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I'm sure that, mesmerized by divine LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, you're all anxiously waiting for two THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY films to come to cinemas in 2012 and 2013 directed by Peter Jackson. Based on J.R.R. Tolkien's famous saga, they will follow Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit, and his journey to the Lonely Mountain accompanied by a group of dwarves in order to reclaim a treasure taken from them by the
dragon Smaug. So, here's HOLLYWOOD SPY's spotlight on all the biggest characters which will be the part of this magnificent tale.

Martin Freeman will take the lead role of Bilbo Baggins, a very well-to-do hobbit living a contented life in the peaceful lands of the Shire, when his accidental wish for adventure (that he didn’t even know he possessed) comes true with the unexpected arrival of a Wizard and a clutch of Dwarves. He will earn the trust and friendship of his Dwarvish traveling party during their quest and will form lasting friendships with the Elves of Mirkwood and Rivendell and the Men of Lake-town who had never encountered Hobbits before. You've seen Freeman in BBC's SHERLOCK series.

Cate Blanchett is playing Galadriel, beautiful Elven queen. She doesn't appear in THE HOBBIT book, but Peter Jackson said there will be a backstory of the White Council which she summoned
trying to fight of evil Sauron, but didn't succeed and that's why she redoubled her watchfulness in Lorien in which she had escaped after Sauron had destroyed her kingdom of Eregion. It's most probable that Cate Blanchett will be also used as the narrator of the whole story as she did in LORD OF THE RINGS too.

Luke Evans will play Bard, a man of Lake-town and the gloomy captain of a company of archers. Bard will use the black arrow, which he got from his father, in order to kill evil dragon Smaug! He will also be the leader of Men during the Battle of Five Armies,
where his allies will  include Elves and Dwarves. After killing the dragon, he will probably become king Bard of the Lake-town. You'll be seeing Evans in Tarsem's IMMORTALS, in RAVEN, and you've seen him in CLASH OF THE TITANS too.

Aidan Turner will play Kili, a dwarf prince raised under the stern guardianship of his uncle, Thorin Oakensheild. He, and his brother Fili, as skilled fighters, will set off on their adventure armed with
the invincible courage of youth, neither being able to imagine the fate which lies before them. He will die defending Thorin at the Battle of the Five Armies. Turner is the star of BBC's hit show BEING HUMAN.

Lee Pace will play the Elvenking Thranduil who rules the Wood-elves of Mirkwood. He will capture Dwarves because he doesn't trust them. Being powerful and mighty he will help the
people of Lake-town and will lead his elven army against the Goblins in the Battle of Five Armies. He is also the father of famous Legolas from LORD OF THE RINGS. Pace is the star of Tarsem's THE FALL and of PUSHING DAISIES.

Richard Armitage will play Thorin Oakenshield, a strong and fearless fighter and revered leader of Dwarves, who wants to reclaim his kingdom from the evil dragon Smaug who took their homes and fortune and forced once proud and noble race into
exile. In his wish to return the vast treasure of his homeland Erebor, he will bring twelve dwarves with him to Bilbo Baggins’ front door and that's how The Quest of Erebor will begin. Armitage has starred in BBC's ROBIN HOOD and in CAPTAIN AMERICA FIRST AVENGER.

Benedict Cumberbatch will lend his voice to Smaug, one of the last great dragons of Middle-earth who attacked the Dwarf kingdom of Erebor driving out the Dwarves and taking all of the treasure
within. Living there for two hundred years and guarding the treasure he also makes the people of the nearby Lake-town live in constant fear that one day the sleeping dragon might awake. Cumberbatch is the star of BBC's SHERLOCK. He will also voice the Necromancer Ruler of the stronghold of Dol Guldur in southern Mirkwood.

Evangeline Lilly will play Tauriel, a true Sylvan Elf, whose name means a Daughter of Mirkwood. The only thing known about this character is that she doesn't appear in the book, and that she won't
have a romantic link to Legolas. It is not known how long her role will be, whether she will be a warrior Elf or just some lovely Elven maiden. Lilly was one of the stars of LOST TV show.

Sir Ian McKellen will again play Gandalf the Grey, a powerful wizard who has built deep relationships over time with great lords and leaders of Dwarves, Men and Elves. He will mobilize Dwarves and Bilbo Baggins
to seek the Lonely Mountain and attempt to eradicate the dragon Smaug. McKellen has played the same role in LORD OF THE RINGS.

