Friday, August 19, 2011


Check out a gorgeous new poster for Lars von Trier's unusual sf drama MELANCHOLIA which premieres this November. With a stellar cast including Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, John Hurt,
Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte Rampling, Alexander Skarsgard and Stellan Skarsgard the film will basically start with the end, with the audience seeing the world being crushed and destroyed at the beginning and then it will not be a film about what happens but how it happened! The film will show people who are trying to deal with the planet’s impending doom. Kirsten Dunst will be a woman who is planning to get married to Alexander Skarsgard while his father Stellan Skarsgard will play the best man and John Hurt will play Dunst's father. You can also check out the trailer for the film.

As "Variety" reports Michael Gracey (who is also directing SNOW AND THE SEVEN, the China set version of Snow White) will
helm THE GREATEST SHOWMAN ON EARTH in which Hugh Jackman will play P.T. Barnum who was known for his penchant for hoaxing a gullible public and for creating the three-ring circus. This musical won't come out any time soon since Jackman first has to do WOLVERINE and LES MISERABLES. According to "MovieWeb" beside Tom Hiddleston's Loki, the villains in THE AVENGERS will be the Skrulls, a shape-shifting race of aliens who can turn into any living creature or inanimate object. Yesterday, I've mentioned Channing Tatum's biographical project MAGIC MIKE, and since there obviously
weren't enough hunks in the cast beside him, Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer, they've now added magnetic Matthew Bomer (WHITE COLLAR) as well. He will also play a stripper. Latest rumors say that POPEYE 3D animated film is in works with the voice cast to be lead by Jim Carrey as Popeye and Amy Adams as skinny Olive!Totally delightful!

Today's trailer of the day is the fourth part of the famous vampire saga UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING. Premiering in January next year and
starring Kate Beckinsale, alongside Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy, the film will see Beckinsale's return to the role of vampire warrior Selena, who escapes imprisonment to find herself in a world where humans have discovered the existence of both Vampire and Lycan clans, and are conducting an all-out war to eradicate both immortal species. The film comes to cinemas in 3D and will not be directed by Cate's husband Len Wiseman but by Danish filmmakers Mans Marlind & Bjorn Stein.


  1. Popeye is such a joke. The only way it could be any good if the movie makes fun of itself!

  2. how can it not be good with Carrey and Adams in the cast? :)) As you might remember that cartoon was extremely popular in our country when we were little kids.

  3. well, they did already make one with robin williams that was pretty terrible.

  4. I love Hugh Jackman and his new movie sounds really good. Can't wait!

  5. @Edmund
    yep, but this one will be animated :)

    how could you not love Hugh Jackman? :)

  6. More movies for Matt Bomer, I say. What a hottie! I will gladly watch him take off everything. I hope they at least plan to get in some goodie shots of him. Oh man do I love him. ;)))

    Popeye sounds absolutely adorable and the new Underworld looks fantastic.

  7. Ah, Melsy, I believe you will see the most of him in MAGIC MIKE :)Did you know that he is gay?

    Popeye should be charming with that cast :)

  8. Popeye in animation may be worth it.
    Magic Mike if only for the drool.
    Underpants, oops Underworld, is a definite pass.

  9. Dezzy - Hi! Hope you have a great night.

    Go Underworld. Yay!!

  10. @Mary
    ah, so you're not into vampires, got enough of them in the neighborhood? :P

    hope you're having a nice night too, Shells!

  11. Magic Mike just keeps getting better and better. :)))

  12. Jim Carrey as Popeye!! NYHOMH AWESOMe

  13. I did not know that Matt is gay, but live out loud and proud and love who you want is the way I roll. :)

  14. Lars von Trier is one of my favorite filmmakers, but I have to work myself up to watching his movies. I still don't feel ready for Antichrist yet.

  15. Melancholia sounds intriguing -- great cast!

  16. I had no idea they were making a new Underworld movie. It'll be interesting to see if it's as good as the first two or not.

  17. It looks like my favorite vamp Selene is finally came back for good and she's absolutely deadlier and hotter than ever :)

  18. Kate is so beautiful, and Underworld is so awesome.

  19. Another Underworld movie is fine with me - you can't have enough Beckinsale. I love the sound of Melancholia too, and of course The Avengers is shaping up to be badass too :)

  20. I am not the least bit excited by Melancholia. Von Trier is not my bag at all.

    Although the geeky vamp in me is very excited about another Underworld

  21. Looking forward to a bit more Selene.

  22. Melancholia poster caught my attention even before i started reading your article!! too good!! really melancholic beautifully !! :) very insightful and interesting post as usual!!

