Monday, August 29, 2011


Continuing her girl power principle in choosing roles, seductive Zoe Saldana, whom you've seen in STAR TREK, in AVATAR and currently in COLOMBIANA, will take the lead role in Paramount's new action movie DOMINION according to "The Hollywood Reporter". Not much is known about the movie except that it will be a supernatural action film in which Zoe Saldana will play a woman who is  half-human and half-angel. Interesting enough. The film will be produced by the producers of Gerard Butler's MACHINE GUN PREACHER.

After starring together in THE PROPOSAL, two good friends Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock will work together again. They will lend their voices in the new animated series AND THEN THERE'S WAS GORDON on Fox. The story, which is
partially written by Reynolds himself, will revolve around an average child who is surrounded by his brilliant child prodigy siblings and their eccentric mother. According to "Deadline" Sandra will lend her voice to the mother. A new one in the avalanche of remakes is the remake of FLATLINERS, the sf film from the 90's starring Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts and Kevin Bacon, which followed medical students who conduct experiments with near-death experiences to see if there is life after death after which they started re-living traumatic childhood experiences. Super talented Ben Ripley (SOURCE CODE) will write the script.

One of the trailers which premiered this weekend was the one for Johnny Depp's new comedy THE RUM DIARY. I personally
didn't like the trailer, but I know lots of you love everything Depp does so you might like this one as well :) Ready to hit cinemas this October and also starring Aaron Echhart, Amber Heard and Giovanni Ribisi, the film follows Paul Kemp, a freelance journalist who finds himself at a critical turning point in his life while writing for a run-down newspaper in the Caribbean. Paul is challenged on many levels as he tries to carve out a more secure niche for himself amidst a group of lost souls all bent on self-destruction.


  1. Rum Diary isn't comedy. It doesn't take much time to check it on producer's page.

  2. then why does Depp acts like he's Jim Carrey in it?

  3. Rum Diaries makes a nice companion piece to the biopic of Hunter S. Thompson that Depp also starred in.

  4. interesting, didn't know he starred in his biopic as well.

  5. lol the Rum Diary looks a little different. And I lurve Johnny so I'll likely see the movie eventually (probably not at the cinemas, though)

  6. Depp seriously needs to stay off the rum. Saldana is gorgeous; a movie with her as a half angel has my vote!

  7. Yep, I'll watch anything with Johnny Depp. Even his crazy stuff. :)

  8. Oh Dez, I don't know where you get the Jim Carrey vibe from Depp in the Rum Diary trailer, ah well.

    In any case, glad to see Ryan and Sandra together again, it'd be better if it weren't an animated feature.

  9. ...can still remember watching Flatliners in the theater when it first came out...a great flik. Looking forward to the remake ;)


  10. flatliners scared the crap out of me when i was a kid!
    i'm glad zoey saldana is finally getting some more attention. she seemed to always be bit characters for quite a while!
    and then there's gordon sounds pretty cute!

  11. With rum in the title and Johnny Depp starring, what's not to like. :)

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  12. Flatliners remake? Too cool. My friends were in the original, extras sitting on the bus behind Julia and Kiefer and riding a bike as Kevin heads across campus. It was filmed near me on the U of C campus on 59th Street.

    I'm loving the Rum Diary trailer. Johnny Depp is perfect in it, as he is in all his roles. I have been gone on Johnny for 26 years and no one will ever change my mind. :) Hunter S. was an awesome writer, love his stuff and Johnny was a great friend to him.

    I am still plugging away on my tale and am still out, but I had to come by for a visit. :)

  13. Wow good stuff. Thanks for all the info!!!

  14. Don't know about the Rum Diary but I do like that Bullock and Reynolds are working together again.

  15. Yeah, the Rum Diary doesn't look so great based on that trailer. I'll give it a chance though... I pretty much see everything, so why not? ;)

  16. Film remakes: why bother? Discuss.

    Oh and I liked the Depp trailer. The scene with Depp driving while sitting on the other guy's lap made me laugh outloud.

  17. You didn't like the trailer? I laughed all the way through it.
    Going to see it, then buy the DVD and laugh for a long time.

    Happy Monday!

  18. wow, look at sandra bullock. she must have a portrait wasting away in an attic somewhere.

  19. Another damn remake of a 90's film? What the hell, man?

    That Zoe Saldana flick sounds like something from "The Prophecy" series.

  20. @Lyndy
    yep, I didn't even doubt it :) I knew you would watch him even if he was just washing dishes on screen :P

    it is an intriguing role for Zoe, isn't it?

    he's too crazy for me :)

    well, I see it in every of his scenes, he's constantly making grimaces and looks drugged and high all the time :)

  21. @El
    it was a big classic from the early 90's and it brought the new generation of actors, who are no longer popular in Hollywood.

    yep, she's cute, and even though she had two huge roles in AVATAR and STAR TREK, it seems she doesn't have somebody to push her and fight for her in Hollywood.

    we do love us some rum any time

    how come you didn't play in it too? :P
    Glad to hear the story is going fine and well, spice it up and put many lovely scenes and descriptions and humor and sex scenes in it for your Dezzy :)

  22. @Rob
    glad you liked it :)

    yep, I'm with you on both points. I do love Sandra and Ryan together on screen ... they have such a lovely chemistry :)

    that's my man, glad to have at least someone to agree with me on RUM DIARY, Chrissy :)))

    she is :)

  23. @Michael
    no discussion there, Michael, me doesn't likes remakes either :) Unless it's a DUNE or FLASH GORDON remake :)

    nope, it didn't bring even the smallest smile on my face :) It was like watching laundry turning in the washing machine :)

    hehe I see and like what you did there in the comment :)

    don't ask me, ask Hollywood, I'll give you their phone number :)

  24. I didn't care for The Proposal, which surprised me, it's just the type of movie I like. I don't watch many animated movies, so I'll probably miss that one. I don't see much here that I'm interested it. I do like Depp, but I don't like everything he does. I really disliked a couple of them... like The 9th Gate and The Astronaut's Wife. Guess all the remakes are further proof that Hollywood can't think for itself.

  25. I'm the same about Depp as you, Doralynn. He is funny and talented but constantly repeats himself and most of his movies are extremely boring and bad.

  26. I know people who will watch The Rum Diary just for him, regardless of whether or not the movie is their style

  27. What is it with Johnny Depp and rum? :P

  28. @Kelley
    I know such people too :) you can see most of them in the comments above :P

    I know about the rum, but I'm not sure about Depp :P

  29. One just feels like feeding Zoe Saldana hamburgers. Way too thin.

  30. hey, dez, you certainly have one of the best looking blogs around. it doesn't matter than i don't know much about the movie scene, i am always rewarded visually when i travel here:)
    hope you are very well.

  31. Ooo! Johnny Depp. What else were you talking about? :) Just joking.

    Glad to see Zoe doing so well. She makes a great action star.

  32. I'd watch The Rum Diary. For several reasons!

  33. @Movies
    yep, men prefer curvaceous to skinny

    thanks, glad you think so, Edward! Hope you are well too.

    ah, you're in the Depp club too? :)

    wonder what are the reasons :)

  34. I borrowed the Rum Diary from a friend but he took it back before I could finish. Anyone want to lend me the book before the movie comes out?

  35. I thought you'd rather ask for some rum from me, instead for a diary ;P