Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Richard Armitage's ladies have shown once again that no poll around the world escapes them, and they brought him victory in our YOUR FAVOURITE THE HOBBIT STAR poll with 75% of votes. Cate Blanchett took second place with 6%, leaving behind her Luke Evans (5%), Lee Pace (2%), Aidan Turner (2%), Benedict Cumberbatch (2%), Stephen Fry (2%), Evangeline Lilly (1%) and Martin Freeman who, ironically as the lead character in the film, took last place with only 3 out of almost 350 votes which just proves my point that the Hobbits are actually the most boring part of the Hobbit film, as they were
in LOTR :) You can check out HOLLYWOOD'S MEGA SPOTLIGHT ON THE HOBBIT CAST in our magnificent Sunday post for detailed info on all the characters in the film.
 Richard Armitage is the actor you've seen in BBC's ROBIN HOOD, also known as the owner of probably the strongest fan base I've ever seen for a relatively unknown actor. This year you've seen him shortly in CAPTAIN AMERICA and he also appears in British TV shows MI5 and STRIKE BACK.   This dashing fella will play Thorin Oakenshield in both THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY and in THE HOBBIT: THERE AND BACK AGAIN.
Now, that we've finished the long and glorious THE HOBBIT poll :), and since we don't have  much of summer left, let us choose THE BEST SUMMER 2011 MOVIE HERO! We have had quite a lot of super heroes and a few epic ones this season in the cinemas, so who was your favourite: GREEN LANTERN played by Ryan Reynolds, THE WHITE QUEEN played by January Jones in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, CAPTAIN AMERICA played by Chris Evans, PRIEST played by Paul Bettany, PROFESSOR X played by James McAvoy in X-MEN:FIRST CLASS, CONAN played by Jason Momoa, THOR played by Chris Hemsworth or MAGNETO played by Michael Fassbender in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. You have next two weeks to vote on!


  1. Women are weird, voted again though.

  2. Thor. Hands down. I wish I could say it was Hal Jordan, but Thor takes it.

  3. Also, I was one of the 3 votes for Martin Freeman. Just saying.

  4. Awwww, I wanted everyone to love the Stephen Fry...

  5. @iNEWS
    pics prove that he is rather gorgeous :)

    I think I know for whom you voted :)

    poor Martin :( as I said hobbits clearly aren't the popular people in this saga as they weren't in LOTR too

    we do love Fry a lot, I think he will be amazing as greedy ruler in THE HOBBIT /:)

  6. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you dear Dezz for the great Hobbit poll,and of course Thorin (Richard Armitage), King of the Dwarves won.
    We know the world will discover and love Armitage in 2012!

  7. they should give him the James Bond role instead of that uncharismatic blond guy :)

  8. I agree he would be great as james bond...btw I would love to se jason statham as 007 ...

  9. Richard Armitage has had my vote since North & South. I've cast him (completely in my head of course) as the leading man in my novel Sleeping With Skeletons. I always picture him when I think about that character.

  10. I <3 Ryan Reynolds, but I didn't get to see the movie :(

  11. ok... ahman...
    i have to confess something.
    last night during a marathon of cleaning and rearranging of furniture, i watched (listened) to the entirety of the north and south miniseries thingy. and now... well... i FINALLY understand the RA fever.

    still though, that whole cast is pretty remarkable! and the hobbits are my favorite of the peoples of middle earth. :)

    another toughie in this new poll! i'd like to vote for my paul because i love him so, but i haven't seen his movie, yet. i guess i'll have to go with cpt. america. i was expecting to be bored OUT OF MY SkUlL for that movie, but instead- it was quite good! :)

  12. Giving my vote to Thor, I love Chris Hemsworth! You already know my thoughts on that Captain America movie. ;)

  13. *sigh* *drool* I love that guy!

  14. Россия за Ричарда!!!
    Russia for Richard!!!

  15. @Coneforce
    yep, I had that idea about Statham being James Bond in one of my old 007 polls here :) He would bring the spiceness and roughness of Sean Connery to the role

    you should organize the villagers and send them to my house with stakes, rakes and torches :)

    see, I knew you ladies are crazy about Dicky Armitage :)

    we love us some Ryan too :)

  16. @Vics
    he he is that the new recipe? Cleaning is easier with a bit of Dicky Armitage? :P And Paul was amazing as Priest as always :)

    Chris certainly is one of our favourite hunks and one of the most pleasant surprises this year.

    he certainly is a droolworthy material :)

    LONG LIVE RUSSIA :) большой приветствия в Россию из братской Сербии :)

  17. Hehe, I figured there would be an abundance of Armitage fans to get the percentages up, hehe. I didn't recognise him in the Hobbit cast photos, the makeup department deserve an Oscar for their work on the dwarves!

  18. yep, there's no trace of dashing Richard under those dwarfish eyebrows!

  19. I haven't seen these super hero movies this summer. :( I missed out on a lot. I'd like to watch Conan and Thor, though.

  20. Noooo....Benedict only 2% :(

    Well at least he is betterthan John Watson ;)...poor Freeman.

    I don't know who Armitage is...so thanks for the introduction....once again, poor Bilbo.

  21. Hahaha So true! No poll escapes us! He sure has a strong fan base. Richard Armitage has captivated us with his outstanding performances and stunning good looks. I'm sure "the relatively unknown actor" is about to increase his fan base once The Hobbit hits cinemas in 2012 :)

  22. @Medeia
    I think you would like both CONAN and THOR, Medeia ;)

    he had around 9 votes I think.
    I'm not overly familiar with Armitage either, but he does have a very strong fan base!Our Flixy is also a huge fan of his :)

    yep, I tend to think that he is the first example of an actor who is getting new roles solely because he has such loyal and strong fandom :)

  23. Hmm... I really liked Magneto and Professor X in X-men First Class, but I thought Chris Hemsworth was a perfect Thor. Tough choice!!

  24. Hemsworth really was a perfect Thor, Chrissy!

  25. Wow, Richard definitely has tons of loyal fans. 75%! Congrats! :D I voted for him even though I also love Blanchett and Lee Pace out of your list.

  26. ah, you always keep forgetting to say that you love Luke Evans as well :P

  27. Richard Armitage,the next James Bond.
    My dream!

  28. Totally agree on RA being the next 007 (yum, yum, :-))
    Voted for Priest, just because it's Paul, I'm shallow, I know :-)

  29. we do adore us some Paul Bettany too, so no worries about being shallow :P

  30. @Belle3009 I share your shallowness when it comes to Paul Bettany ;)

  31. Ahah yes, Luke Evans too, silly me :)

    And to whoever suggests RA for Bond, I totally second that!!

  32. yes, how could you forget Luke??? Did you know that he visited this blog? :) and there's a possibility that he's reading us from time to time too :))) Such an amazing fella.

  33. 75%? And I didn't even vote! Poll must be accurate then :-) Much love to all The Hobbit cast. May they make us proud!