Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Bad news for all of you who loved witty dialogues, intriguing and highly intelligent plots and all the beloved characters from
DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES! Now, we all knew that the show won't last forever, but it will last only one more season and instead of having 9 seasons it will have eight. This means that this Fall's season is the final one. Marc Cherry, the creator of one of the most popular shows around the globe, decided to end the show while it still has the biggest ratings and while it is on top. One thing is sure - seductive Eva Longoria, refined Marcia Cross, wise Felicity Huffman and charming Teri Hatcher will end the show in the most dramatic of ways and we can expect some mind blowing twists and surprises and as always, lots of love between our dear housewives.
While we are waiting for a trailer announcing the fourth season of BBC's mega successful show MERLIN to be released, I have some cool news: even though the fourth season is yet to be aired this September, the fifth season has officially been greenlit as well! 
This will allow the show's writing team more creative space and future episodes will feature a greater focus on slow-burn character arcs. The upcoming fourth season will see Merlin (Colin Morgan) and Arthur (Bradley James) battling Morgana who went over to the dark side, and the show will probably be freshened up with the newly establish knights of the round table with Lancelot and Gawain appearing more in the episodes. New face in the show will also be Agravaine, the uncle of prince Arthur. The new season will open with a two-part adventure telling the story of Morgana's revenge, and Katie McGrath, who plays Morgana, has recently said that we shall see Morgana become an evil force comparable to the Star Wars villain Darth Vader.
Although the first film hasn't even finished shooting, the sequel to THE HUNGER GAMES titled CATCHING FIRE has received it's
premiere date in November 2013. As you know, based on the book by Suzanne Collins, the first film will hit cinemas in March 2012. This is not the only film which hasn't even been shot but already has its release date, since Marvel has reserved two dates in May and June 2014 for two unknown mysterious superhero projects. Their THE AVENGERS, IRON MAN2 and THOR2 will be aired before that, in 2012 and 2013. The new actor to join the second season of HBO's mega popular epic show GAME OF THRONES is British veteran Roy Dotrice who will be playing the pyromancer Hallyne who is also the chief of the Guild of Alchemists.


  1. Wow, it's pretty impressive that Catching Fire is already in the works. I just hope it's GOOD.

  2. yep, and we don't even know if the first part will be any good.

  3. I've never watched DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES or MERLIN. Is that bad? ;)

  4. Lynda, I've never seen Desperate Housewives either. Tried Merlin, but it didn't work for me. I think I'm the wrong demographic. :P

    I'm sure they'll do all three Hunger Games movies. There's a huge audience waiting for them to come out.

  5. I haven't seen or read any of these, however, I feel it's smart of DHW to end on a high note.

  6. "Merlin" is going into its 5th season???? Gee, it must have significantly improved after the first episode. That's the only one we ever watched. Didn't want to watch another one.

  7. I've watched Desperate Housewives from the beginning so I'm sad to see it end. Though it's had a great run. This reminds me, I still have to watch the season finale! It's still on my DVR!

  8. Yay Merlin! Never got into Desperate Housewives, it's on Sunday nights and I'm never home. Plus Suburbia gives me the creeps. Cul de Sacs+picket fences=Evil ;)

    I have yet to even read Hunger Games. They sure move fast with these sequels.

  9. Merlin looks great! I gave up on the housewives reminded me of some crazy women I have met...military spouses mainly! Guess being alone to long drove them nutty! Yes I can say this...I know this life.

    I have Hunger Games on my kindle, haven't read it yet... Have you?

  10. So funny that they book these release dates when the film hasn't been made and even the first film hasn't been out. Crazy!

    Hasn't Iron Man 2 been out?


  11. So long my favourite Desperate Housewives.

  12. @Lyndy
    it is extremely bad. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES have amazingly witty plot, and I've always thought you writers can learn a lot from it and you can also get inspired by the detailed way they've developed their very strong characters :)

    that MERLIN hate of yours requires some exorcism, when can I drop by with my penguin exorcists? :P

    yes, it is always smart finishing a show at its best, like they did with FRIENDS and SEX AND THE CITY, that way the show goes into history on a high note

  13. @Debra
    I don't exactly remember the first episode since it was more than four years ago, but every season was lovely and delightful, but it IS made for European audience which has a taste for more innocent programmes and doesn't require only violence and grit and grim stories like American viewers who kinda lost their inner child being bombarded with wars on news and crime shows on TV.

    we shall miss our girls, Bree, Susan, Gabby and Lynette will be remembered as some of the best characters in the history of TV

  14. @MelSY
    you know, there's some truth in this theory of yours of evil lurking from the suburbs :PP I live in a suburb and I swear some of my neighbors are evil masterminds :)

    no, Ella, I haven't read it, THE HUNGER GAMES kinda aren't according to my moral rules, since as a psychologist and a teacher, I despise kids being used in violent plots and kids being portrayed as aggressive heroes. To me such things are indescribably bad and immoral.

