Wednesday, August 17, 2011


 After Bradley Cooper has decided to play Lucifer in PARADISE LOST epic, Relativity has lost its lead actor for the remake of famous 90's classic THE CROW, which, as you remember,
revolved around a musician who is murdered while trying to save his fiancée from thugs and then comes back from the dead with the help of supernatural forces seeking revenge. "Heat Vision" has a new gossip about Channing Tatum being one of the lead candidates for the coveted role. The remake is helmed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo whom you remember from 28 WEEKS LATER. Well this could be really cute: using currently two very popular and talented comedians, lovely Melissa McCarthy and charming Jason Bateman ID THEFT will see Bateman's character's identity getting stolen by Melissa's character. The role of the thief was first supposed to be male, but Universal has decided to give it to McCarthy who became amazingly famous after BRIDESMAIDS.
Speaking of cute actors and cute stories, this one could also be cute in a way :) Exactly a year ago I mentioned that we shall soon be watching a film about the invention of vibrator and that it will be a period film, and here's the first trailer. Starring two adorable people Hugh Dancy and Maggie Gyllenhaal, alongside
Rupert Everett, HYSTERIA follows a doctor in London treating cases of hysteria, a condition said to be characterized at the time by a woman's irritability, anger or unexplained tears. He and his best friend will experiment with a new electrical device for treatment for the ailment. Don't miss the end of the trailer! :)
I think I've told you at least hundred times how Tarsem Sing's IMMORTALS is HOLLYWOOD SPY's most anticipated film this year. Well, here's the freshly released third trailer for this
groundbreaking, mindblowing, earthshaking :) Greek epic which will follow brave Theseus (Henry Cavill) who must help Gods to stop evil king Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) from stealing the legendary Epirus Bow, a weapon of unimaginable power forged in the heavens by Ares. Rallying a band of fellow outsiders, including visionary priestess Phaedra (Freida Pinto) and cunning slave Stavros (Stephen Dorff), Theseus will lead the uprising, or watch his homeland fall into ruin and his Gods vanish into legend. And speaking of Gods, they are played by Luke Evans as Zeus, Isabel Lucas as Athena and Kellan Lutz as Poseidon, and you can see quite a bit of them in the new trailer (Athena especially).


  1. Love, love Hysteria and that is awesome about Melissa McCarthy.

    That is completely wrong-headed on the part of the directors in even considering Channing. Eric Draven, the Crow, is a lean, lithe rocker and Tatum's large, blocky body does not fit the bill. Besides, The Crow is Brandon Lee's opus and remaking it is heinous. Look at the disaster all the other Crow films have been. But since they are doing it, I'm glad Bradley pulled out, but seriously, the role calls for someone more cat like. There are plenty of pretty actors out there to choose from.

  2. Thanks for the new Immortals trailer! Loved it and can't wait for the movie. :0)

  3. isn't HYSTERIA just super adorable? :)I almost died laughing when queen Victoria gets a present in the end :)

    Yep, Vincent Peres was great in second CROW if I remember correctly. He is extremely cat like.

  4. @Raquel
    it will be the best movie ever :) Such visual brilliance and ingenious directorial vision!

  5. OMG the present to old Vicky herself. That was hilarious!!! This is going to be one fun and naughty movie.

    Vincent Perez is gorgeous and very cat-like. I think he did the second film. There's something seductive about a cat like man. ;)

  6. hmm, not sure what to say about HYSTERIA...
    Love the new trailer for IMMORTALS

  7. Hysteria looks awesome

    And there is no need to remake the Crow. Seriously, what the hell hollywood

  8. Hysteria will be silly and fun.

    Still waiting patiently for Immortals. It looks so good.

  9. @Melsy
    but naughty in a nice and charming way :)
    Hope you've seen Vincent Perez in LA REIGNE MARGOT where he shows everything (literally) :)

    it left you speechless? :)

    it sure does!
    Hollywood is planning to remake everything possible and impossible :)

  10. @Luanne
    it will :)
    We might die from anxiety before IMMORTALS finally premieres :)

  11. Immortals for sure. already knew that.

    Hysteria -- what can I say? No wonder You were in a mood to laugh.

