Thursday, August 18, 2011


Young Dakota Fanning has replaced Saoirse Ronan in a period drama EFFIE which revolves around Effie Gray, a teenager who
married famous London art critic John Ruskin (Greg Wise) in the 1850s but he refused to consummate the marriage since he was repulsed by her body even though Effie was considered a gorgeous girl. In the end she turned her affections to Ruskin's protege, famous painter John Everett Millais (Tom Sturridge). It' s interesting that the story was written by Emma Thompson who will also appear in the film beside two legends Derek Jacobi and Julie Walters.
Matthew McConaughey will star in MAGIC MIKE, as a strip club owner in the biographical story about Channing Tatum's early stripper days.
Channing will play himself, while Alex Pettyfer is playing another young stripper whom Tatum mentors both on and off the stage. The film is directed by Steven Soderbergh. Controversial book MIRKWOOD by Steve Hillard will be made into a film. The novel, whose publication was almost stopped by the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien, is a fictional story on the famous writer following him while he was planning his famous novels and while he was trying to become a codebreaker in World War II.

Trailer of the day is the new one for healthcare legal drama PUNCTURE which premieres later this September and stars Chris Evans as a talented young Houston lawyer and a drug
addict who decides to take on a case involving a local ER nurse (Vinessa Shaw), who is pricked by a contaminated needle on the job. As he digs deeper into the case, a health care and pharmaceutical conspiracy teeters on exposure and heavyweight attorneys move in on the defense. Out of his league but invested in his own principles, the mounting pressure of the case pushes the underdog lawyer and his business to the breaking point. This could be Chris Evans' attempt to go into more serious waters after scoring humongous success as CAPTAIN AMERICA this summer.


  1. Effie looks awesome. I so admire Emma Thompson. Is it weird that I want to be her a little?

  2. Emma is great especially since she often writes scripts. I think she had problems with this one since it's similar to another film already made on the same topic.

  3. Puncture is very dark. Fascinating but dark.
    Looking for the September guide.

  4. hope you will find something in the September guide, but the month will be quite strange since it has no blockbusters, just action films, a few romcoms and a few inspiring dramas :)

  5. Wait, what? Channing Tatum was a stripper? And now he's going to play himself in a movie about his life? Okay then.

    Hope Effie will be good, though I can't help thinking of Dakota Fanning as an adorable little girl still (even though I saw her in The Runaways and shouldn't be surprised she's all grown up).

  6. he he ...well, who wouldn't do a bit of stripping with a body like his?
    Yep, it's weird not taking Dakota and Saoirse as little girls ... but they are grown up now.

  7. That puncture movie does look great! And can't wait until Sunday!

  8. Effie sounds great. I love Dakota and Saoirse both and how cool that Emma Thompson wrote it. Chris Evans' new film looks seriously edgy and I think I'm going to have to see it.

    As far as Magic Mike, if it had been an actress who had been a stripper, said actress would be labeled a whore and a hooker while getting no movie deal whatsoever. Ah... it's so awesome to be man in Hollywood. ;)

  9. Effie sounds a bit strange, but so do the rest of these films. I was just watching War of the Worlds the other night and Dakota was just a little girl. Time does fly.

    Tossing It Out

  10. I've loved Dakota ever since seeing the Runaways, so i look forward to Effie. And i'm hoping Chris will do well in Puncture. I loved him in the Losers, but i found his performance in Captain America to be merely ok, so i hope by trying more serious material he will impress me once again

  11. Apparently John Ruskin did not know that (unlike marble statues of nudes) real women have body hair. That's what is said to have traumatized him, the silly bugger.

  12. Dezzy - I love Emma T. I'm sure Effie will be great. And Alex - YUM!!!

  13. The whole Mirkwood thing is really interesting, though I'm not sure how a movie of it would work. It would likely be a rush job to play off the success of The Hobbit, so I'm not holding my breath :(

  14. Puncture looks like a cool conspiracy film, although evans looks strange in his beard!

  15. effie sounds really interesting! if it can't be saorise, dakota's a great second choice!

    it's interesting that the family wasn't happy about mirkwood...

    and puncture sounds interesting and scary! my hubby does blood draws with his job, and he once got a finger stick. it was SUPER SCARY!!!

