Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Remember how yours truly has recently noticed a rather unpleasant trend of big stars taking roles in mediocre B-league action and cop flicks? Well, it's happening again: as "The
Hollywood Reporter" reveals, Gerard Butler will become THE BRICKLAYER, in the story which centers on a former FBI agent who is brought back into the bureau to help take down a dangerous criminal group. These criminals are extorting money from the bureau and know far too much about the inner workings of the FBI. Gerard Butler will take the role of the former agent who became a Chicago bricklayer after leaving the FBI. Before Butler starts laying bricks, we shall watch him in MACHINE GUN PREACHER the film I mentioned before, and in CORIOLANUS with which he might try to steal an Oscar nomination?

After last week's mega success SMURFS will get a sequel in summer 2013!  Popular 80's classic DIRTY DANCING is getting a new remake directed by Kenny Ortega, the creator of the iconic choreography from the original film!

Warner Bros. has just released some rather cheap looking character posters (the trailer also gave a rather poor impression last month) for Steven Soderbergh's extremely expensive viral thriller CONTAGION which should premiere this September starring Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marion Cotillard ...   The chilling story follows the rapid progress of a lethal airborne virus that kills within days. As the fast-moving epidemic grows, the worldwide medical
community races to find a cure and control the panic that spreads faster than the virus itself. At the same time, ordinary people struggle to survive in a society coming apart.
Today you can also check out the first poster for I DON'T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT, a film and a poster which could appeal to my lady lurkers :)
In the comedy drama, which premieres this September, Sarah Jessica Parker plays Kate Reddy, a finance executive who is the breadwinner for her husband and two kids. The story follows all the troubles of this working mother trying desperately to juggle marriage, children, and a high-stress job. The cast also features Greg Kinnear as her husband joined by a stellar group which includes Pierce Brosnan, Olivia Moon, Kelsey Grammer, gorgeous Christina Hendricks and Seth Meyers. Bellow you can also check out the trailer I've posted last winter as well.


  1. I'm on board for Gerard Butler as long as he's not doing rom coms. He just makes bad choices with those.

    I don't do disease movies, unless they turn people to zombies, because they just make me feel sick.

  2. I agree Dez, what is going on? I just noticed Ioan Gruffudd is in a new tv show called Ringers with Sarah Michelle Gellar and he isn't even mentioned as one of the "stars"! He's probably the best actor in the whole production. But somehow he's not worth mentioning... ??

  3. @Melsy
    what? But Gerry Berry is the best in romcoms! :) I've loved each and everyone he did.
    You mean zombies do not make you feel sick? :P

    poor Ioan, I can't believe he also surrendered to the trend of movie stars going to TV :( Like Ashley Judd, James Caviezel and my favourite Patrick Wilson. All unbelievably talented and they all went TV :(

  4. I saw the trailer to Jessica Parker's film at the theatres and it's really good. Well done for a fill that has been done.

    Also, contagion looks good. I know it's been done as well but I like that type of movie. Also, anything with Butler in it is HOT!

  5. yep, SJP's film should be fun and maybe even educational?

    I knew my ladies would have a reaction on anything Butler related :)

  6. Contagion looks like a maybe.
    I don't know how she does is it (SJP) but I know how I won't -- see it that is. :(

  7. I'll bet Gerard Butler's version of a bricklayer wears tight designer T-shirts and always has a trimmed five o'clock shadow. Probably smells of cologne too. :PP

  8. I always assume big stars appear in those crappy B movies just to make a quick buck. Easy money without having to work too hard. Hey, they have bills too.

  9. I really like the idea of Contagion, but I agree that the posters and the trailer don't look all that epic (though the posters do remind me of traditional 'medical info' style posters to give warnings of infection...)

  10. I agree with you re the CONTAGION posters. I did like the trailer for it though (but as I mentioned before, I like that type of movie).

  11. "Contagion" does not appeal to me at all, but fortunately great actors are in it, which means that the movie might be worth it... We'll see.

    Hope everything's fine.
    Have a good day,


  12. the most shocking part of this story Dez, is the Dirty Dancing remake...COME ON HOLLYWOOD WHY YOU MESS WITH OUR CLASSICS!!!

  13. I'm a fan of Butler ( I have to say that as his mum lives in the next village) so I'll be looking out for that one.

    A remake of Dirty Dancing??? WTF! Are Hollywood struggling that badly for film scripts that they have to keep making remakes of not very old films? I need to get writing!!

