Saturday, January 22, 2011


Wow, this is a super strange combination: Clint Eastwood will direct the remake of A STAR IS BORN in which pop diva (and a lovely actress) Beyonce will play the lead role. You probably remember the previous version with Barbra Streisand  in the story which centers on an aging movie star who has an affair with a younger singer/actress whose stock is on the rise. According to fresh rumors, Warner Bros. really wants Will Smith to take the lead male role.

SHORT HEADLINES Greg Kinnear has joined Pierce Brosnan and Sarah Jessica Parker in I DON'T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT.Johnny Depp might take the lead role in the prequel OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL instead of Robert Downey Jr.
One of HOLLYWOOD SPY's favourite young actors, Alex Pettyfer (I AM NUMBER FOUR, BEASTLY, NOW) has been offered the lead role in the film adaptation of the bestselling fantasy saga MORTAL INSTRUMENTS according to "Playlist". Directed by Scott Stewart (LEGION, PRIEST) and starring Lily Collins, Phil's daughter, the film will follow a girl who discovers she is the descendant of a line of Shadowhunters, a secret cadre of warriors dedicated to driving demons out of our world. When her mother disappears, she must join a daring group of young Shadowhunters on an adventure, which leads her through a city filled with mischievous fairies, eccentric
warlocks, werewolf gangs and other strange creatures.

There's a new epic fantasy adventure coming our way in 2012. SINBAD: ROGUE OF MARS will be the first part of the new animated trilogy in which Sinbad and his crew will find a magical urn and will then get transported to another planet by a ruthless and vengeful Jinn bent on freeing his race who have been imprisoned for millennia and then laying waste to the ones responsible. The film will be based on the graphic novel which should come out this April.


Olivia J. Herrell, writing as O.J. Barré said...

Hmm, Beyonce and Will Smith? Not seeing it. Depp for Oz, yes! Just saw the trailer for #4 recently and I definitely want to see that one! Sinbad sounds delightful.

Thanks for the dish! that rebel, Olivia

Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

A Star and Mortal Instruments sound very intriguing.

DEZMOND said...

yep, it's a strange combination, she would fit better with Usher or Taye Diggs :)
Yes, I AM NUMBER 4 has a great trailer you can see it again if you click the red title in the post above :)

they really do, Mary!

Mason Canyon said...

I can definitely see Johnny Depp as Oz so much easier than Downey.

Thoughts in Progress

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Eastwood is directing a remake of A Star is Born?
And wow, cell animation. Hope the best for it, but cell animation is a tough sell to audiences used to seeing computer animation.

Anonymous said...

I saw the news about RDJ/Depp. I'll be honest, I was ok with RDJ, but now..with Depp?? Not feeling it. Depp's characters since POTC have all been pretty much the same. Their mannerisms. He's great as Jack Sparrow, but Jack Sparrow ends up being a part of ALL of his characters now. Hopefully Raimi will at least consider other candidates.

vic caswell said...

i agree with scarletspider... man, i really don't want a jacksparrowoz- blech. it seems like depp has gotten stuck on sparrow. :( although i'm not so sure about rdj either... why do those two guys get SO MANY roles!?!? there are plenty of other talented actors out there...

and pettyfer looks like a good casting choice for jace... i haven't seen him in anything yet (waiting for i am number four) but his looks fit with the description in the book.

Unknown said...

Cannot wait for I AM NUMBER FOUR, Alex Pettyfer looks so adorable. I'm also very interested in MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, what a fantastic world. I'm good with Depp as Oz, he's great at interpreting strange characters. And Beyonce and Will Smith...Not seeing it. The Sinbad feature looks cool as well. I know my nephews will be begging to see it.

Anonymous said...

I think Johnny Depp can play anybody.

I haven't seen the original A Star is Born, and I'm a Streisand fan. I'll try to watch it one of these days.

Elliot Grace said...

...Depp has reached a pinnacle in his career where, aside from a major stumble, via Tom Cruise, anything he commits to will do well at the box office.

Thanks for keeping us posted, Dez:)

Unknown said...

I think Eastwood will give A Star is Born some grit and gravitas. Whoever plays opposite Beyonce needs to be a bit grizzled (sorry about all the Zs). Having seen Smith in 7 Pounds I think he could carry it off - if he doesn't look so damn healthy.

DEZMOND said...

yep, Depp is definitely better!

the poster is actually a part of the comic, it's not an actual look of the future film, so it might not be what you anticipate.

I don't like either one of them, so I'm pretty much impassive :) But while I respect Depp's comical talent, I don't see anything special in Downey Jr.

DEZMOND said...

kill me if I know, Vics... I find both of them totally mediocre ... but that's how the business is done in Hollywood - the real talents are never at top.

ah, yes, isn't Pettyfer just irresistible? The hottest young actor in Hollywood, and I like the fact that he's British :) Plus, I love his naughty side :)

DEZMOND said...

I saw the original film when I was little, and didn't like it since I don't like the 70's :) but you might enjoy it :)

and he's similar to Will Smith in that respect :)

'tis true, Rusell Crowe was the first candidate for the male role in the film ...don't know how did Will end up in this story.

jonwinters said...

sinbad...wizard of oz...remake of a barbara streisand movie? why is nothing original in hollywood anymore.

that said, i like the animation for sinbad.

DEZMOND said...

ah, Jon, originality has sadly died some ten year ago :)

Arlee Bird said...

Don't they make a new version of A Star Is Born every decade? This new one is indeed a weird combo but with Clint behind the wheel who knows. Maybe it's time for A Star Gets Old and Dies (ooh, aren't I cynical this morning?).

Tossing It Out

DEZMOND said...

he he ... :) STAR GETS OLD AND DIES :))) It's just grumpy but dear old you Arlee :)

Doo said...

Mortal Instruments! Sounds need

on the other side, sinbad? :/

Golden Eagle said...

I can picture Alex Pettyfer as Jace; he looks a lot like the description in the book, anyway.

Jamie Gibbs said...

I'd prefer RDJ as the Oz lead than Depp. Don't get me wrong, I think they're both awesome, though I'd love to see Downey in a fantasy/sci-fi outside of Iron Man.

Donea Lee said...

I can't help it, but I love the Streisand version of Star. Agreed, though - strange directing choice. And RDJ gets my vote for Oz, too. Just found your blog, thanks to Vic at Hairnets and Hopes. And yay! I can always use some good up-and-coming HOllywood info! :)

DEZMOND said...

you no likey Sinbad? :)

he will be great in that role!

well he almost got the role in GRAVITY :)

hey, Donea, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY ;)

Unknown said...

DEZMOND - WOW, Alex Pettyfer looks EXACTLY as I imagined Jace would look in The Mortal Instruments! They did good. Still don't know how the movie is going to turn out though.

Depp as OZ - Awesome.

Hope your weekend is going great. =D

Unknown said...

Yeah, I can't imagine Clint Eastwood producing the movie with Smith and Beyonce but you never know, it could turn out spectacular.

Susan Fields said...

Sounds like there are some great movies coming up! I'd be very interested to see Johnny Depp in the Oz movie.

DEZMOND said...

according to rumors, the studio will greenlight the project only if Pettyfer accepts the role, that's how much they want him in that role :)
I'm having a working weekend, hope yours is more relaxing :)

it is a strange combination, isn't it?

I know you would :)

Jonia's cut said...

Yay! Wonderful that Clint is making movie again! He is wonderful director!

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Marko Belsak said...

That Sinbad series sound interesting. At least to me it does. :)
I could always use more crazy adventure stories on TV or in cinemas.