Monday, March 8, 2010


Since I guess most of you would agree with me that this years Oscars were boring when it comes to the awarded and nominated artists, let's immediately leave that hoopla aside and turn to something you all like best - trashing the chics and freaks from the red carpet :) Just click on these pictures to see the shine and the crime of last nights Oscars.
I have to notice that the avatarish blue was the colour of the evening, and the winning dresses were all in that tone. The best dressed ladies at 2010 Oscars were: Cameron Diaz (who is usually the worst dressed, but this time she was stunning in silver embellished Oscar de la Renta), Elizabeth Banks (simply divine in Versace), Rachel McAdams (whose Elie Saab floral gown has helped her shine even though she lacks personal charisma), Amanda Seyfried (although a bit too plain in Armani, the line of the dress is still very refined) and Helen Mirren (who looked profound and sexy even though she's in her late 60's). I must admit I was deeply disappointed with Kate Winslet who for the first time wasn't the queen of the red carpet.
Most of the actresses came in very disappointing outfits, so it wasn't difficult to choose the biggest freaks among them: Diane Kruger (who always dresses horrible), Carey Mulligan (I don't know which was worse - her hair, her dress or those monster shoes?), Sarah Jessica Parker (she should sue Chanel for that fashion atrocity she was sporting on herself), Charlize Theron (maybe she thought her gown had its own sense of humour, but it was nasty), Vera Farmiga (nominated for the first time and then eaten alive by a ruffled monster of a dress) and Maggie Gyllenhaal (who looked like a Navii zombie).
So who were your chics and freaks of 2010 Oscars?


  1. Ok, for the first time in my history of reading this blog, I strongly disagree with you. I loved Maggie's colorful gown. That is the way to wear a floral pattern! And SJP's gown? Lovely as well. The way it graced her collar bone and used heavy metallics in such a gorgeous way, and THEn it didn't take the usual shape of a gown, but still moved with her curves (or lack there of), was simple and elegant. I also liked Charlize Theron's gown. Granted it took a chance on drawing the eyes immediately to the breasts, but the way those pieces flowed into the train, and the shape of the gown on her perfect body, was beautiful.

    As for your best list? Look at the boring color pallette! I, too, loved Rachel McAdams dress, and I don't really like her as an actress--so we agree there. In this muted tone, I liked Kate Winslet's dress as well. Box pleats (or what appeared to be) don't usually flatter, but they fell at a great place on her slim figure. I thought Amanda Seyfriend looked like a prom queen/bride confused as bridesmaid. And Cameron's gown, while safe for her, was a little boring and ill-fitting.

    Ok. That was fun!

  2. This year seem a lot better than most years though. No one looked really bad or tried to look like some exotic bird. I definitely agree that Rachel McAdams looked stunning, classy and low key as always. As for worst dressed, well it would have to be a tie between Charlize Theron and Vera Farmiga, pretty heinous dresses.

  3. Sarah's was awful and it doesn't help that she's not aging gracefully either. I did like Kate's because it was simple. Most of those outfits are just too much! Glad it's simpler for the guys - nice tux and good to go.

  4. Surprised Diane Kruger got it all wrong. She usually looks awesome!

  5. Maggie wore a dress which was suited for a cocktail party not a gala ceremony and plus had a really amateur make up around her eyes, Sarah's gown was extremely kitschy and was totally unrefined. Charlize's gown was also an example of distaste. All three of them looked cheep and very provincial, there was no high-class elegance on them. The main aim of having style is dressing simple but refined so that the simplicity of your outfit would emphasize your natural charisma and grace. That's why Cameron didn't need any frill to do the thrill :)

    I must add that even the ladies from my best dressed list lacked some jewelry and some of them didn't have suitable hairdos. That's why Amanda looked a bit too plain.

    Rachel McAdams did the best thing by choosing my absolute favourite designer Elie Saab to make her dress. She would have looked better with a more romantic hairdo.

    Alex, I'm glad you agree with me about Sarah :) And I must add that most of the guys and boys looked handsome and stylish. My favourite would probably be Sam Worthington, whose girlfriend also looked lovely.

  6. There wasn't much to watch, Avalon except a few of these lovely dresses ... I didn't like the winning people this time.

  7. I totally agree with you about Kate Winslet. She usually steals the show! What happened, Kate?!

    I also really liked Penelope Cruz's dress, even though I couldn't understand a word she said. lol. Sandra Bullock was stunning, IMO.

  8. we have to disagree from time to time, Chels :)

    Kristin, I can't understand why Penelope always gets nominated, when she really isn't some special actress, it must be because she's Latino, and they feel the need to mix up the races and nationalities. I liked the moment when Sandra went on to kiss Meryl before accepting the award and then changed her mind in the very last moment, it was hilarious :)

  9. I agree... Penelope isn't a WOW actress, and I think I've only ever seen her in Sahara. But her red dress was purty :)

    Yes, Sandy is a funny gal! While You Were Sleeping is still one of my all-time favorite movies.

  10. WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING still is her best movie, I must admit.