  23. @Luanne
    it sure does :) it will be a visual treat if nothing else :)

    it's a good casting choice, isn't it?

    that's the right attitude :) He is not open, similar to Luke Evans, but there are pics and stories about them. The same goes for dear Wenty Miller.

    that's true, although I loved loved DOGVILLE, after that one I pretty much stopped watching his films, because he became a bit too crazy

  24. @Kenneth
    glad you like it, Kenneth :)

    it IS an interesting cast!

    yep, the film awaits you next January :)

    yep, the trailer promises quite a lot of Beckinsale in all possible scenes :) The trailer itself is wonderfully dynamic!

  25. These all sounds good, but I'll watch anything with Kirsten Dunst, she won me over in Get Over It. lol.

  26. @Matthew
    she certainly is beautiful

    all three projects should be interesting to watch for different reasons

    'tis true, Trier is not my cup of black Ceylon tea either :) You need to be a bit crazy to love his last few films, although this one does seem a more tamed and less wild.

  27. I loved the old Avengers so I'm excited about that but popeye will be popular for the younger generations who have never seen the old.

  28. @Lurk
    I knew you would be looking forward for a bit more of Selene, Lurk :)

    @Flying high
    it really is a beautiful poster, isn't it? Not just the colours, but the drowning bride brings something very suggestive and lyrical to the whole vibe.

    GET OVER IT was a good one :) I also loved her in another intelligent comedy - DICK :) in which she starred with lovely Michele Wiliams

  29. Seriously, if I was working for "Playboy" I'd make you my pictures editor. You have an eye for fine detail Dez.

  30. @Clarissa
    just not to be confused - these AVENGERS are not the British spy ones :) These are all MArvel heroes in one place.
    Yep, many kids haven't seen old Popeye cartoons and films. And that's why kids nowadays don't eat spinach :)

  31. @Movies
    he he he ... I will be praying every night for you to become PLAYBOY chief then :)

  32. What a great pic of the lovely Kate Beckinsale. Sadly, I'm not a fan of the Underworld films though.

  33. yep, the saga is rather weak, like RESIDENT EVIL films too (Beckinsale is quite similar to Milla Jovovich in not having success outside the action saga and in having a director husband).
    But I did spice it up with that pic, didn't I?:))

  34. Don't have too high hopes about 'underworld awakening' tbh but I hope It will be good.

  35. This has better news than before :)

    Melanchonia sounds terrific!! Will check the trailer later. And it has Kiefer Sutherland, I haven't seen him since 24.

    Hmmm...popeye...I never really like that animation (tho I used him once for my baby turtles post)This has better news than before :)

    Melanchonia sounds terrific!! Will check the trailer later. And it has Kiefer Sutherland, I haven't seen him since 24.

    Hmmm...popeye...I never really like that animation (tho I used him once for my baby turtles post)

  36. Jim Carrey sounds like perfect casting for Popeye. I'll watch almost anything if Hugh Jackman is in it. Almost.

  37. @Simon
    yep, you can never expect too much from that saga.

    baby turtles and Popeye :) Like the mix

    yep, there's a prime rule here at HOLLYWOOD SPY - you must watch all Hugh Jackman's projects unless you want to be arrested by us :)

  38. Melancholia sounds like it has potential.

    Popeye has always been one of my favorite cartoon characters. I really like the early vintage cartoons the best though. If they can recapture the spirit of those in the film version it would be pretty cool.

    I read in the L.A. paper that the Johnny Depp Lone Ranger is dead because they couldn't keep in the budget the studio demanded. The article suggested that this may merely be a strategy to get the overruns in check, but then again it may really be dead. I was looking forward to Johnny Depp as Tonto.

    Tossing It Out

  39. I also liked Popeye back as kid, Arlee :) it was played almost every day at our national television.
    LONE RANGER is dead (if they don't lower the budget) because they wanted to throw in werewolves and some other supernatural creatures in the story as well, which would make it extremely expensive because of the special effects.

  40. Any movie Kate is in. I am watching it.

  41. she certainly is a pleasant sight for the eye :)

  42. that's a lovely poster for melancholia, but i always think peoples' faces pull funny when they lay on their backs... like distorted... maybe that's just me! :P

  43. I have one such pic laying on my back on which it seems like I have absolutely no neck :)

  44. MELANCHOLIA sounds interesting.

    Oh, man. That PT Barnum pic sounds like it could be fantastic. I can't wait for LES MISERABLES, either.

    Great shot of Kate, man. Yowza!!!

  45. glad you liked all the news and the pic ;)