Thursday, August 11, 2011


 Yesterday's news on Warner Bros. preparing a remake of famous DIRTY DANCING classic from the 80's has created quite a lot of buzz among you,
and now we already have the first gossips on the possible stars. According to "MovieWeb" main contender for the Patrick Swayze's role is famous dancer Derek Hough (who won DANCING WITH THE STARS with gorgeous Nicole Scherzinger), but GLEE's Matthew Morrison and GOSSIP GIRL's Chace Crawford are also on the list.  Jennifer Gray's role could go to GLEE's Lea Michele who currently competes for the role with two teen stars Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. As you know, Kenny Ortega, who came up with the famous choreography from the original film, is now behind the helm.
Aha haha ... check out lovely THE PIRATES! BAND OF MISFITS poster which says "It's a plunderful life" :) Most of you were rather thrilled by the trailer I posted earlier this year for this lovely animated comedy which follows a less than successful pirate
captain and his crazy crew with the voices of Hugh Grant, Martin Freeman, Brendan Gleeson, Russell Tovey and Salma Hayek. The film premieres next March. Now, this is interesting, according to "Variety" NBC has ordered a pilot for FRANKESTEIN TV series, a modern day version of the famous Frankenstein story by Mary Shelley. And speaking of TV shows, CBS is planning to do a remake show of BEWITCHED which followed a marriage of a normal guy and a witch. For reasons unknown, RESIDENT EVIL is getting a fifth part to be titled RETRIBUTION. The lead role will again go to Milla Jovovich, which is not strange since her hubs, Paul W.S. Anderson is the director of the film which should hit cinemas in Autumn 2012.

And we're still on Gerard Butler :) since the first trailer for his drama CORIOLANUS has just been released. Shot last year in Serbia, this modern adaptation of William Shakespeare's
famous play should premiere this December just in time for the Oscar race, starring Gerard Butler, Ralph Fiennes (who is also the director), Brian Cox and a bunch of Serbian actors. In the modern version, Shakespeare's drama on Roman hero Coriolanus and his enemy Tullus Aufidius, commander of the Volscian army, is turned into a contemporary Rome-set political and family drama about a banished hero of Rome who allies with a sworn enemy to take his revenge on the city.The film will feature a special visual aspect since all the characters are dressed in modern military uniforms.


  1. I like the sound of Coriolanus, more so since it sounds like Fiennes kept the original lines with the modern setting. Me likey :D I'm looking forward to seeing Pirates! too :D

    Count me in for The Hobbit too!

  2. I was kinda shocked when they let Fiennes shoot the film in Serbia's National Parliament and I must admit I don't like how Belgrade looks like in the trailer.

    PIRATES should be mega fun!

  3. CORIOLANUS looks powerful. Love the music in the trailer too.

    YAY! for Pirates! Soooo looking forward to that hehe.

  4. he he PIRATES will so rock :) Have you noticed all the details on the poster - the shark, the dodo bird :)

  5. The pirates looks like a lot of fun. I'll be keeping my eye open for that one.

  6. That's a great cast for Coriolanus. I've never read that one. :( I'll have to watch the film to know what it's about. And get a little peek of your posh Serbia. :)

  7. @Inverse
    don't forget to click on the red letter link in the post and check out the trailer, it's hilarious :)

    trust me, Serbia, doesn't look posh in the trailer, I think they've used shots of many buildings which were destroyed back in '99 when UK and US aggressors dropped bombs on Serbia for three months :( Most of the buildings are still ruined.

  8. Everything was boring until CORIOLANUS. Can't wait to see it

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  10. I love Pirates. Can't wait until these movies appear and can't wait until Sunday!

  11. I hate getting called away in the middle of responding. Anyway, I will refrain from commenting about the choices for DD, except to say that I hope Lea Michelle gets the role.

    Coriolanus looks wicked cool. I will definitely be lining up for it. I got to have my Gerard. Wish they'd set this in ancient Rome so maybe I'd get to see him in toga and breastplate. ;)

  12. I love Brian Cox. He is one of my favorites. I re-watch his speech in Adaptation often and recommend LIE to multiple people. :)

  13. I dont know about those choices for Dirty Dancing. Its gonna be hard to replace the Shwayze.

  14. Lea Michelle is perfect for Jennifer Grey's role. Just enough off-beat, not the popular girl. And, unlike JG, she's strong enough that after the film she won't ruin her career w/a nose job.

  15. Corolaniananaius is looking really good huh?

    Can't wait for that one!!

  16. Lionsgate blocked the video on me the swines but looking forward to it anyway.

  17. Never watched Dirty Dancing movie but I see those two young stars in the photo can be a good substitute for Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

  18. A Frankenstein show sounds spectacular. I hope it's done well. As for Bewitched, well, I didn't watch the original, so I'm not sure this one will have my attention.