  15. @Custie
    it has? I don;'t know, I don't really follow IRON MAN since you know how much I don't like that Downey person :)
    It is crazy about all those dates yes? And the new, very fresh, trend of producing and shooting and premiering movies in less than 8 or 10 months is also very weird.

    you are being ironic, yes, Lurky? :)

  16. It's hard to believe Desperate Housewives has been on that long already! Wow!

    I'm so looking forward to see what they do with Hunger Games and Catching Fire!

  17. I have no idea if I'll like the Hunger Games movies. But I'll go see the first for sure!

  18. @Jemi
    yep, time goes by so fast :(

    I hear most ladies loved the books, so I keep them informed on the films as well. I personally probably won't watch it :)

  19. i could never get into desperate housewives. i really tried, because i thought the premise was interesting, and like mel said suburbia can be TOTALLY creepy, but it just made me feel stressed out for some reason. sometimes those really conflict-ridden, family-fussing kinds of shows get to me, i guess. i don't know.

    anyway, hooray for merlin! see, i didn't like that first episode at all either. and then you kept recommending it so strongly, i gave it another shot. the trick is to take all that you know about arthurian legend and box it up and hide it away while watching. it's really just its own creature. if you can do that, it's completely charming! otherwise, you'll just be annoyed to heck by the way it departs from traditional legend.

  20. Desperate Housewives is ending?? Say it isn't so. The earlier episodes were funnier than the later ones. I preferred the funny.

  21. Anytime someone wants to cast Roy Dotrice is fine with me!

    I honestly didn't know Desperate Housewives was still on the air.

  22. CANNOT wait for Hunger Games. So excited about them, but also terrified because the books were above amazing

  23. Sweet. Happy to hear we'll be seeing more of Merlin!

  24. @Vics
    what? I didn't know people don't like the change of history in MERLIN? I thought we all take it as a part of fun? The only thing I despise about the show is the horrid actress playing Gwen, and I think they should get rid of the king and start a new phase with Arthur and Merlin :) But otherwise the show is wonderfully relaxing and charming

    I'm afraid, it's true, Liz :(
    And it is TRUE that the funny episodes are better than the crime ones, I've never liked the crime aspect of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

  25. @Josh
    you mean you've heard of Dotrice before? :) I think you're the first one :P

    your wait will be over next spring :)

    ah, glad to hear that :)

  26. Of course! He was Mozart's father in "Amadeus" and the Russian ice skating coach in "The Cutting Edge."

  27. interesting, I didn't know that :) But I really was too small when AMADEUS was released so I don't remember much of it.

  28. Penguin exorcists? Now THAT would make a great TV show. :))

  29. trust me, with Kowalski and Rico, you really wouldn't want to experience it on yourself (their methods somehow always seem to involve usage of rotten sardines), so start watching MERLIN :p

  30. hahaha I always assumed the housewives show was just a whole bunch of cattiness. I'm not sure if I can convince my hubby to watch that one ;)

    Luanne, we can band together and fight off those penguins because I probably won't give Merlin a try either because of the bad acting (Yes, I said it!)

  31. that's it, we must settle this in a boxing match. You two are going down! :)

  32. dezz! such violence!!!!
    sounds like fun!
    i got your back, good sir!

  33. ooh, I got meself a sidekick :) We must make you a SuperVics costume, my brave companion and then we shall eradicate all Merlin hate from this world :)

  34. while you guys are making superhero costumes, Luanne and I rushed both of you. That grittiness you taste is the taste of DEFEAT!!!!!!!

  35. Not only is it bad acting in Merlin, Lynda, the show is like a medieval version of Glee.

    Wham #*$% Bam @#$*

    Two penguins down. Two Merlin lovers with sod in their teeth. :D

  36. first off- glee is like one of the highest rated shows currently- with music that topped all time i-tunes downloads, and an EXTREMELY talented cast! sooo.... a comparison to glee is like the ultimate compliment.
    also, the awesomeness of both shows can be spelled out in five simple letters... these five letters bytheway can also be used to describe you gals...
    so if you hate on merlin, you're hating on yourself! :P

  37. Spot on, Super Vics, you really hit the point - CHARM is really what differentiates MERLIN and GLEE from so many other shows. We need more such programmes which promote love and friendship and which bring positive atmosphere and wonderful charm to millions of homes around the globe.
    No matter what adventures they have to undergo, Merlin and Arthur always end each episode with some friendly love and smiles. I wish kids would grow watching such examples of camaraderie than growing up with dark, morbid and highly unethical shows aired on MTV and other channels.
    I haven't seen much of GLEE, but I do know that unlike some other dark or gossipy or superficial shows, that one promotes real talent, friendship and love, and those qualities should always have the prime spot in every programme.

  38. lol, fair enough... I declare a truce and free lemonades!

  39. oooh, Sidney lemonade ... me likey, me likey :)