Saturday, August 20, 2011


According to "MovieWeb" another hunk that my ladies love, Michael Fassbender, who is getting more and more roles after his success in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, will take the lead role in PRISONERS, which is actually a great piece of news since he will replace that DiCaprio guy. Ready to hit theaters in 2012 this thriller revolves around a desperate father who turns vigilante and abducts the man he suspects is behind the disappearance of his eight year old daughter and her best friend, after cops fail to find the little girls and release the suspect.

You didn't think that Steven Soderbergh will stop at four mega hunks, Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew Bomer and Matthew McConaughey in his cast for MAGIC MIKE, now did you? Well, the fifth hunk who will strip naked in the film
about Channing Tatum's early stripper days is Joe Manganiello that dashing werewolf from TRUE BLOOD . These are good news: TLC has canceled two of its prime shows KATE PLUS 8 and LA INK. I admit I love a lot of TLC shows but they often promote some really wrong things: people painting themselves like in some primitive tribes in LA INK and people using their kids to become popular like in KATE PLUS 8. Not to mention the most atrocious TV programme I've ever seen TODDLERS AND TIARAS. And excuse my rant, but in any normal country parents which appear in that monstrous show would be locked in jail and rot in hell forever for their crimes against their own kids.

Today's trailer of the day is the first one for CARNAGE, a Roman Polanski directed drama with a stellar cast which includes
Kate Winslet, Jodi Foster, Christoph Waltz and John C. Reilly. Here's the story for the film which premieres this December:A showdown between two kids, about eleven, in a local playground. Swollen lips, broken teeth... Now the parents of the "victim" have invited the parents of the "bully" to their apartment to sort if out. Cordial banter gradually develops a razor-sharp edge as all four parents reveal their laughable contradictions and grotesque prejudices. None of them will escape the ensuing carnage.


  1. Joe Mangiello and Matthew McConaughey??????? I"M SO THERE!!!!! (and how can those abs on Joe be real??!!)

  2. Happy Friday, Dezzy! Wow, nice pic of Fassbender. Always glad that he got more roles.

  3. @Kelly
    those abs of his remain a modern mystery :)I'm guessing his doing sit-ups in his sleep as well :)

    glad you like the pic, Flixy, and Fass My Benders seems to be getting more and more roles and he deserves it.

  4. Hot photos Dez. I would expect nothing less at this point. That trailer is...interesting.I love Kate Winslet, but Roman? Not so much.

  5. glad my ladies like the photos, Jessie :)
    And, yep, we DO NOT like Roman, even though the film could be interesting and nice.

  6. I love, love, love the actors in Carnage. I don't even care what the story is about, I just wanna see them all play on screen.

    And even though you don't deserve it, have a nice weekend. :PPP

  7. I love how you refer to Leonardo as the "DiCaprio guy". Sounds like an exciting film though.

    KATE PLUS 8 <--That's still on!? I thought it ended when they divorced! I agree with you, I think it's sad those kids spent so many years of their life in front of camera. No one needs that kind of stress, especially children. LA INK <--never seen it.

    TODDLERS AND TIARAS <-- now I have to see what it's about. It's not about child pageants is it? If it is, that's so sad...

    What's up with the trailer? I'm not sure I even know what the movie is about...Maths? Two hours(120 minutes) of four two-faced people in a room arguing about two eleven year-old children. Add alcohol. Add crazy. Equals Oscar?

    Can't wait until Sunday.

  8. @Luanne
    Foster looks a bit weak in the trailer, but Kate is shinning as usually :)
    That's it, I'm not talking about zombies with you anymore! :P

    yep, me doesn't likes that DiCaprio person :P
    KATE PLUS EIGHT currently has the last season in which she is single, but still using kids to earn money which is sooo horrid :(
    TODDLERS AND TIARAS is a child pageant show, and I'd personally love to physically harm all the evil parents who send their kids to such hellish events.
    CARNAGE will bring Oscars to some of them for sure :)

  9. Love Fassbender and can't wait to see his acting chops sans CGI in Prisoners. :)
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  10. well, how could you not love Fassbender? :)

  11. It's bad enough that the parents put their children through pageant shows but then they have a video record of the carnage to last them their whole lives.

  12. Even if I don't like the trailer or the reviews, I may have to see Magic Mike for the uh...aesthetics.

  13. @Clarissa
    trust me, you don't want to see the drama around the kids and the parents, it's a total madness which makes you wanna become a vigilante who would chase those parents to the very doors of hell. I hate irresponsible and evil parents.

    there are five big (at least I reckon they're big) reasons to watch the film :)

  14. Dezzy - Hey friend. Those abs, seriously? I do have a load of laundry...

    Have you read any Michael Crighton novels? There's one called STATE OF FEAR, which has an actor in it... totally reminds me of Leo D and good things don't happen to the poor guy. "Near, far, wherever you are
    I believe that the heart does go on..." TITANIC, I loved him in that movie. :giggles: like a school girl.
    LOL!! =D

  15. he he :)
    I've read only CONGO from Crichton :)
    Hope the pizza for dinner was nice today :)

  16. Wow. That Carnage is a crazy premise! But it looks pretty funny.

  17. Fassbender "looks" more the part.
    Carnage is kind of sick so of course I want to see it.

  18. Sorry, I saw that man's abs and I couldn't stop staring.

    That movie by Roman Polanski sounds interesting though.