Stephen Fry will play Master of Lake-town, who will welcome Thorin and his company after escaping Thranduil’s dungeons, but since he is known as a business man, greedy and self-serving, he will be happy to see them go because they are expensive to keep and they distract the people from their daily business. When Smaug attacks Lake-town he will run away in his gilded boat leaving his people to fight without their leader. Fry is one of Britain's biggest thespians and a beloved comedian.
I used some data from beautiful in writing this spotlight!
First part AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY premieres in December
2012, while second part THERE AND BACK AGAIN will premiere in December 2013! Overly dark and morbid Guillermo del Toro was supposed to helm the film, but fortunately, Peter Jackson took it over during the pre-production limbo. Actors James McAvoy, Matthew Goode and David Tennant were in the option to play Bilbo. MGM's bankruptcy, Peter Jackson's ulcer surgery and New Zealand union strikes are just some of the troubles THE HOBBIT went through.Barry Humphries, also known as famous Dame Edna (US audience remembers her/him from ALLY MCBEAL) will play a CGI Goblin King, the ruler of the underground caverns in the Misty Mountains.Click on the picture bellow to get yourself THE HOBBIT wallpaper from Phoebe :)


  1. This was my favorite book in high school and college... and for several years after that. This is one movie I can't wait to see. What a great cast!

  2. How exciting!!!! I LOVE this post! I can not wait for this movie. :)

    By the way, this is Emily White. I'm on a different computer because mine broke and blogger isn't letting me post anything in my name for some reason. :(

  3. I love the books and that makes me hesitant to see the movies. It's a greats cast that's for sure.
    This may be one case where I prefer not to mess with what I imagined.

  4. How beautiful. It's the Sherlock cast playing Hobbits. And all my favorite actors are in it. I guess it's a must see then.

  5. LEE PACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    And, Cate narrating would be lovely. Her voice is just beautiful.

  6. They always have to add female characters and otherwise beef up female roles in LOTR movies because the books had virtually no females in any significant roles. Tolkien's world was pretty male.

  7. Love this post Dezz! Enjoye finding out more about everyone involved. You know I love the Dwarves and especially the King of the Dwarves. I'm so looking forward to seeing the two films, and Richard Armitage as Thorin.

    What a beautiful drawing of Thranduil. I have faith in Peter Jackson, he really knows Tolkien's world, and knows how to adapt the world to film. Film is a different medium and it can't be exactly as the book, but I'm sure he'll be true to the characters Tolkien created, as he was in LOTR.

    I didn't know James McAvoy had been considered for Bilbo. Martin Freeman will be great, and I think it's great he and Benedict Cumberbatch will match wits in the film :)

  8. What a great post! I so cannot wait for these films and you have just amped up my excitement. What an amazing cast Jackson is working with.

    I think Aiden looks quite sexy as a dwarf. On the other hand, Richard looks a bit scary with all that hair on his face and that heavy brow.

  9. This really does wet the appetite. Can't wait for The Hobbit to be released!

  10. Can I please please please....borrow your edited picture :)

    Thank you in advance.

    I doubt Evangeline Lilly will be a good add up to the characters. Jackson should keep it as original as possible like what he had done with Lord of the rings

  11. I think they wouldn't have had so many pre-production problems with the movie if Jackson hadn't lost all his hobbit weight. Just saying. :P

    Nice wrap up of the hobbitses.

  12. Sweet mother of God I can't wait for this movie to hit theaters!

  13. Fascinating post, Dezz. The only other information I'd add for Richard Armitage(Thorin) is to add to his Robin Hood and Captain America credits the following hit TV shows - STRIKE BACK(10episodes) and SPOOKS(3 series)

    Thoroughly enjoyed your post and the results of the 'Fav Hobbit Star' poll;)

  14. @Doralynn
    I'm sure you will hugely enjoy the film if you liked the book, having in mind Peter's marvelous adaptation of LORD OF THE RINGS :)

    try to unclick REMEMBER ME box when signing in, Emily, it usually helps when Blogger is giving you log in problems. Glad you liked the post, I give it a lot of effort, I must admit :)

    I'm sure you will like the film, Jackson didn't disappoint us with LORD OF THE RINGS either :)

  15. @Clarissa
    yes, it's a Sherlock cast:) It will be such a blast, we so need us a beautiful fairy tale after all the dark super heroes movies

    Lee is sooo amazing, I will probably scream the moment I see him in Thranduil's costume :) And Cate is our imperial cinematic highness :)

    yes, adding female characters is certainly a good move, especially choosing lovely actresses as Cate and Lilly are. We need our fairies and princesses in the movie :)

  16. I'm SOOOOOO excited for these films!! Can't wait. Love the pics and info - I hadn't seen any of the actors yet so this has me waiting impatiently now :)

