Tuesday, March 9, 2010


After a long search the latest rumors say that the short list of actors to play "The First Avenger: Captain America" has now basically got down to one. According to "Fox 411" Emily Blunt's and everybody else's favourite John Krasinski is now the most likely candidate to take the lead role:
Insiders at the Marvel compound tell "Fox 411" that he is close to landing the superhero gig of his life. John, who plays Jim on "The Office", has appeared in front of producers repeatedly since the start of the new year and since rumors began in February. John has read 4 times and is doing screen tests. He has screen tested 2 times so far. It's very likely that he will be the new Captain America. He is a favorite among the key decision makers and has been asked to come back for more this week.
Directed by Joe Johnston the film is planned as one of next year's biggest summer cinemattractions.


  1. Psssh I would have been a better Captain America.

  2. You know what, I will give the guy a chance before making a snarky comment.

  3. Hahaha. Way to put us in our place Castor.

    I really do love him in The Office, but he didn't impress me in Leatherheads much... (I didn't care for that movie). So it's realllllly difficult to take him seriously as a superhero. :(

    But I will give him a chance

    :::tail between my legs:::

  4. Uni, you know I tried to pull all my secret connections in Hollywood to secure you the role, but they kept saying that you are just too buff and muscular for Captain America :))

    I actually really like the idea of Krasinski playing a super hero, it seems like justice finally wins - an adorable dork getting the cape finally :)

  5. Kristin, you know how to wear your tail proudly and elegantly :))

  6. Yeah, he's great in the Office. Not sure about about him playing Captain America. Then again, no one believed Micheal Keaton could do Batman...

  7. I simply don't get this choice. I'll agree with Univarn, he'd be a better Captain America. I was looking forward to the guy who plays "Captain Awesome" on Chuck, you had posted he might have been up for the role. Now that would have been "awesome", this would be like Steve Carell playing Superman... it makes no sense.

  8. Look, my Blogger avatar is Captain America! Does my opinion count to the power 2?

    Seriously, it could be disastrous or they will look like geniuses. Let's hope it's the latter.

  9. That is fucking retarded, and better be a diversion. Everyone knows the only person they have on their mind is Robert Buckley. He looks the part and could pass as Captain America way easier than John. I love the dude but he isn't a comic superhero. That is a worse decision than Ben Affleck as Daredevil.

  10. Shame on you all people, where is your sense for nerd and geekpower???? :))))) Charming, intellectual dorks are the real superheroes, and I'm happy they are about to conquer Hollywood :PP

    what has happen with Michael Keaton, I haven't seen him for ages?

    yes, Answer, my first choice would also be Ryan McPartlin, he's great in all possible ways for the role, but since he obviously didn't make the final rounds, I'm happy with Krasinski too.
    PS I wonder how much did Uni pay you to advertise him in this way :PP or did he just threaten you with some Kurosawa? :)

    Casty, you would be a real hero if you put your real face in your avatar :)))

    Robert would be great as well, especially with that perfect body of his, but he didn't make the last few final rounds obviously.