Friday, August 5, 2011


 Even though the premiere of the film is scheduled for June 2013, which is about two years from now, Warner Bros. has revealed the very first picture of our dear Henry Cavill as Superman in MAN OF STEEL. Click on the picture to see it in bigger size. What do you think? Cavill sure looks like he was born for the role! As you know the cast will also include Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as Clark Kent's adoptive parents, Russell Crowe and Julia Ormond as his real
parents from Krypton, Michael Shannon as evil General Zod, and Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, the editor of "Daily Planet"! Zack Snyder (300, WATCHMEN) is behind the helm.
 Talking to "Deadline" director Alex Proyas has revealed that he is currently negotiating with young Benjamin Walker to take the role of archangel Michael in his epic movie adaptation of famous
PARADISE LOST. If he takes the role he will join Bradley Cooper who is playing Lucifer in this story depicting the battle between good and evil. Proyas also said that the film will be an adventure about the origins of good and evil after Lucifer's rebellion gets him cast out of Heaven and leads to a struggle with his brother archangel over the soul of mankind, starting with Adam and Eve. In case you forgot, Benjamin Walker is the guy who is playing the lead role in ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER and he is also known as Meryl Streep's future son in law!
 One of the new epics to come in the future from China is SAVING GENERAL YANG, a spectacular epic based on one of the most famous hero stories from ancient China which follows four
generations of the Yang family during the Earlier Song Dynasty. They have all sacrificed their lives in order to protect their country and you can see the first pictures of the seven sons of General Yang
which will be played by some of China's most famous young actors - Louis Koo, Adam Cheng, Wu Chun, Li Chen, Yu Bo, Raymond Lam, Fu Xinbo and Vic Chou. The film will be directed by Ronny Yu whose film FEARLESS starring Jet Lee you probably still remember.


  1. I like the updated look of Superman in that photo. Can't really see Cavill's face that well, but I know he'll be looking good on the screen. :))

    The art for Saving General Yang is very cool.

  2. yep, the costume looks kinda nice with those strange scales :) and Henry is, off course, stunning in it.
    GENERAL YANG should be great epic with tones of Asian actors and probably amazing visuals.

  3. Looks like he could be a pretty gritty Superman, which would be nice for a change. All the past actors have been more of the "pretty boy" type.

  4. I'm not a huge fan of superman. He seems too... perfect, I guess. Not a hair out of place. I like my heroes slightly scruffy... like Aragorn YUM or Aidan Turner YUMYUM ;)

  5. I love superman. However, the superman here looks like his face has been torn in two and sewed back together. Maybe I just need a better computer. Either way, it's a must see for me.

  6. There's going to be a movie based on "Paradise Lost?" Wow, I really hope they don't mess it up!

  7. Also, looks like a decent Superman... very fierce and intense.

  8. Tights are tights no matter what the material. The "new look" is even creepier than the old look.
    Why can't Michael lose the wings? :o) Wings or no, I want to see that movie.

  9. I was okay with the new Superman until you said Lawrence Fishburne as Perry White. I don't know why there is a trend to make these comic book movies "race neutral" (i.e. the new Nick Fury), but I'm not a fan. The original characters were great and if they wish to do comic book movies with non-white characters, there are plenty of good ones to choose from like The Black Panther, Luke Cage, Lobo.

    Paradise Lost does look interesting though.

  10. Henry looks stunning like I knew he would. Yow! I also love the look of Paradise Lost. Benjamin Walker looks good, but I just can't see Bradley Cooper as Lucifer. He's too undramatic looking. He's gorgeous, but more in that cute guy on Wall Street way. Lucifer should be more predatory and beautiful like Rodrigo Santoro or Karl Urban.

  11. I am still not convinced on the Superman project. I am a little nervous on what Snyder will do with it. The more I don't want to like it though the more I am getting excited!! Two years is a long time to wait.

    Have a good weekend my friend!

  12. nice to hear that larry fishburne is still working. haven't really seen him since the matrix debacle.

  13. Paradise Lost sounds better and better but Superman is leaving me cold I'm afraid.

  14. From the list, General Yang has me most excited. :)

  15. I saw that pic from MAN OF STEEL yesterday. Looks to be good. Although, I hope the suit doesn't look so rubbery in the final result. And I wonder if they've removed the "red underwear" like they did in the new comic.

    PARADISE LOST - I was wondering why Benjamin Walker looked and sounded familiar. It's because he was in Bloody Bloody, Andrew Jackson on Broadway back in 2007. And he's playing Lincoln in the big screen adaptation of ABRAHAM LINCOLN, VAMPIRE HUNTER.

