Friday, January 7, 2011


Ah, I guess my girls will like this one: Robert Pattinson will star in COSMOPOLIS, David Cronenberg's futuristic thriller about a financial whiz who risks his immense fortune by betting against the yen on
one particularly chaotic day. His decisions eventually make him the target of an assassination in this intense study of futuristic capitalism. Pattinson could be joined by Marion Cottilard and Paul Giamatti in the film.

According to the latest news one of my favourite directors Stephen Sommers (THE MUMMY, VAN HELSING), won't after all take the helm of G.I.JOE 2. The film is going to happen, but not with him as the director. Two other, unknown successful movie makers have already been approached with the offer. The film, which earned hundreds of millions of dollars around the world, will get its sequel in 2012.
Here are the first pictures from Steven Spielberg's new TV show TERRA NOVA starring Jason O'Mara.  This exciting  epic family adventure will be set 85 million years in the past and will premiere sometime later this year on Fox.  The action-adventure series follows an ordinary family on an extraordinary journey back in time to prehistoric Earth as a part of a massive expedition to save the human race.

After the first image HOLLYWOOD SPY has shown you recently here's the first, absolutely irresistible and hilarious, video from ICE AGE
showing the adorable saber-toothed squirrel Scrat who is trying to do what he is always trying to do - to get his beloved nut. In the fourth part of ICE AGE Manny, Diego, and Sid will embark upon their greatest journey after cataclysm sets an entire continent adrift. Separated from the rest of the herd, they use an iceberg as a makeshift ship, which launches them on an epic seafaring quest. Manny and the gang are challenged like never before to become heroes and do the impossible, as they encounter exotic sea creatures, explore a brave new world, and battle ruthless pirates. The film will come out in 2012.


  1. Been a while since Cronenberg did a movie. And I'm sure my wife will want to see the new Ice Age movie.

  2. I remember not really liking his movies, he's not my kind of director. And everyone will want to see ICE AGE. Who could resist Scraty?

  3. Wow, I've never seen that pic of RPattz! Please no one assassinate him ;).
    I actually saw the Ice Age video before watching Gulliver's Travels last week. Cute!

  4. @Kelly
    no? Than I did the right job in choosing the pic :)
    Yes, ICE AGE short premiered before that cinematic atrocity called GULLIVER'S TRAVELS WITH JACK BLACK :))

    God knows he has tried so many times ;)

  5. Terra Nova sounds interesting. I'm curious to see what time travel device they use.

  6. Terra Nova might be interesting. hopefully it doesn't suck.

  7. Scraty is my choice here. I just have to find a kid to go with me. :-/

  8. 85 million years in the past? it sound like another dinosaur entertainment from Spielberg.:) Fingers crossed.

  9. So that's how it happened! I always knew squirrels were a tad annoying, but I never knew they could literally break the world apart! :) I must watch that movie.

    And I prefer Robert when he's all pale and sparkly, though that is a good picture of him too.

  10. I'm going to be hated, but I just do not understand the appeal of Robert Pattinson.

    Steven Spielberg's newest looks cool. He can never go wrong with dinosaurs. I love Scrat! He is so adorably crazy and funny...the best part of Ice Age, IMO. :)

  11. I can't decide if I'm into any of this.

  12. As a girl, yes, I appreciate that tidbit :)

    Cute video. I didn't realize Scrat was a squirrel. I love squirrels :)

  13. I love me some R.Patts!!!! Not too many people know this, but he has a killer singing voice too!

  14. The things that poor squirrel had to put up w/ to get that acorn! & after all that it floats away...poor Scrat.

  15. Did I hear Robert Pattinson? Well that was enough to bring me back to the blogosphere Dezz my darling! How on earth are you? Though someone really should hand him a comb! Just been reading your post at the 411, very chic.
    Myself I'm looking forward to seeing Scrat again, the only thing I used to watch the Ice Age for.
    Thanks for the read, sorry I don't stop and comment more often, blame it on Demps, he is very mean to me and does not allow me to write for him like he does you and Alex, personally I think he has a bloody nerve, but then you never know when you might need a kidney!
    Toodle Pips

  16. Thanks for this :) Interesting

  17. Poor ol' Scrat! He needs to get that nut.

  18. @Summer
    I'm guessing they will be sent there and kinda get lost :)

    hopefully it won't!

    ah, what are grandkids for if not for that purpose :)

    well, it was about time for dinosaurs to invade TV as well ;)

  19. @Emily
    yep, squirrels are real pests sometimes :) And I also thinks Robert is better looking when pale, but I needed a blue picture here :)

    I don't get it either, Melissa so no worries :)

    the kids will decide instead of you

    yes, most people don't get that Scrat is a squirrel :)

  20. @Falsy
    he does? Hope he sang you some sweet songs to your ear ;)))

    I have a feeling that once he finally gets it, he will break his teeth on it :(((

    be welcome, Doo ;)

    nobody deserves it more than him!

