Monday, March 8, 2010


For all our lady readers, we had to say a few words about the gentlemen at last evenings Oscars. If you click on these pictures you will see the most dashing among them. Gerard Butler, Keanu Reeves and Ryan Reynolds were definitely the most handsome in tuxedos, while Keanu also had the best shoes ever. Also charming were Colin Firth, Neil Patrick Harris, Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Pine and Tom Ford. Sam Worthington was charming as ever, but he had the worst looking shoes, while Jeremy Renner could've done better without all the rings he was wearing on his hands. The worst looking were Johnnie Depp and Robert Downey Junior, who didn't look humorous nor cool, and definitely not charming in their outfits. And how did you like Ben Stiller's total Navii makeover?


  1. Ben Stiller could've been funnier - but he could've been UNfunnier, too.

    BTW - I received a revised synopsis of my book today and it's up in my sidebar if you want to read it, Dez.

  2. CASSASTAR!!! I'm comin' over to your place immediately :)

    I totally get you on Ben Stiller :)

  3. I thought Mr. Darcy was quite charming! :) He looked a lot younger than I expected him to, which is always a plus. I was totally disappointed in Downey Jr... I didn't see any sunshine in that theater.

  4. I agree with everything except Robert Downey, Jr. While I didn't like his shoes, I loved the tie. It had flare and color, something often missing from tuxedos. And it was Downey, Jr.! He is odd. So an odd tux fit.


  5. When it comes to fashion, Chels, I don't have a sense of humour, and thus I hate when somebody dresses as a clown, and that's why I didn't like Downey and Depp.
    If I were at the Oscars, I must admit I would never wear a tuxedo, I just don't get the popularity of that clothing item, I would always choose some stunning well tailored suit with some unusual details on the suit itself, like some tribal ornament embroided over the shoulder or around arm with a thread in the same colour as the suit etc. or some refined ribbed ridges circling around the shoulder or arm, and over one of the pockets ....

    Kristin you didn't see any sunshine in the theater because I wasn't there :PPPP

  6. Johnny Depp wasn't at the Oscars this year - he's filming in Europe with Brangelina. Maybe you confused him with RDJ, who's wearing Johnny's shades.

  7. I didn't confuse him with RDJ. At one of the websites, I'm not sure which one now, I think it was the official Oscars site, I saw a red carpet picture of Johnny wearing a light blue suit and a hat. It's possible they mixed some old ceremony pics with the new ones, and I wasn't there in LA to see it for myself :) But nevertheless, I've never liked his style.

  8. Yes you should have been there Dez, then RDJ's sunglasses would have made sense!

    Agreed that Johnny Depp always dresses like a freak, but the man is darn pretty with eyeliner on.

  9. Johnny was here in Serbia a month ago, came to visit his buddy Emir Kusturica, and he shocked us all when he came dressed like a hobo, and then went on to visit our president in our presidential palace dressed like a drug addict. That was just plain nasty and impolite.