Wednesday, April 14, 2010


A number of casting news have appeared around the Net today, so here are some of the most interesting ones:
Toni Collette and Ioan Gruffudd will make a great duo in Jonathan Newman's movie "Foster" where they will play a married couple who tragically lost their five-year-old son years ago and haven't quite come to grips with it yet. As they try to adopt a new child, a boy named Eli suddenly appears on their doorstep.

Scarlett Johansson and Sam Rockwell have signed on to star in "Lunatic at Large" a long lost project from the late Stanley Kubrick. Set in 1956 New York it centres on an ex-carnival worker with serious anger-management issues and a nervous, attractive barfly he picks up. The movie's central conceit is that the audience must try to work out which of the many characters is an axe murderer escaped from an asylum.

Darren Aronofsky
is going to direct "Jackie" a film which describes the days following president Kennedy's assassination and he gave the main role to his fiancee Rachel Weisz who will play the late former first lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. As "MovieWeb" reports this project had initially been rumored to be a Steven Spielberg-produced telefilm for HBO. However, the director is not involved in any way. This film marks the second time that Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky have worked together. They did "The Fountain" in 2006.


  1. Definitely looking forward into what happens with Jackie. I am a huge fan of Darren Aronofsky's work. Hopefully we'll see Black Swan at the end of the year.

  2. I also like Aronofsky, although I must admit I don't really see this as his type of movie.

  3. The Fountain was odd and a bit depressing.

  4. "Foster" sounds like "Rabbit Hole" meets "Birth." Considering how obscure those two movies are, this must've made for an interesting pitch meeting.

    Re: Rachel Weisz, she's a dead ringer for Jackie, especially her chin. She has those aristocratic features from long ago--a creature of the 60s. Perfect casting.

    The Scarlet conceit is brilliant, in its own way--and reminds me of the Brazilian soap opera "A Favorita," in which we had two main characters played by Patricia Pillar and Claudia Raya and weren't told till chapter 50 who the "villain" was and who had actually committed the crime that one of them went to jail for.

    Great posts. Brilliant as usual, Mr. Dezmond!

  5. Alex, FOUNTAIN is a kind of movie, people either like or don't, it's quite profound and needs a lot of emotional involvement from the audience as well in order for the message to be understood.

    Sammy, BIRTH really was unusual, just like GODSEND with Rebecca Romijn and Greag Kinnear. I like the combination of Collette and Gruffudd in FOSTER. Didn't know you watch Brazilian soap operas :))) Thanks, dear Sammy.

  6. Scarlett Johansson is gorgeous, yet unbelievably talentless. She doesn't have a single memorable role in her career so far. Prove me wrong!

    Toni Collette rules! :)

  7. She has to prove us all wrong, Neb, we all think the same about her.
    And Toni Collette really does rule! One of my top 5 favourite actresses :)

  8. So glad you agree on that, Dezz :)
    Have you seen "Dead Girl", where Toni Collette also stars? The film didn't become very popular, but it's definitely worth-seeing, mostly because of her incredible performance! Check it out.

  9. yes, Neb, I've watched and enjoyed the unusual DEAD GIRL, and I often recommend that movie to other people as well. It has a very original structure, and the amazing performances, Toni Collette's being the best one of course.