Tuesday, August 23, 2011


As "Variety" reports, WEEDS star Mary Louise Parker has joined the movie adaptation of graphic novel R.I.P.D. which follows
an unusual police unit comprised of cops killed in the line of duty which is why it is called the Rest in Peace Department. Mary Louise Parker will play the head of R.I.P.D. while Ryan Reynolds will appear as a new policeman in the team whom she has to introduce with his new colleagues. Other stars who will play the older dead cops in this adaptation of Peter M. Lenkov's story are Jeff Bridges and Kevin Bacon. The film premieres in 2013.

The second season of Showtime's BORGIAS is ready to shoot and one of the new members in the cast lead by Jeremy Irons and David Oakes is David Alpay who has landed a major
recurring role in the show, and he will play an Italian prince Calvino who becomes a suitor for Holliday Grainger's Lucrezia. You probably remember Alpay from his short role in THE TUDORS. Talented writer Bruce McKenna, who wrote BAND OF BROTHERS and THE PACIFIC, is currently working on TNT's new Wild West drama GATEWAY which will follow three brothers who must maintain justice when their sheriff father is murdered by a local villain. As I wrote earlier, this will not be the only Wild West show on TV since AMC has produced HELL ON WHEELS with Anson Mount in the lead role.

You know how I love me a good Viking epic, and it seems that beside Alexander Skarsgard's THE VANGUARD, which I've
mentioned recently, we shall get another Scandinavian epic. Titled VIKING,  this Universal's new project will follow a group of savage Norsemen who've collected Irish slaves to trade in Iceland. According to "THR" the film be a mix of BRAVEHEART and APOCALYPTO. According to "Variety", DreamWorks will make a film adaptation out of Karen Marie Moning's fantasy saga DARKFEVER about a woman who falls into a fantastical world filled with ancient magic and mythical creatures where she is tasked with finding a book
that could save both the real world and this new land she has come to inhabit. As far as I got it, the book features a bunch of extremely hot characters, like the one from the image above.


  1. Hmmm, if the book, Darkfever, has characters in it like that one above I'll have to check it out soon. :)

    Also, I want Mr. Alpay's boots, but the Viking lady can keep her outfit, er, what she has of one. :PP

  2. I'm definitely interested in Viking, but really want to see The Vanguard because I'm a big Alexander Skarsgard fan. R.I.P.D. sounds like a neat concept.

  3. Did you see 'RED' Dezzy? The one with our lovely Karl Urban? Well Mary Louise was pretty funny in that one. That movie has the same director as R.I.P.D. so he must like working with her. Sounds interesting.

  4. @Luanne
    judging from the plot of the book and the look of the author, it seems rather shallow and superficial and badly written like most YA novels these days, but maybe the film will be better :)
    Those Tudors really knew how to choose their boots, hm? :)
    What do you have against the Viking lady's outfit?Isn't it wonderfully charming? :P

  5. @Sylar
    glad you think so!

    yep, I'm also hoping that Skarsagard will menage to gather the money for THE VANGUARD cause I really want to see him in a Viking epic :)

  6. @Flixy
    no, haven't watched RED, though I probably should :) I kinda don't watch action films even when the cast is so amazing. I'm not into M.L.Parker but I do love Helen Mirren and adore Karl Urban.

  7. DARKFEVER sounds interesting...(maybe it's just the guy in the pic lol)
    I'm not sure what I think about R.I.P.D. yet. Sounds... unusual.

  8. it must be the guy in the pic :)
    RIPD definitely is rather unusual :)

  9. Viking got my attention.
    Also, the picture.

  10. RIPD looks very very very cool.

  11. That photo of Mary Louise Parker: stunning. It's that emerald green!!!
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

  12. How are RIP detectives going to catch criminals? They're dead. Sounds like a reach to me.

    I like me a good Viking epic after the animated dragon cartoon. Somehow I think that viking will be a little cold...