  14. Oscar nod for Gerard? and Contagion sounds good but not impressed with the cast list.

  15. Cheap looking. Yes. But I like those posters for their gritty yellow tinted look :)

  16. @Mary
    ah, sorry to hear that, Mary :) better luck tomorrow

    but we do like our bricklayers better that way, don't we? :) If they will lay us some bricks they better be groomed and clean.

    it's possible, it's possible, or maybe some of them just don't have any taste :)

  17. @Jamie
    glad you agree with me on the posters. Having in mind that the film had a humongous budget (between $100 and 200 million) both the posters and the trailer look bad and cheap

    although scary viral films can be interesting in some weird way

    yes, those actors could save the day, methinks :) Hope you're having a nice day too!

  18. @Custie
    ah, Custie, don't tell me you're one of those people who know DIRTY DANCING choreography by heart :)

    ah, yes, I remember you telling that info on Butler's mom living close to you :) Is she hunky like him? :)))

    yep, well, he isn't a bad actor, you know? And both CORIOLANUS and MACHINE GUN PREACHER are type of dramas Academy likes, so it's possible, it's possible :)

    yes, we know you like everything gritty, Jaccsonville :)

  19. I hope THE BRICKLAYER doesn't suck. Also, CONTAGION...can't wait.

  20. we shall keep our fingers crossed for both projects :)

  21. Jude Law's poster doesn't look too cheap to me, but it's because he's um... rather hot. :)

  22. @Dezzy don't tell me you are not?

  23. in "I don't know how she does it" it is not Olivia Moon, but the very lovely, very geeky Olivia Munn. I know I have my fair share of celebrity crushes, but she is near the top.

  24. I enjoy most of SJP's movies, so I'm interested in this one.

    I don't care for the Contagion posters, except for the Jude Law one.

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  26. How is SJP one of the most highest paid actors in Hollywood? Who decides on stuff like that? I mean, she's not a great actress, she's not good looking and she is annoying. I seriously DON'T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT. Am I alone in thinking this? BTW, the trailer was terribly poor.

  27. Gerard Butler is rather pleasant to look at, but he distracts me so much I don't know what the movie is about. Kate Winslet is my favorite actress, and Contagion looks good. I'll check that out for sure. The last one looks too close to reality to enjoy, but I like Sarah Jessica Parker, so maybe I'll give it a try once it hits Netflix. Another great post. You have such a cool site.

  28. Contagion sounds interesting despite the cheap looking posters

  29. @Libby
    I like the way you think, sister :)

    don't have a dancing partner :P

    whoopsie daisy, I shall correct it immediately :)

    yep, she had some fun films, nice for Sunday evening watching, and we off course loved SEX AND THE CITY

  30. @Movie
    it's all about SEX AND THE CITY, which was, actually a great show and I loved all the characters in it except hers. But she isn't a great actress, as can be seen in this trailer in which she seems kinda lost. But I still think the film itself could be interesting.

    yep, Butler can be distracting in such ways :)
    We do love Winslet a lot! Wish we could see her in more films :(
    Glad you like the site :)

    we shall see how good it is when it comes out :)

  31. Ooo! Gerard. There should be a Gerard channel. Don't ya think? :)

  32. he he Gerard is coming by in a few minutes to HOLLYWOOD SPY again ;) be sure to come back for our Thursday post!

  33. OMG! I just watched the SJP trailer! It looks like the kind of movie I can really relate to! SJP doesn't have to be a great actress if she gets great material like this. Also the co-stars are AMAZING!

  34. the film could appeal to so many ladies and gents as well, who have to sacrifice their lives for the family and for home.

  35. Sorry I'm late to the GB-lovin' party... but heck yeah, bring on the Bricklayer! :D If only I can hire a brick contractor for my home who looks like THAT... ahah. Well Dezzy, I love you for putting Gerry Berry and Oscar in the same sentence as I do believe it's about darn time! Thanks Dezzy... now off to the other GB post :D

  36. we can always hope about him and the Oscars :) but I do think this could be quite a strong year at the awards with some nice dramas unlike last year which was boring.

  37. I think The Bricklayer have a nice story. I want watch it. Especially it was roled by the very famous actor Mr. Gerard Butler..