  12. Hysteria looks hilarious! Yes, I'm sure Queen Victoria was VERY amused.

  13. Please not Channing Tatum, Hollywood. Please. That Hysteria trailer... wow, lol. :D

  14. Hysteria! Can't wait. :) I wonder if vibrator sales will go up that month?

  15. Ooh, Immortals! :)

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  16. Aww I loved Melissa McCarthy in Gilmore Girls. I'm so happy she's been successful after.

  17. What funny shows. I've heard about that trueish story. It will be a naughty movie.

  18. I like the way that Immortals is shaping up. I'm looking forward to it :)

    Hysteria looks to be a bit nuts, hehe.

  19. I just hope you'll watch Immortals 'inside' the cinema ;P

  20. I am worried for you Dezzy. Immortals looks shocking. I am worried you will have your little heart broken. I saw an extended scene at Big screen and it looked awful, all stylized blood and slow motion fighting. Very old hat

  21. That Hysteria movie looks and sounds brilliant.

  22. Hysteria: Brilliant. 100%. Oh, that saucy Victoria...

    Well...I know where I'll be on November 11 this year. Can't wait for it.

    Remaking The Crow is a sin. Especially when done using a man with no facial expression and no emotions like Channing Tatum.

  23. wow. immortals looks SOOOOO good!

    hysteria looks hysterical!

  24. I think that was a good move by Universal, changing the thiefs character so they could bring in McCarthy. But I'm way behind on the times. I've never even seen the original Crow.

  25. Vincent shows everything,eh? Hmmm, I do believe I will have to find this movie and check out the scrumptiousness. ;)))

    Thank you for sharing this info with me.

  26. HYSTERIA looks like it will be hysterical ;D
    I love Henry,but not sure.... I love that it will be released on 11/11/11

  27. @MAry
    it is a silly movie isn't it :)

    Vics didn't know what awaits her :)

    big LOL for HYSTERIA :)))

    they will for sure :)) Don't know if they have these old school types though :)

  28. @Elizabeth
    oh, indeed :)

    she was most amazing in equally amazing GILMORE GIRLS. Loved that show a lot!

    very naughty :))

    but we do like nuts sometimes :)

  29. @Scott
    hey, if I survived THE CELL, and SPARTACUS too, I'll survive this one as well :)

    I doubt it, Jaccsy, since I have no cinema in my town :(

    it sure does, Lurk, it sure does :)

    totally agree with you on IMMORTALS and HYSTERIA. When it comes to Channing, I do like him, and I think he does have emotions but his problem is that he just seems to modern and too California beach guy for more serious roles, but I still believe him and I think DEAR JOHN and EAGLE were first signs of him trying to improve his acting skills.

  30. @Vics
    you know I totally agree on both points, Vics :)

    yep, it certainly was a good move to give the role to McCarthy and I'm generally happy that she is getting more roles now, she is extremely cute and charming

    yes, it QUEEN MARGOT, the famous epic on French princess and her crazy family. It also starred Isabelle Adiani, and it was really strange, but also rather great and amazing if you like French films, since they do tend to be weird :) The film is also famous for Goran Bregovic's music - so you have a French medieval film with traditional Serbian music :))) And Vincent is full frontal naked at least 10 minutes in the film :)

    it will be hysterical and IMMORTALS will be epic :)

  31. Hysteria looks hysterical! LOL I won't miss it, laughed so much just watching the trailer..What about Queen Vicoria's present!! ROFL
    I'm looking forward to Immortals too Dezzy, not a long wait now...November!! ;)

  32. you mustn't miss it, Summer :)
    Not a long? I might just die in those four months :(

  33. Can't wait for Immortals, a must see definitely!

  34. Hysteria looks like great fun! Love the cast! :)

  35. @Inverse
    a must see indeed!

    it sure does look like great fun and the cast is lovely :)

  36. Hysteria looks like the kind of movie I'd watch now that I think about it.

  37. Hysteria looks very amusing, and Henry looks fabulous. Can't wait for Immortals to come out.

  38. @DWei
    it will be a great film!

    it sure is amusing :) and Henry sure does look fabulous!