  13. Ohh Dezzy; I've missed you while I've been on blogger break. I saw Cowboys and Aliens, and wow what an awesome movie. I can't remember what you wrote about it . .

    Viking look totally intribuing.


  14. RIPD looks interesting. I have DARKFEVER and hope to read it before watching any adaptation of it.

  15. Wow if the vikings dressed and looked like that... I Am IN!!

    Hi Dezzy

  16. RIPD and Vikings, what could be better, excellent.

  17. If the live action Viking lady is really hawt like that in the art, you KNOW you have to count me in ;P

  18. @Inverse
    yep, I knew that pic will score some love with my boys :)

    it's an interesting premise!

    I have to admit something: I don't even like Mary Louise Parker, but I had that gorgeous pic for some time and was waiting to use it in some post, all because of that gorgeous moss green colour!

  19. @Clarissa
    ah, you poor unsuspecting girl :) Haven't you ever seen zombies at work? :P
    HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON was a marvelous film!

    it certainly does

    those have become regular in Hollywood these days

    hey, Donnzie, I did write about COWBOYS AND ALIENS in a spotlight, but I haven't watched it, not my cup of tea :)But vikings definitely are my not cup but pot of tea :)

  20. @Medeia
    I hear that DARKFEVER and the saga around it has 12 or 10 books? That's quite a lot!

    doubt that they are, but hope dies last :)

    knew you would like those two, Lurk!

    we shall pray every night that they are, although I doubt it, but I knew my boys would enjoy the illustration :)

  21. Rest in peace department? Best name ever. lol

  22. I had more to say but I saw that VIKING picture and my mind went...

  23. @Kelley
    it is such a cool name, isn't it? :)

    In a day with no film news I knew I had to spice it up somehow, and that dear viking lass volunteered to help :)

  24. wow...RIPD has lots of great casts. It might be a good movie. Glad to see Kevin Bacon got more roles lately

    Hmm... Jeremy Iron in TV series...I like him a lot.
    Viking looks promisingwow...RIPD has lots of great casts. It might be a good movie. Glad to see Kevin Bacon got more roles lately

    Hmm... Jeremy Iron in TV series...I like him a lot.
    Viking looks promising

  25. I was gonna comment on VIKINGS, but that photo of Mary Louise Parker has somewhat distracted me. Yup...

  26. yep, Bacon has suddenly reappeared from the dead :) And Jeremy Irons is quite bad in BORGIAS, but the show still wasn't all that bad.

  27. @Movies
    I know you like my pics ... gotta keep up my image of best pic provider :)

  28. R.I.P.D and Darkfever sounds like they could be good, but for me the only book adaption i am heavily anticipating is Vampire Academy.

    And that viking pic...i think that is one thing we can both agree on :)

  29. Never heard of the VAMPIRE ACADEMY, Dirty. The only vampire project I'm anticipating is that crazy animated film HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA.

  30. gateway could be really cool with that gent writing it! :)

  31. Its a imo amazing book series with a unique take on vampires.

  32. DarkFever looks good; I use to be a Viking. Okay it was my high school; we were home of the Vikings~lol

  33. @Vics
    he's a great writer, isn't he?

    I kinda need a break from vampires right now, since I just spent whole summer translating TRUE BLOOD for my publisher ... and I'm feeling bloodsucked :)

    I could imagine you as a viking :)

  34. Oh Dez you know i never tire of vampires :)

  35. I love the idea of R.I.P.D. It sounds like one I will not be missing.

    You know that Viking costume is oh-so-authentic, isn't it? Practical for doing battle as well I see. ;)))

  36. what? You don't believe that viking ladies wore such outfits? I'm shocked and appalled and scandalized that you would accuse me of falsifying historical evidence and presenting false picture of traditional costumes. Asgard and Norse Gods are also offended by your accusations miss Bradley! :)))

  37. @Dezzy I am glad he comes back from the dead :)
    I really like him and then he was missing in action ... I think he first reappear in Hollow Man. Hope he will stay like this for years to come :)