    Damn, the Coriolanus link is dead. Bastards. Time to go searching for it.

  19. Also, why no love for Resident Evil? Is it because they won't end the franchise and just keeping going...and going...and going?

  20. @Mary
    ya don't like DIRTY DANCING?? I could swear you were a dancing type :)

    PIRATES are adorable, aren't they :) and I think you will like this Sunday's THE HOBBIT exclusive :) Lots of beautiful pics, profiles of all characters, tidbits ...

    glad to hear that, Lola, thanks :)

  21. @Melsy
    I don't know Derek much, since we don't have DANCING WITH STARS here, but he is drop dead gorgeous, that's for sure, and he knows how to dance :) I personally love Miley, love her sense of humour and her loveliness, and I feel sorry for her sometimes being the target of trashing. She's a kid and doesn't deserve that. The same goes for Bieber.
    People sometimes forget that they are still kids.
    But when it comes to DD I would like to see some more serious actors in it, maybe even some famous ones.
    I would've been great to see CORIOLANUS in Roman setting, but I guess Ralph was going for lower budget :)

    I loved Brian Cox in TROY as well, he and Peter O'Tool alongside Eric Bana basically saved that flop from a total flop :)

  22. @Jessie
    so far, it's just a gossip, maybe some totally different actors will get the roles in the end :)

    I agree with you, Robert

    we shall see, we shall see, I'm not exactly a fan of war films and too much military uniforms tend to make me sick, but the film does have Gerard, Brian and Ralph so it could be good.

  23. @Lurk
    I've put the new trailer, hope it will last longer :(

    they look cute don't they? And I can't believe you didn't watch the original :) You should watch it with Mrs. Jaccsy :)

    I've put the new trailer.
    I've never seen BEWITCHED either, and FRANKENSTEIN could be good if they don't make it too contemporary.
    Yep, RESIDENT EVIL just won't die :)I tend not to like anything with Milla, since she really is a bad bad bad actress, even though I shouldn't say that since she's a fellow Serbian :)

  24. I hope the remakes crash and burn. None of them sound even slightly interesting. The Pirates and Coriolanus however, could make up for that. And I will definitely be here for The Hobbit news.

  25. hmm... remaking Dirty Dancing... hmmm. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I mean, on the one hand, the first version is so cheezerific, but it's the perfect summer movie. Of all those little actresses, though, Lea Michelle would be my pick~ :D <3

  26. gah!!!!
    i LOVE lea michelle! that girl! that voice! wow! i hope she gets the role- although i DO have mad love for demi lovato, also... and i would like to see her up and going again after her hard time.
    not sure who those guys are, except matthew morrison (who is UNBELIEVABLY talented) but it would be really, really weird if they cast both lea and matthew together. i don't think most people would be able to see the romantic dynamic required in DD after the teacher/student dynamic in GLEE without being kinda freaked out.. and grossed out... and my most people i mean me! :P

  27. @Eric
    PIRATES are really hilarious and lovely :) Can't wait to watch them!

    yep, cheezerific would be the right word to describe the original DIRTY DANCING :)

    well, that's why Morrison isn't on the top of the list, he probably won't get the role, unless they choose some older actress.

  28. Two GB posts back to back, Dezzy, gotta love 'em! I'm so glad the response to CORIOLANUS trailer have been mostly positive, even Playlist didn't bash Gerry Berry as usual (though I think they're still such snooty bunch).

    I love Melissa's comment "I got to have my Gerard" ahah... right on! Great cast in this one, though I feel for you about them not featuring Serbia the way you envisioned it, Dezzy.

  29. they really are awfully snooty and they actually enjoy it which is the worst thing :(
    I kinda knew the film would be like this, and I knew I wouldn't really be interested in the film since it's so military, but I do love me some Butler :)

  30. CBS needs to come up with some new ideas and stop remaking old TV shows. Or finally remake The Wild Wild West like they claimed they were going to do years ago, I'll accept that, at least a western would be unique compared to what's current on.

  31. if you ask me all of the channels could come up with some new ideas :( I think I'll mostly watch ABC this Fall and I don't remember what CBS has of the new shows - RINGER and that SECRET CIRCLE teen drama or what is it called?

  32. @Dezmond - both those shows you mentioned are going to be on the CW. I'll give Hart of Dixie a shot (also a CW show) with Rachel Bilson. But I'm not a Gellar fan (Ringer) and I don't see Secret Circle being able to top The Vampire Diaries which is what it's attempting to capitalize on.

  33. yep, I keep mixing American channels since I don't have them in my country. Then I guess CBS really has nothing this season? And which one, is it CBS or PBS, that plays period shows and dramas?

  34. It's not CBS, I don't know if PBS does either they're more of a local public programming channel so they really don't air mainstream shows.