Saturday, August 6, 2011


 It seems that after huge THOR project, Kenneth Branagh is doing something smaller: he will helmTHE GUERNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL PIE SOCIETY which follows a group of displaced London residents who settle in the island town of Guernsey in the English Channel after World War II. They start up a book club there and write to a famous author who takes a journey to the island in 1946. This is based on the book by Annie Barrows and Mary Ann Schaffer. As "MovieWeb" reports, ofter Marvel is done with THE AVENGERS film next year,
and goes onto DOCTOR STRANGE movie, the one to come after that could be GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY which follows the last few surviving members of an alien race, who journey to Earth to protect our planet from an upcoming invasion.
Variety reports that Warner Bros. has bought movie adaptation rights for NONPLAYER comic book by Nate Simpson. Here's
the plot: Mid-21st century America doesn't have much to offer Dana Stevens, but there's plenty for her to live for inside Warriors of Jarvath, the world's most popular full-immersion online game. In the real world, she's a tamale delivery girl who still lives with her mom, but inside the game she's an elite assassin. When she gets the drop on King Heremoth, a celebrity non-player character, she thinks she's finally got a shot at fame. But when she slays Queen Fendra, the King's reaction is disconcertingly realistic. Something's amiss in Jarvath, and the effects may reverberate well beyond the boundaries of the game.
Check out the second, gorgeous, trailer for Roland Emmerich's ANONYMOUS period thriller which premieres this October.  Set in the political snake-pit of Elizabethan England, the movie
speculates on an issue that has  intrigued academics and brilliant minds for centuries: who was the author of the plays credited to William Shakespeare? Experts have debated, books have been written, and scholars have devoted their lives to protecting or debunking theories surrounding the authorship of the most renowned works in English literature. ANONYMOUS poses one possible answer, focusing on a time when cloak-and-dagger political intrigue, illicit romances in the Royal Court, and the schemes of greedy nobles hungry for the power of the throne were exposed in the most unlikely of places: the London stage. The film stars Rhys Ifans, Joely Richardson, Dereck Jacobi and David Thewlis.


  1. Wow, is Hollywood ever going to stop with the super hero movies?

  2. I want to see Anonymous so bad it hurts. I'll never make it to October. *poses on drama queen couch and cries*

  3. Also, methinks there is something fishy afoot with your poll. :)

  4. me also wants to see ANONYMOUS, we shall watch it together in cinema, deal?
    Youthinks correctly :) but that's what happens to my polls when RA ladies smell Dicky Armitage around here :) A year or so ago, there was a poll in which I put him, since I love RA ladies from Twitter and Blogger, and they left more than 1,000 votes in it, fighting against Gerard Butler ladies who also fought back, so the whole poll had above 2,000 votes in the end in just two weeks :)

  5. That's it, I'm tweeting Stephen Fry right now. We'll get all of New Zealand and the UK voting. :D

  6. I want to see anonymous when it comes back. I've seen this trailer before and have wanted to see it ever since.

    Also, the book club movie looks great too.

  7. ah, then I must alert and raise Blanchett, Luke Evans and Lee Pace armies too :)
    But I'm afraid nobody can beat RA ladies :) I tried once, in another poll when Armitage was in the game too, and I raised Andy Withfield's armies, but as I said, they were no match for RA force and he got about 600 votes in that one too if I remember well.

  8. @Clarissa
    this is the second trailer for ANONYMOUS, Clarissa, it's not the same as the first one I aired last winter :)

  9. Honestly, Anonymous seems a bit silly to me

  10. Ooh, Anonymous sounds great! I liked the trailer.

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  12. Everything sounds really cool, except I'm not too sure about Anonymous. That could be either really good or really bad.

    Oh, and if any of the Hollywood/Marvel gods are listening, PLEASE DO NOT SCREW UP DOC STRANGE!

  13. I swear they are milking so many super hero movies now, I can't wait when they start pulling out the absurd characters.

  14. whoo hoo for anonymous!!!! :)
    hmmm... i'm kinda there with l.g. i can see the ra charm, but i always feel kinda bad for the celebs put up against him... hmmmm...

  15. WTF!!
    Roland Emmerich ... and then ANONYMOUS ... makes me really fuzzy!
    That's too much, wanna watch that movie right now!

    And then there is still Guardians of the Galaxy left!

    I guess your blog becomes my new homepage :|

  16. Anonymous seems to be really intersting .. loved the poster !!!

  17. @Dirty
    I'd expect such reaction from you, Dirty :P

    it is a beautiful trailer, isn't it? And we do love medieval flicks :)

    thanks, glad you're liking my place ;)

  18. @Eric
    it could go either way, but at least we'll get to see amazing sets and costumes and I'd expect good acting too!
    Last winter I posted a story on Julian McMahon wanting to be DOCTOR STRANGE :)

    milking money is Hollywood's favourite passtime :)

    I feel the same way, Vics, but if it's any consolation I will publish a post with all of the Hobbit actors and their characters not this, but next Sunday, it should be really huge :)

  19. @MAGIXX
    glad to see you excited, buddy :)
    And I'd be more than proud to see HOLLYWOOD SPY as your home page :) Lots of people have us bookmarked :)

    it really is a lovely poster and it needs to be looked more closely to get all the details and the whole idea :)

  20. Well, most of Lovecraft's great work was written by his apprentices, most notably August Derleth. So anything is possible.

  21. I think Queen Lizzy is suspicious :)

  22. Lots and lots and goodies on the way. Anonymous is my #1, but Guardians of the Galaxy does look awesome!

  23. Wow - what a great blog! Wm. Shakespeare didn't write a word?! ACK! I have got to see that movie. Also, the book clue one looks very interesting. Have always loved Kenneth Branagh.

  24. Dez, we have to get our Cate army together. Call the penguins. We need a last ditch ballot stuffing scheme. ;)

    I love the new Branagh project. It's such a great story with an interesting cast of characters. And I have been eagerly awaiting Anonymous since I first heard about it right here.

  25. NONPLAYER sounds really interesting! I'll have to remember that one. :)

  26. @Libby
    isn't ANONYMOUS interesting? I think it could be a nice film this Autumn! :)

    hey, Kris, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY, glad you like the site :)
    Kenneth is such an amazing director, isn't he?

    agent Melsy come up with the plan and report to my headquarters and we shall start the counterattack! :)
    I also think new Branagh's project could be something lovely, I heard lots of positive things about the book

    remember, and buy the book :)

  27. I second Julian about Anonymous, doesn't really interest me at all. As for Kenneth Branagh, I'm still bummed that he passed on helming THOR 2 :(

  28. well, maybe it's better for him, he did one huge blockbuster, proved that he can do it, and now he's back to lovely little films like this one :)

  29. Guardians of the Galaxy? Nonplayer? Yes please. I'm hoping Anonymous is good. Really good!

  30. I am very excited to see Anonymous! But I have to say I am deliriously happy to hear about Brannagh making a movie about the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society! (Ridiculous title -- I know, but FABULOUS BOOK!)
    Also as an RA lady -- sorry about your polls, but he really is the best! :)

  31. @Josh
    glad you like all of these projects, Josh!

    yes, I heard lots of good things about that book, wish I could translate it for my country if it is that great :) I love positive books and stories.