Saturday, August 27, 2011


According to "MovieWeb" new sf epic HORIZONS (they changed the title from OBLIVION) in which Tom Cruise will star as Jack, a
man who lives in the clouds above Earth and heads to its surface to repair drones that essentially keep the planet safe from an alien race that has all but wiped out humanity, is now trying to find its lead actress. According to latest gossips competing for the role of the girl whom Jack will find on the surface are Olivia Wilde, Olga Kurylenko (click for the naughtier pic) and Jessica Chastain (who is suddenly appearing in lots of films THE HELP, THE DEBT, CORIOLANUS, THE TREE OF LIFE... but I'm not sure why since she's rather unappealing and cold). The film is directed by TRON:LEGACY's Joseph Kosinski.

Following the trend of "each new day brings a new remake or a revival of the old classic" is GHOSTBUSTERS III which is ready to start shooting next Spring with Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Anna Faris
and possibly Bill Murray as well. Although it will have the old actors as well, the story will have them hand the equipment and the franchise down to a new generation of Ghostbusters. Well this is a project that suddenly got interesting to me: Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell have replaced rather uncharismatic Jennifer Garner and Jeremy Renner in BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY which also has Judi Dench in the cast. The story follows a pharmacist, stuck in a dead-end marriage, who starts an affair with a trophy wife but when he introduces her to prescription drugs, things spiral out of control as they hatch a plot to kill her husband.

Something that appeared all around the net yesterday is the trailer for LOCKE & KEY, the show which Fox didn't greenlit even though the pilot episode looks more than interesting. Maybe it will
find another broadcaster? With a rather interesting cast including gorgeous Sarah Bolger from THE TUDORS, gorgeous pop star Jesse McCartney and LOTR star Miranda Otto, the story follows a family which moves into Keyhouse, a New England mansion with fantastic doors that transform all who dare to walk through them. The building is also home to a hate-filled and relentless creature that will not rest until it forces open the most terrible door of them all. Check out the creepy and interesting trailer and tell me what you think.


  1. Nice strategic lettering, Dezz. Miss Kurylenko obviously isn't a writer who sits all day or you'd have had to use a bigger font. :D

    Trailer for Locke & Key is way creepy. Don't know if I could watch that one without getting the shivers.

  2. you know I would never use that lettering, the strategic one, if I wasn't afraid of some more modest and puritan people who might complain about me being indecent :)

  3. Interesting! I like that they're making all the classics again and the new TV show (if it ever becomes a new show) looks creepy.

  4. yep, sooner or later, we won't have any new films, just the remakes of the old ones :)
    LOCKE AND KEY does look creepy, don't know why it wasn't greenlit?

  5. Anything with Olivia Wilde has to be good (I still love her in House) though I can't say the same about Tom Cruise.

  6. Nice butt, Olga!
    And Ghostbusters 3 should be fun!

  7. Interesting trailer. Hoping Ghostbusters 3 is as funny as the first.

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  8. Am I a deviant because I clicked for the naughty pic? :) Also, mixed feelings about Ghostbusters 3. I want it, but I fear it.

  9. You know I had to click for a better look. Just at the scenery of course. Looks stunning I would love to go there!!


  10. :) i think the girl has a perfect body!!! and i would love to see the chemistry movie... seems interesting.. thanks for sharing this with us ..

  11. Wow!! Olivia Wilde is EVERYWHERE. She is on the top of the leaf now (it's an Indonesian term from someone who is always around).

    The Ghosbuster news is the best from this post :)
    I love both movies, not scary but very entertaining

  12. @DWei
    yep, Cruise isn't really the most popular and beloved of people from Hollywood :) But for some reason he keeps bringing money to his studios

    it IS a nice butt isn't it? :)

    hopefully, although we don't have much hope for remakes, reboots and zombified classics :)

  13. @Sylar
    glad you liked it :)

    yep, you're deviant, you need professional help :PPP I also fear GHOSTBUSTERS III and it's not because I might be a ghost ... or not ...

    yes, we are great admirers of lovely scenery and natural settings.

  14. @Flying
    she has a typical Slav beauty :) Glad you liked the news today, hope you're having a nice weekend.

    she is everywhere, and yet, she never had a big role.
    Glad you liked the GHOSTBUSTER news :)

  15. I'm a huge fan of Tom Cruise - though I think he's a nut - so I'm looking forward to that. (I just watched Knight and Day and laughed all the way through it. It's great to see a film that doesn't take itself seriously.)

    I'll watch the new Ghostbusters. And the trailer for Locke and Key looks intriguing... so that's a definite maybe.

  16. Remaking Hollywood really is getting desperate.

  17. @Doralynn
    he sure is nuts :) He's a special sort of nuts :)
    Glad you liked the trailer for LOCKE AND KEY, I know that most writers like mysteries and horror films :)

    it's close to selfdestruction.

  18. Wow, a bunch of stuff that sounds good to me today! By the way, I clicked for the "naughtier" version of that picture, but ended up liking the landscape more ha ha.

    I remember hearing about Ghostbusters III like four years ago, I hope they really get that going now.

    Locke & Key looks good, I really enjoy spooky/fantasy stuff like that. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be cheesy.

  19. glad you enjoyed the news today, Chrissy and that "landscape" picture kinda has lovely warm colours that your photos usually have. :)

  20. nice to see you here second time today, Sylar ;P

  21. Yowza Dezzy, what a photo of miss Olga. I bet even with that giant letters spelling her name, most guys still have no idea what her name is, ahah.

  22. ahahaha I will fully agree with you :) they might remember the begining Olg... gagagaga and then they go gaga about her :)

  23. oooh! the locke and key trailer was super cool! i wonder why the hold-up?

  24. Damn you, Fox! Locke and Key looks like a damn good show.

  25. Thanks for the link. Ahem...

    Also, new GHOSTBUSTERS? I'll give it a shot, but they better get good people for the "new" Ghostbusters and not just popular douches. Basically, if Channing Tatum is a Ghostbuster, I'm keeping my money.

    Leave it to Fox to screw up again, just like they did with Arrested Development, Firefly, Drive...

  26. @Vics
    I have no idea, hope some other network will buy the show, I don't like the story itself as much as I like the cast.

    Naughty, Fox, naughty, Fox!

    which link? Ah, that link ... :)

    Oooh, I love the idea of Channing in the cast, I always love me some Tatum :P

    I've never watched ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (the same goes for MONK, OFFICE and similar shows) but I did love and watch FIREFLY.

  27. Arrested Development was hysterical. Every single one of the 53 episodes.

    As far as Firefly goes, I have the Serenity logo tattooed on the inside of my left wrist. Because that's how I roll.

  28. you have FIREFLY tattooed on your wrist? You do know you're a bit nuts, Joshie, yes? :PPP

    I know lots of you love shows like ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, MONK, OFFICE, BREAKING BAD, WEEDS and similar ... but I personally prefer warm uplifting, intelligent and positive sitcoms like FRIENDS, HOME IMPROVEMENT, SEX AND THE CITY, AS TIME GOES BY, THE NANNY and similar ...

  29. I love Olga and I love that picture. Not the movie... that picture! You've got great taste, Dezzmeister!

  30. You know, this is the most visited post at HOLLYWOOD SPY ever with over 30,000 visits so far and it is constantly getting viewers from Google all thanks to that naughty Olga pic :)