  16. @Clarissa
    glad you liked the trailer :) And hope Sunday's post will be according to your taste, but September doesn't have a lot of big films, it is usually used for smaller films.

    ah, sister, by there are so many examples when opposite is the case :) Like when you have a lady who goes for teen boys and young men and is called a charming and sexy cougar, but if a certain gent goes for a teen girl or a young woman, somebody would send police to his doors and lock him in jail. :)

  17. @Kenneth
    hey, Kenneth, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY

    kids grow so fast these days, bet you'll go to your grandkids' weddings in a year or two :)

    you should watch Chris in LONDON, he was really great in that one, a nice film by the way.

  18. @Debra
    you mean she was hairy down there?

    I knew you would go yum on that Alex' picture :)

    yes, I'm also convinced that the whole project has that aim, and the book itself was written so that the writer would use Tolkien's popularity to promote himself

  19. Is there any sci-fi movie coming up soon?

    These are all drama :(drama :(

  20. @Custie
    he does look weird with a beard :)

    glad to hear that, Lurk!

    glad you like it

    oh, horrid, hope Mister Vics has some kind of huge insurance at job :(
    Yep, Tolkien family wasn't happy, but who could blame them? Imagine if some crazy stranger decided to write a fictional book using your father for example as the main character without consulting or asking you. It would be horrible.

  21. @Novia
    well, we had a lot of sf news this Spring and Winter :) I can't really choose what genre of films will appear in the news each day :)

  22. Chris Evans is a very busy man these days. It's a wonder he gets time to sleep. Puncture looks like an interesting film but it will require a strong central performance. Can Evans provide it?

  23. Amazing blog, it looks great too!

    Definitely following!

  24. nope. our insurance is crap, but workman's comp would cover it... luckily though, he didn't contract anything! HOORAY!!!

    heeheeheee- a movie based of my dad's life would be.. ummm... wEiRd!!! :P

  25. LMAO! ;) Though I think the cops come only when said gents/cougars go for underage teen girls/boys. Nothing like 40 years olds wanting dates with 13 year olds.

  26. EFFIE sounds really good, and Puncture has an awesome poster :)

  27. I keep hoping Alex Pettyfer gets a role where he shows the talent I for some reason think he has. I'm thinking that this won't be it.

  28. Saoirse and Dakota are interchangeable as far as I'm concerned.

    Speaking of concerned, that beard on Chris Evans is awful.

    Curious, why did the Tolkien Estate not approve of "Mirkwood?"

  29. @Dan
    well, he won't get anywhere if he doesn't try :) I personally believe in him and I love his good natured charisma. I loved some of his dramatic roles as well

    glad you like it, do I get a cheap home for following your blog? :)

    glad to hear that, Dorallyn

  30. @Vics
    that's horrid, medical jobs are always so dangerous ... :(

    yep, but when you check out the situation at courts, you will see that cougars who sleep with teen boys get just one, two or three years max in prison, while men who sleep with teen girls get at least ten years in prison and are forever considered pedophiles. There is always such gender difference in both ways.

  31. @Kelley
    EFFIE should be real good if done right :)

    I think that everything I said in my comment to Dan about Chris Evans goes for Pettyfer as well. I kinda have faith in him.

    not quite sure, but I think they had a problem with him using the name of their father as the character in a fictional novel. They did settle with some agreement in the end.

  32. I like Evans but I'm not impressed by Puncture trailer, we'll see about that one. Oooh, Emma is writing Effie, I might have to check that out. She's a talented writer, as Sense & Sensibility is my all time fave movie and she wrote that (and won an Oscar for it).

  33. yep, and Emma also wrote NANNY MCPHEE if I remember correctly :) We do love her, and we love when she's outspoken in interviews :)