. Well I wonder if I can have at least one star who can make me fall asleep, but it seem I just have too much respect for other human being and their works ;)

  5. Go, Shania! She definitely got the good end of that deal!

  6. Take a nap, Dez. Things will look better when you wake up. ell, some things anyway. :o/

  7. I never would have guessed you as being a Shania Twain fan.

  8. @Jaccsy
    oh, please, Jaccsonville, I will play you a Gwyneth Paltrow/Matt Damon/Nicolas Cage marathon :)

    indeed she did! :)

    or they might still look the same :PP

    No? How come? :)

  9. Yay for Shania! Even though the wife swap is weird, glad she found someone!! She's so beautiful and talented.
    And I hope James Franco does okay directing. Seems odd that he is directing, but I hope he proves everyone wrong and does well.

  10. i agree with kelly, i don't really expect franco to do well, but i hope he does!! i kinda always hope people do well... it's sad and embarassing when they don't! :/

  11. Well, that's too bad about Matt Damon being in the new Blomkamp movie. I really liked District 9 and would be happy to watch another movie of his, but I'm boycotting all Matt Damon movies. I just can't stand that arrogant little piece of...

    Sorry. I get a little taken away there. :o

  12. Yay for Shania! (I like her too!)

  13. James Franco certainly can't act so I'm sure he won't be able to direct. And either of those projects sound waaay above his limited skill set. Have never listened to Shania because well I'm not into country music, but it sounds like she has a happy ending and I think that's awesome.

  14. I'm not a fan of Foster either. However, as a Canadian, I'm fascinated by Twain and I'm happy that she found solace.

  15. Wishing Twain all the best. However, that pic of him holding her shoes makes me laugh -- reminds me of a guy holding his wife's purse -- gentlemanly but funny.

    As for Elysium, well, all I can do is watch & see. You never know who'll end up in the movie until it's filming. Or until it's released.

    Blood Meridian is based on a Cormac McCarthy novel so it could be marvelous, No Country for Old Men, or not-so-great, The Road. Can the guy do justice to a Faulkner novel? We can only see...

  16. Not that I would ever say anything bad about Faulkner, but As I Lay Dying isn't his best novel.

    And you don't like Jodi Dezzy? Shame on you
    (though I certainly agree about poor Nick Cage, snore).

  17. Great story about Shania Twain! :-) Life can be full of twists. :-)
    Also I'm glad to hear about Jodie Foster, I liked her so much in Contact. :-)

  18. Noooooooooooo. Shania is mine!!!

  19. Blomkamp might find himself typecast as a director soon.

  20. I miss Shania hope she does come back to our ears soon and glad she has found happiness

  21. Wow, Franco should definitely get the 'most ambitious & over achiever' award :D Well, best of luck to him, just don't wear everyone out by starring in every single darn movie next year (oh wait, maybe it's too late)

  22. @Kelly
    Shania really is beautiful and talented as seems like a nice person too :)

    that's so true, Vics, we never want anyone to be unsuccessful ... well maybe just some of them whom we can't stand :)But Franco isn't among them. He is a nice guy.

    I absolutely agree with everything you said here, sister, and we missed you here at HOLLYWOOD SPY :)

    she's amazing isn't she? :)

  23. @Melissa
    ah, Melissa, I'm not into country either, but her last album UP was totally pop and that's why I love her :)

    indeed we are fascinated with everything Canadian :) Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Nelly Furtado, Daniel Powter ... love them all :) and certain Clarissa we love as well :)

    yep, Faulkner's novel is overly complex and weird as it is, so directing a movie on it will be a difficult task.

    no, it's not that I don't like Jodie, she is nice and talented, but I just find her films boring and she often ruins films in which she appears (NIM'S ISLAND being the last example)

  24. @Mike
    we both love Shania, don't we? :)))

    you mean she is mine :)

    he really might

    I miss her too, she didn't record any album for many many years, I don't know why. I heard she has a show on Oprah's new TV station.

    too late, too late, both for him and for Hathaway.

  25. Hi Dezz - I like Shania, too. I wish her every happiness. And she looks beautiful. One of my fav songs: ANY MAN OF MINE =D

  26. I'm not sure if I love Shania, she's ok. :-P

  27. @Shells
    I love how everybody loves Shania :) She deserves the love!

    oh, please ... go out and play with Rihanna :P

  28. Aww! Thanks! I missed this place, too, but I needed my little vacation. :)

  29. I don't know if this has been said, but Shania Twain sings country music, not pop. And she's Canadian, go her.

  30. @Bry
    As I said above, Shania's last album UP, which brought her the worldwide fame, was totally pop with at least three or four pop hits topping the charts around the world. GONNA GETCHA, KA CHING, THANK YOU BABY, UP ... are all fully pop songs.
    And I love that she's a Canadian :)

  31. I was afraid that the success of District 9 would spawn less than great copycat movies :(

  32. you mean the copycat from the very same director :)