  17. @Fabo
    glad you liked the post, Fabo dearest :) I forgot the name of the female artist who made that Thranduil painting, but it is exquisitely lovely! Imagine if the give him such a stunning costume in the film as well!
    Yes, McAvoy and Matthew Goode, two amazing Brits, were first on the list. I'm kinda sad Peter didn't give a role to Russell Tovey as well, since all of his friends from BBC got theirs :( Especially since he would make a great Hobbit.

    glad you liked the post :) Yes, Aidan does look nice as a dwarf and Richard does look strange and scary but that's the character of Thorin :)

  18. @Dan
    glad I've managed to wet your appetite. Dan :)

    me too!

    sure, just mention my name and a linky :P
    I think Evangeline will do fine, since she will probably have a very small, maybe even an episode role in the film.

    he did shock us with his sudden lost of weight a few years ago, but it was the illness, he had his ulcer problems, which is not surprising having in mind all of the pressure and the production problems :(

  19. @Inverse
    glad to hear that, my friend :)

    thanks, I' m so glad everyone enjoyed the post, since I really did try a lot :) And the poll is still on till Tuesday, so keep on voting :)

    glad to have made you so excited, Jemi :P The film will be a humongous blockbuster I'm sure, probably even a record breaker.

  20. Been looking forward to this movie for years, and it has a great cast!

  21. Hi Dezz - I love Russell Tovey too. He's been great in every role I've seen him in, especially Being Human. Would be fun to see Russell and Aidan together in The Hobbit. Are there roles yet to cast? Unfortunately not that many hobbits in this book.

  22. @Anon
    glad to hear that :)

    I kinda wish he was cast as Bilbo, he would be so so so perfect in that role, especially since I've noticed Martin isn't really a popular guy even though he's a nice actor, but Russell would've brought tones of fans with him and plus, being as cute as he is, he would also attract lots of ladies and we would have a memorable Hobbit. In this way, with Martin, I'm afraid we shall forget the character just like we forgot Eliah Wood's Frodo.

  23. I'm looking forward to this one. The Lord of the RIngs trilogy is one of the few trilogys to stay good for all 3 movies. Hopefully this one won't tarnish that record

  24. yep, LORD OF THE RINGS had amazing three parts, and although Peter's films outside that epic were disappointing, I'm sure THE HOBBIT will be huge, since it's of the same genre in which he's the best.

  25. I'm really getting excited for this. I'm trying not to though since it's still a ways off, but I'll definitely be there opening week to see these.

  26. glad to hear that, Chrissy! And yes, almost two years it too long to wait :(

  27. I had no idea that Lee Pace was going to be in this. Nice! Really looking to hear/see Smaug (especially with Cumberbatch as the voice!)

  28. One truly piece of amazing post for The Hobbit films, buddy!
    You know how I can't wait to watch this at the cinema.

  29. YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!

  30. @Jamie
    yep, amazing Lee is taking one of the best roles in the film, and beside Luke Evans and Blanchett, I'm most excited to see Lee too!

    thanks, Jaccsy, glad you liked the post :)

    I see you're doing the happy dance :0

  31. Excuse me while I go clean up this nerdgasm.

  32. Of course Dezzy :)
    I always give links to all pictures and news I quote ;)

    I hope to write my Hobbit special soon :)

    As long as Evangeline stays unnimportant...I can accept it. But if her character becomes so significant...I will be disapointed

  33. please tell me that made up character tauriel's costume is a bikini.

  34. @Josh
    hehe :) HOLLYWOOD SPY always approves of all kinds of gasms :)

    it will be nice reading your post on the film too!

    just in my pic, Budd, just in my pic :)

  35. We finally get to see the cast! Glad Cate and Ian are returning.

  36. wait till we get more pics of the cast, beside the Hobbit ones :)

  37. Awesome, Dezzy! Thanks for highlighting this wonderful ensemble cast. Lots of our faves are here, Cate, Lee Pace, and Richard Armitage of course. Can't wait to see this movie already!

  38. Found your post via Luke evans' tweet :)

    I'm also very excited about this movie and I need to learn a bit more about the cast members. Thanks for this great post.

  39. @Flixy
    glad you liked the post, Flixy! And don't forget that our beloved Luke Evans is also there :)

    ah, yes,darling darling Luke :) we love him so much, and then some more :)
    glad you liked the post!

  40. Hi there!

    Thanks for including my wallpaper in your post, but I was wondering if you could link my deviantart in the post? I'm trying to gather more downloads on the wallpaper, so a link would be appreciated :)

  41. Sure, Phoebe, I'll put the link up immediately! :)

  42. I love some pictures you made(Kili/Aidan, Bard/Luke, Galadriel/Cate...
    But I think and really really hope Tauriel will not look anything like that girl from the picture you post. Such outfit would not be proper for Middle Earth.

  43. getting goosebumps just reading this. can't wait!