Tuesday, January 4, 2011


HOLLYWOOD SPY's WHO SHOULD BE THE NEW JAMES BOND poll is over and I must thank you for voting in hundreds and hundreds. The winner is charming Richard Armitage who won stunning 61% of your votes (almost 300 in total). Rupert
Penry Jones
also had an amazing support with 14% leaving Gerard Butler in the third place with 10% of your votes.

Well, our winner Richard Armitage really has all that it takes to be a great James Bond - he is charismatic in a very cool and refined way, his presence is kinda magnetic, he has one of the strongest fan support among ladies I've ever seen (remember the 2,000 votes those lovely ladies had left at HOLLYWOOD SPY when he competed in one of our previous polls?) and we know girls love Bond and Bond loves girls :) If he doesn't get the role of agent 007 himself he would also fit the role of James Bond's nemesis nicely, since he already proved he can play a great villain in ROBIN HOOD TV series which made him popular. British people also know Armitage from NORTH AND SOUTH and SPOOKS. In the future we will be watching him in two big blockbusters CAPTAIN AMERICA THE FIRST AVENGER and THE HOBBIT!

I must admit I always love when you show some love for Rupert Penry Jones, whom I love dearly as well. Just like Richard Armitage he was previously voted BEST BRITISH GENTLEMAN in one of HOLLYWOOD SPY's polls, and just like Armitage Rupert also acted in SPOOKS. He is also charming and magnetic like Armitage, but unlike him Rupert's charisma is more warm and kind, which would make him an appealing and lovable James Bond, and plus he is smokin' hot in tuxes and suits :) You've seen Penry Jones in films such as FOUR FEATHERS, MATCH POINT and CHARLOTTE GRAY with Cate Blanchett.

Now, our favourite Scottish hunk Gerard Butler, or as we like to call him Gerry Berry, took third place, but that's OK since he said before that he likes to be versatile in acting and thus he wouldn't like to get typecast as James Bond.  But he WOULD make a real fine 007 bringing back the roughness and raw charms of Sean Connery's Bond with a touch of his own humour, sexual appeal and wittiness. He also won THE BEST BRITISH GENT poll before at HOLLYWOOD SPY and even if he never gets the Bond role we will be seeing him in BURNS, CORIOLANUS, MACHINE GUN PREACHER...

Now, shall we move to the second round of WHO SHOULD BE THE NEXT JAMES BOND poll? A bunch of stunningly handsome and profoundly charismatic actors are waiting for you to give them your votes in next two weeks. Who shall it be: refined and naughty Jude Law, quiet and rugged Sam Worthington, profound and breathtaking good guy Henry Cavill, reserved and authoritative Damien Lewis, dashing and noble Ioan Gruffudd, zombie sheriff whom we trust Andrew Lincoln,  young and upcoming Luke Evans or shall we have a super hot Australian Bond Alex O' Loughlin?


  1. I don't believe I've heard of this Richard fellow....

    I'm team Rupert! :)

  2. Ioan all the way. I love, love, love him. He was the best part of King Arthur and the sexiest Lancelot ever. And those Horatio Hornblower movies, WOW!!!

  3. @Kristin
    what do you mean you haven't heard of Armitage? He won at least three polls here so far!
    I'm also team Rupert :)

    and he was also a great Mister Fantastic in FANTASTIC FOUR :) I love him heaps too :)

    he really can't get all the roles in Hollywood after all!

  4. Richard Armitage is definitely the best choice imo :)

  5. i've never been able to stay awake through a james bond movie, so i really feel like i'm voting blind here... hmmm...
    i will say that the only reason i started watching bbc's robin hood was from hearing all about armitage from your blog and it is a fine show! i don't understand the armitage obsession, but he is very good at playing a villain! :)

  6. @Lynda
    ah, I didn't know you were one of the RA ladies :)

    oh, the same thing happens to me - I also can't stay awake during a Bond film :)
    Vics don't forget to drop over tomorrow, there will be something new on another great BBC show BEING HUMAN ;)

  7. Aspiring_x, and anyone unfamiliar with Richard Armitage - You'll find either in your local library dvd section, at netflix or at amazon a 3part series "North and South." Armitage was fantastic in it...believe you will understand why he's so popular after seeing that series. Spooks 7,8,9 are also exciting shows. You'll find many youtube vids of all these shows and also 'Strike Back' in which he plays an action oriented SAS soldier who puts some manners on MidEastern terrorists.

  8. Yay! He's so dreamy.......... *sigh*

  9. I didn't realise that Armitage will be in Captain America. Awesome! He was one of the better things about the Robin Hood TV series, and he plays evil very well. Him + Mark Strong as a pair of evil doers would be awesome.

  10. If I was aware of this poll earlier, I would have cast my vote for Gerard Butler. The guy has rugged charm and is a true badass. Honestly though I must say I would have a hard time differentiating him from the sinister, morally dysfunctional character he played in Law Abiding Citizen.