  19. Love seeing the 'carnage' in the trailer.
    It's gonna be really fun watching them quarrel like kindergarten kids in that movie.

  20. @Matthew
    it does seem like a very interesting plot going on in just one apartment with lots of crazy dialogues.

    I agree about Fassbender.
    And CARNAGE will be very interesting in a psychological way, so I hope some people will learn something from it.

  21. @Dwei
    yep, we could easily camp on those abs :)
    CARNAGE should be very interesting!

    it should be very interesting and educational, but I'm not sure Jodi Foster is the right person for that role. She isn't really a great actress and doesn't have a wide range of emotions on her face. But Kate should be great as always.

  22. Prisoner seems to be worth the wait... though would have persobnally loved to see Dicaprio - i thot he was fabulous in shutter island especially the scene where he loses his children... also the plot reminds me of TAKEN ... let's see how it is different ... carnage will be interesting too .... thanks for sharing this interesting post....

  23. be welcome, glad you liked some of today's news :)

  24. Watching the trailer made me super keen to watch the movie - definitely putting this on my mental list of movies to keep an eye out for.

  25. glad to hear that, Cheshire ;)

  26. Carnage looks right up my street. Looking forward to it.

  27. Carnage looks like it could be fun. And as for the TLC shows, i agree with you for the most part, but i don't think L.A INK deserves to get such a lashing. People have the right to do what they want with there bodies imo. I personally wouldn't get a tattoo myself, but i don't think its morally wrong to get one or be in the business of providing them.

  28. Hey now I have a tattoo. I think mine is sexy and I feel like a goddess. ;))

    Kat Von Dee is annoying, though and I never got into her show. I'm slap happy that Kate Plus 8 is gone. I hate that whiny woman. These reality shows are ridiculous. Now if we could only get Jersey Shore cancelled.

    Carnage looks hilarious and damn it, it's a conspiracy to get me to see Channing Tatum's movie. I love Joe. Both he and Matt Bomer as strippers is going to send me over the edge. ;)

  29. @Dirty
    well, to be honest, Dirty, I'd expect such an opinion from you :P But somehow I believe you wouldn't feel the same if your 15 year old kid came back home with half of his hear or leg or arm tattooed just because he/she saw it on TV. Tattooing is usually for people who have enough time and vanity to waste their money and hours on something as superficial as that instead of doing something really useful and thoughtful for the society. It is also, psychologically speaking, a sign of irresponsible person.

    yep, reality shows should be officially banned :)
    And I knew you'd like Joe :) He is very werewolveish :)

  30. If i get around to having kids i wouldn't want them to do something just because they saw it on tv(And i don't thin someone under 18 could get a tattoo anyways, but i could be wrong on that). If it is something he or she truly wants then i would be ok with it.

    And i think you are being extremely judgmental by saying its a sign of a irresponsible person. Just because someone does something your not a fan of doesn't make them irresponsible. Different people get tattoos for many different reasons, and lumping them all together seems unfair. There are some tattoos that i find a bit silly, like getting a romantic partners name on oneself. But there are also those who get tattoos to remember someone close to them who died, and i don't have a problem with that.

    Sorry for the long comment, but i just don't like stereotyping people.

  31. Yes, but now you're being a bit stereotypical by saying that, even though you know me more than well by now and you know that I didn't have in mind people who tattoo the names or faces of their loved ones (although that is also kinda tacky in its own way, since you don't have to have someone's face or name on your arm to show you love him/her, love can be shown in more profound ways).
    You know, very well, that I was here addressing the trend of superficial tattoos made for aesthetic or fashion reasons, and 90% of tattoos are done just because you saw it on others or because you are vain and lazy enough not to have any more important goals to fulfill and things to do. A typical example is Rihanna, for example, an uneducated and vain star who has gazillion of silly tattoos on her and sets a very bad example for her young fans. But that is again a question of everyone's personal responsibility within the society ... and as I remember that is a question you and I never agreed on (which is understandable since there's at least a ten year difference between the two of us and every age has its views).

  32. Sorry about that. Well, as for the aesthetic/fashion tattoos...i am generally a live and let live person, so that doesn't really bother me. I don't think that means the person automatically has no other goals to fulfill. But i don't we are are going to come to a agreement on this.

    And as for the age thing...i will just say me and my dad agree on most things entertainment related.

  33. I can't wait for CARNAGE. And if I didn't have to work all day, I'd probably have abs like Joe, too.

  34. trust me, Josh, it takes just five minutes and about 100 push ups a day to get stunning abs, if you're a relatively thin man and if you don't need to burn too much fat off your stomach.