Tuesday, August 2, 2011


 Our latest poll on THE BEST EPIC TV SHOW is over and the winner is MERLIN with 30% of your votes leaving GAME OF THRONES (26%), SPARTACUS (16%), THE TUDORS (10%), ROME (10%), LEGEND OF THE SEEKER (4%) and THE BORGIAS (1%) behind him!
To read more about all of these shows check out HOLLYWOOD SPY's extensive spotlight on epic and historical shows from Sunday!  BBC's MERLIN should start its fourth season this September and I think I will have a trailer soon since they did have some clips at Comic Con.

Now, after proclaiming the best epic shows, let us remain epic in the new poll as well by choosing THE BEST HOBBIT STAR! The production of Peter Jackson's epic saga THE HOBBIT is underway, and there are many great people in the cast, so who would be your favourite:  Richard Armitage as Thorin
Oakenshield, Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins, Cate Blanchett as elven queen Galadriel, Luke Evans as Bard, Evangeline Lilly as a Sylvan Elf Tauriel, Lee Pace as elven king Thranduil, Aidan Turner as dwarf prince Kili, Stephen Fry as the Master of Laketown or Benedict Cumberbatch as the evil dragon Smaug. Vote on during next two weeks!


  1. Yay Merlin! This poll is tough, but I have to go with Cate and I love her and she is so gorgeous as Galadriel.

  2. I can't choose! It's too hard (that's what she said). I'll just keep looking at Evangeline Lilly, thank you very much.

    Psst... It's "Smaug" not "Smug."

  3. @Melsy
    you know I aim to make them as tough as possible :) Galadriel is our queen, and we bow to her!

    I knew somebody would be happy about Lilly's pic :) And I corrected the spelling mistake, forgive poor ol' Dezzy, I had a busy week so far :)

  4. Hello Dezz :) Very nice poll :) Thank You!

  5. be welcome, I didn't know what poll to organize, so I came up with this one in the last moment :)

  6. I tried to watch Merlin, but couldn't get past the first episode.

    Like all the Hobbit choices, but I adore Stephen Fry. I think he tweeted he landed in New Zealand a day or two ago to start filming for The Hobbit.

  7. you couldn't? I'm heartbroken :( I'll need some Marlin magic to heal :P

    Stephen Fry is such a splendid gent! Love all of his roles, and love his sense of humor and wittiness!

  8. I think Merlin is the first History I remember when I was a babe jhaha :D



  9. I really like Cate Blanchett playing Galadriel.

  10. o_o
    how can be anything obove Game of Thrones?!
    Game of Thrones and Spartacus are by far the best series I have ever seen - or maybe I should just try Merlin, but still Game of Thrones Season 1, truly EPIC!

  11. From the series that where voted the only I never watched is the winner, talk about irony xD

    About the hobbit I think my vote goes for Cate playing Galadriel.

    Following your blog, looks very interesting.

  12. For the Favourite Hobbit Star I totally wanted to vote for Lee pace because yeah...he is so hot, but I decided to vote for Stephen Fry because he is an exceptional actor.

  13. Although it took me a while, I finally went with Cate.

  14. @Lurk
    well, that was the people's choice :)

    but you are still a babe, DAvid ;)

    who doesn't? :)

  15. @Magixx
    all of the shows in the poll were amazing! :) And, come to think of it, all of them deserve the win

    there's an opportunity for you to finally watch it :) Glad you like the blog!

    he is hot! Stephen is a legend!

    I think that will be the popular choice :) I hope Blogger won't be giving us problems with the poll as before :(

  16. I can't wait for Merlin! I haven't voted yet, but I see many favs. Cate can play any role and does and looks natural, but I like a few others, too. Tough~

  17. glad you liked MERLIN, Ella! And I knew the choice would be difficult in the new poll :)

  18. hooray for your merlin!!!! :)
    and jiminey cricket dezz! you are sooooo tricksy on this new poll. i'll have to go with ummmm.... lee... no aidan!... no martin!... no cate... ummm....
    maybe, i'll just randomly click on a name. :)

  19. ah, it's too late, VIcs, it seems our poll has been hi-jacked by the RA ladies!

  20. i think we both saw that one coming, huh? :P

  21. Like your epic polls Dezzy, voted for Game of Thrones, really surprised it came second.
    Don't think I need to tell you to whom my vote went in your new poll LOL
    It's amazing to see all these fantastic actors working together in the same project;it's a dream come true for us movie buffs and Tolkien fans.

  22. @Vics
    to be honest, I totally forgot this could happen!

    I've no idea for whom you voted in this one :) THE HOBBIT should be a really nice film, bringing back fantasy and fairy tales to cinemas

  23. I have seen Merlin several times when one of my local TV station showed it...but it didn't run for long :(

    As for Hobbit poll...you know exactly whom I chose ;)

  24. Haha don't pretend like you don't know, Dezzy ;)

    Too bad he was far behind and no chance of winning the poll :(

  25. Yay, Merlin! lol, I think you might have a little bias on your hands by putting Armitage up on the poll. I suspect he'll dominate the poll :P