  21. @Christian
    ah, Chrissy dearest, if I knew Robert was what it takes to lure you in here, I would've glued all my walls with his pic, even though he's not my cup of tea :))
    My post over there indeed is chic, you haven't doubted my taste, now have you? :)
    Oh, I knew that little mischief Dempsey was jealous of you, I shall personally punish him for his sinful ways, no fashion shows for him for a whole month! And you get to edit his blog till the end of January.
    And. after all, he is a busy guy these days, me and him have started the secret Justice League of Bloggers, haven't you heard? We patrol the blogosphere and at brightest day and darkest night no evil escapes our sight! We have pics to prove it!

  22. I was wondering how the continents were split. Well, it's finally clear!

  23. Fat chance of me being able to run his blog, though I am organising a secret takeover.
    He did mention the fact a Justice League of the Blog world is forming, or as he calls it THE JLB, personally though I think hes more of a Clark Kent than a Superman, bit clumzy.
    But you never know I might be able to get a Zombie review out if he gives in.
    (I will tmept him with Tom Welling)
    But good to hear from you again, you secretly always was my favourite, Dempsey just seems to have lost his touch...poor sod :D

    Toodles x

  24. Funny trailer, didn't know they were making another one.

  25. @Clarissa
    they didn't teach us that back in school :)

    please inform Dempsey Kent that I shall offer him an asylum here if your zombie armies invade his realm. I've always had a soft spot for exiled dictators in sailor suits.
    And if it's any consolation to you, I've also always been more of a Barry Allen than The Flash so we're equal there as well ;)
    Nice to hear I was always your favourite, it must be our dear Brucy Forsyth who taught you such gentlemanly manners :)
    PS I must save this pic of yours, naughty Dempsey has taken it down from his site, and now I have nothing to stare at in the lonely nights :)))
    Love, Dezz

    yep, but it won't come any time soon ;)

  26. lol, poor Scrat. I like the sound of Terra Nova too :)

  27. "poor" is the word of the day :)

  28. DEZMOND - LOL. I always wondered how the continents divided. Now I know, it was Scrats fault. =D Very funny.

    As for Robert Pattinson: He drives me crazy in the Twilight movies. But, I thought he did a great job in REMEMBER ME.

  29. DEZMOND - I also forgot to mention the most important bit of info: Your new Avatar looks FABULOUS!!! Can't wait for the awards. ;D

  30. Dez, another great newsworthy find my friend! Aside from being a staunch fan of Cronenberg's work, I'm also a big finance guy. Any movie that can successfully blend my dual passions for film and finance -- which Cosmopolis will attempt to do -- captures my undivided attention. The idea of capitalism set within the backdrop of a futuristic metropolis is riveting to me.

    Thanks for the news :)

  31. Terra Nova sounds really interesting. I saw the Scrat short in the cinema, and it cracked me up (pun unintended). Though the movies are okay, everything to do with Scrat makes me giggle like hell.

  32. great post Dezz, I love Scratt, every time I saw him in Ice Age I laughed so hard, such easy enjoyable viewing, I will want this.
    As for Pattinson, he looks so different in that picture I thought it was someone else.

    Thank you Dezmond Allen for letting me take asylum here if things get rough. Yes Christian has moaned at me for taking his picture down, it will indeed no doubt go back up soon as I will be on holiday and he might take over for a while (sobs at the thought).

  33. @RaShelle
    Scrat is guilty for everything ;) And I had to put on my tux and my green tie for the glamorous occasion ;) Hope you have prepared your sparkly gown!

    It crossed my mind that you might like that one ;)

    Scrat is probably the most hilarious animated character ever made :)

    @Dempsey Kent
    we shall let you go on holiday only if holiday means my place :) Oh, now I must buy me some bazookas if you're leaving the house to Chrissy, he will without a doubt infest the place with zombies :PPP

  34. ergh. Rob Pattinson. Bleah. :p The first Ice Age was cute, but I haven't seen any of the sequels... They must be good, as they keep coming out--yes? :D <3

  35. the first one was the best, but the sequels were entertaining and hilarious too :)

  36. scrat!!!!
    and terra nova looks interesting. :)