  16. @Answer
    I guess that's what the character is like, Superman has always been a nice, beautiful boy :)

    does your hubby hubs know about you and Aragorn? :)

    yep, we've all noticed that his eyebrows look strange in the picture, as if they were fully plucked, hope it's just the pic

  17. @Chrissy
    yep, and the film is going to be visually spectacular with groundbreaking areal battles and epic visuals :)

    what's wrong with men in tights? :)

    I'm with you on this, Eric, it's a plain racism. They would never put a white actor play for example Martin Luther King, so I don't see the meaning of having black actors playing typically white characters, as we've seen in THOR as well and in BBC's MERLIN for example. When they do such things it's actually a racism not the other way around.

  18. @Melsy
    I was also at first shocked that Bradley would play Lucifer,but when you look better at his eyes and his face you can see something that could be used as malicious on film, and Proyas says that Bradley has committed himself to the role 100% and that he basically lives for it, so I think he might actually surprise us. And the idea of the film is to portray him as a villain with reason, with good in himself too, not just in black and white spectre.

    yep, hope, Flixy isn't listening, but SUPERMAN was always kinda bland to me too. But since it was always because of the "plastic" actors, I think I might like this one, but I'm not raising my hopes up too much. However, Cavill and Amy Adams give me certain optimism about the whole project

    yep, we haven't seem him around much

  19. @Lurk
    that's the problem with SUPERMAN, he doesn't really have a big appeal among audience

    glad yo hear that, sister!

    well, I did post this pic more than ten hours ago, which was yesterday in your country :) - you're a bit late in visiting :)
    Yep, Benjamin was in that play and he was also in FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS, and I did mention up in the post that he's the star of VAMPIRE HUNTER ;p

  20. It must have been its proximity to the name "MERYL STREEP" that kept that part out of my mind.

    Behind? Behind, you say? 10 hours ago I was asleep with Ambien. But they had the pic on EW's site yesterday morning. So... :^P

  21. I'm not sure I like the pic of Henry Cavill as Superman, but too blurry to really tell. He certainly looks very retro, back to the days of George Reeves and the TV show.

    Thanks for the General Yang news and posters. I love that type of epic film.

  22. @Josh
    he he :) Meryl does tend to do that to people

    I blame the missing eyebrows :)
    And GENERAL YANG will sure be a huge epic film! I will try to discover more of such huge epic films coming soon from Asia!

  23. Are you saying Karl and Rodrigo have no good in them?;) I agree, Lucifer does have good in him, but he's seductive, Cooper is not seductive to me. But who knows, like you said he'll probably surprise us. :)

  24. i've never really liked superman all that much, his character starts too perfect- no room to grow and feel dynamic. i've heard smallville is better but i've never seen that.

    i can TOTALLY see bradley cooper as creepy, menacing, manipulative, etc. i actually have more trouble seeing his face as that of a "good" guy than that of a "bad" one.

    and that art for saving general yang is AWESOME!!!!

  25. Not sold on this Superman. Warner Bros. are rebooting it to maintain legal rights, not for creative reasons. Zack Snyder is a poor filmmaker and Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe are desperate to star in a hit film.

  26. @Melsy
    I'd rather die than say Urban is no good :)
    We shall see what Bradley has in store for us, if the film gets made since it sound extremely expensive to me :)

    unlike you, I love perfect characters and think we should have them on film and in books, but SUPERMAN really is bland for some other reason, and I think it's because of his horrible suit :) with underpants worn over his tights and because of the weak actors who played him so far.

  27. @Bud
    indeed he does :)

    it's true that Warner is doing it before they lose rights, and it's also true that Russell and Kevin want to be brought from the dead :)But I wouldn't agree that Snyder is a poor filmmaker, I actually love both 300 and WATCHMEN, and he basically made a revolutionary feat with 300, bringing something totally new and fresh to the world of films, and for that he will always have my respect even when he makes trash like SUCKER PUNCH :)

  28. Quite the cast for Superman; He is a hunk and hopefully will generate new interest!
    I love the hellish angel type films...wonder how that will go?!
    Really 2013...damn~

  29. ah, trust me, sister, 2013 is shaping up to be a really cool year in the film world,can't wait, especially since I didn't like 2011. too much so far :)

  30. Yay! Henry Cavill. He looks awesome. :)

  31. There is no Superman but Christopher Reeves for me. :( But this Paradise Lost film is quite intriguing...

    Thanks for the scoopage!

  32. be welcome, Nicki, always here for the fresh doze of scoopage :)

  33. You hope I'm not reading this, Dezzy? So you mean you don't want me to read your posts?? :D

    Yeah I know people think Supes is bland but I grew up loving the character so I let that pass, even though I agree he's not as interesting as other more 'conflicted' superheroes.

    I do agree with this though: Cavill sure looks like he was born for the role! Yep, absolutely!

  34. Hmm, I'm not sure. He knows about me and Johnny Depp, though ;)

  35. @Flixy
    I didn't want to hurt your feelings :)
    To me he is not bland, like he himself, since you know I do love and prefer positive heroes, but he is bland due to actors, but we've talked about that before and I know you love Reeves.

    he he ... hope Depp knows it too :P