  11. Yay Richard!! I'm an RA gal all the way. But what's this? You have a second string vote going on now? Too bad I can't vote for Gerard Butler instead of this next group.
    Although I dearly love Ioan Gruffudd he looks too sensitive for Bond. What the role calls for is refined brute of a man. A gentleman in the parlour, but when he rolls up his sleeves in the yard... Let's just say, all hell breaks loose. Then when he's done, he puts his top coat back on, dusts himself off and goes back to being Mr. Cool, with a little smirk for good measure. :)

  12. I never doubted it would be Armitage! He's the perfect Bond,James Bond.
    Richard in a tux...heaven!

  13. Somehow I knew Richard would win, but hey I'm a fan of his too, and I hope the Broccolis are seeing this. I'd love to see Richard as Bond!

    Of course I LOVE Gerry Berry the most, we both know know he'd be great as Bond, Dezzy, but like you said, I'd rather see him portray various characters. Btw, check out my post tomorrow for a very Bond-like vid of the sexy Scot. Daniel Craig, eat your heart out! :D

  14. Btw Dezzy, on your new poll, you already know who I'm voting for. GO HENRY!!

    And you know that Alex was actually in the running for Bond, right? And so was Henry. So at least those two were actually considered in real life.

  15. Woot woot! *victory dance*
    Just for the record, I didn't sway the vote one bit this time since I barely found out about this poll. (I took a break from the internet during the holidays.) Obviously RA's fans don't need my nudging to support their man. :) I like the other contestants too, especially RPJ. In your current poll, I'm rooting for Andrew Lincoln.

  16. Ioan Gruffudd has my vote, because he looks good and Welsh people need more love.

  17. @RICRAR
    thanks for visiting HOLLYWOOD SPY ;)

    glad you like him ;)

    I must admit I was a fan of Jonas Armstrong in ROBIN HOOD, but Armitage was super charming as well as the dashing villain :)

    ah, it's too late to feel sorry :)) If it's any consolation to you, Gerard did win some other polls previously at HOLLYWOOD SPY with thousands of votes.

  18. @Avalon
    hooray, hooray

    I said a few times that JAMES BOND poll with have at least 3 parts :)

    hey, Myri, lovely to see you here as well :)

  19. @Flixy
    you're voting for Cavill? Ah, I'm shocked who would've guessed :PPP As you said, although I respect Bond, I wouldn't like my dearest actors to get the role since it could become the only role they would be remembered for and that's not good :(

    I know, Nat, that this time we didn't have your support, but I had the support of some other RA ladies from Twitter :) And the ones who are regular guests at HOLLYWOOD SPY

    indeed, Welsh people always have HOLLYWOOD SPY's love and support!

  20. Richard's a good choice but so is Gerard. I notice that Jason didn't do so well.

  21. Alex O'Loughlin!!!!

  22. I'm wondering about the RPJ fans who never heard of Richard Armitage, who managed some screen time with their guy in Spooks! Tsk, tsp!

    Dez, love the blog, hot men and lovely you! A girl can only smile.

    By the way, going on record as Richard Armitage's team, all the way!

  23. @Lisa
    it was a difficult choice to make :) I hope I've put you in trouble with the new poll as well ;)

    yay :)))

    glad you love the blog, the hot men and the lovely me :) Hope you like the selection in the new poll as well even though there's no Armitage in it!

  24. Woohoo! I love Rupert too Dezz. Had RA been absent, Rupert would have won my vote. I just can't help but throw my support in for Richard, even when I'm not crazy about the role (not a Bond girl myself, but if that man were in it, I'd drag everyone I knew to see it).

    Thanks as always for all the work you do Dezz. I'm always glad I stopped by here (and I'm not just saying that because my man won =).

  25. AAAHHHHH!!!! Anyone but Armitage...... :(

  26. okay, so I'm going to be brave and admit something...I love RA, but I voted for RPJ in this one *hides behind couch*. I thought he'd make a great Bond instead of RA for all the reasons you stated Dez.

    "He is also charming and magnetic like Armitage, but unlike him Rupert's charisma is more warm and kind, which would make him an appealing and lovable James Bond, and plus he is smokin' hot in tuxes and suits :) "

    You hit bulls eye with that statement! Although, RA does look fab in a tux :) In fact, there are certain pics of him from previous BAFTAs I believe where he looks so Old Hollywood, Cary Grant worthy, *swoon*

  27. @Lil'Vics
    be welcome, Lil'Vics, it always lovely to have you here, don't forget to visit on January the 16th ;)

    eh, it's a bit too late now to come to the battlefield :)

    No need to hide behind the couch, I gave my vote to Rupert as well, I have a soft spot in my heart for him :) I love the good boys and the good girls :) Glad you liked my description! And you have one such pic over at RICHARD ARMITAGE FAN BLOG (see my blog roll left)

  28. Dezmond, so glad to know that I don't need to hide behind the couch, LOL!

    And you're absolutely right, Nat does have some awesome pics of RA which remind me of old Hollywood. I went back to her blog to dig up the post where all those pics are posted. I have no idea how to insert links, but the pics she has posted on her Sept. 23 2009 blog entry of RA backstage at the BAFTAs sitting on the couch as he prepares to present...holy moly!!! paging Cary Grant!!! *thud*

  29. it must be LUKE EVANS he definitely as what it take to be the next best bond

  30. Richard Armitage will forever be Mr. Thorntorn. :D I first saw him in the North and South miniseries DVD and have loved him since then. :D