Sunday, March 7, 2010


Are you up for some Asian invasion? My dear friend Jaccsy over at "Buzzes Cafe" has just published a story about "Bang Rajan 2", a sequel to Thailand 2000 box-office hit, a historical epic film depicting the battles of the Siamese village of Bang Rajan against Burmese invaders in 1767. The most interesting part is that the main role in the sequel was given to popular tennis star Paradorn Srichapan. The story of "Bang Rajan 2" is based on a legend of a tiny farming village that fought the Burmese invaders, despite overwhelming odds. They beat their plowshares into swords, melted their rakes and shovels into new implements of destruction. Lacking horses, the town drunk mounted his water buffalo and rode into battle, swinging axes. Even the women got in on the two-fisted sword action, lopping off heads. In their brave sacrifice, the plucky fighters kept the enemies engaged long enough for the capital at Ayutthaya to put up a proper defense and save itself. Check out the trailer, but I must warn you that it is extremely bloody :(


  1. njah video sam i krvavije stvari :D

    Odgledah The Boondock Saints 2 dugo sam cekao nastavak kultnog filma, koji mi se jako dopao, ali sam poprilicno razocaran. Super je videti burazere ponovo, ima i zanimljivih sporednih likova ali zamene su slabe. Meksikanac kao novi sidekick i Julie Benz umesto Willem Dafoe (ima kameo) koja je tu posto nisu mogli da priuste Nicole Kidman pa su joj rekli glumi kao ona... Najvise mi smeta sto je prica ociscena svih religiskih elemenata, tvist na kraju prvog dela je bio preteran a ovde skoro da i nema pomena neceg slicnog

  2. I like bloody...

    Sorry you won't see the Oscars live. However, they should be handing out the Best Picture award about the time you are waking up!

  3. You should watch the first movie Dezmy. It was and amazing film and it told an awesome legend about the Thai-Burma War.

  4. I will Jaccsy but I first need to find someone to hold my hand while I scream my lungs out watching all that killing and blood :))

    Vladek, je l' u "Bondoskim svecima" igra moj miljenik Son Patrik Flaneri? :)

    Alex, you don't really think that I can wake up at 5 or 6 am and still look this beautiful??? :PPP