Thursday, February 3, 2011


Now, while HOLLYWOOD SPY's new poll is going on nicely, it seems the producers of the new SUPERMAN already have a certain lady in their mind for the role of Lois Lane:
Olivia Wilde (TRON LEGACY, COWBOYS AND ALIENS) has apparently already tested for the role and if she wins it she will join Henry Cavill. Jessica Biel, Diana Agron, Malin Ackerman and Rachel McAdams have all also auditioned for the role in the film which will be directed by the visual genius Zack Snyder.

The third SNOW WHITE project beside SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN (with Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron) and THE BROTHERS GRIMM: SNOW WHITE (to be directed by Tarsem Singh) is moving ahead. Titled SNOW AND SEVEN, this project will be a bit different from the other two: it will be set in 19th Century China and will center on an English
woman who travels to Hong Kong for her father's funeral. When she discovers the nefarious plans of her stepmother, the woman escapes into mainland China where she is taken in by seven renowned warriors. Michael Arndt (TOY STORY III) is writing the script.

SHORT HEADLINES the producers of the upcoming adventure UNCHARTED:DRAKE'S FORTUNE with Mark Wahlberg and Robert De Niro, apparently want Scarlett Johansson in the lead female role of Elena. Cameron Diaz has joined Colin Firth in GAMBIT, a film about the curator at a London museum who decides to
pull a con on a wealthy collector by convincing him to buy a fake Monet painting. Akiva Goldsman will have his directorial debut in WINTER'S TALE, a film adaptation of the novel which centers around a thief, a dying girl and a flying white horse in 19th Century and contemporary Manhattan. Warner Bros. want to put $75 million in this movie. 


  1. Olivia Wilde as Lois Lane? I don't think she's suitable for the role. But she looks perfectly suitable as that woman in the picture :P :))

  2. well, apparently the producers think she is suitable :) I like her, since she's a very bold young woman, although I can't say I'm obsessed as some people are about her :) She certainly is a much better solution than weak Rachel McAdams or that horrible horrible creature from TWILIGHT.

  3. Oh no, I can't stand Olivia Wilde. She is in everything and plays all her roles in the same flat note. We get a great Superman only to have a boring Lois Lane. Blech!

    I'm very interested in Gambit and the Uncharted film. The spin on Snow White sounds kind of intriguing as well. Have a great day, Dez!

  4. Where do you get these pictures? Dayum, Olivia Wilde living up to her name! I keep trying to swat at the screen to move her hair out of the way! I'm such a pervert lol

  5. @Melissa
    I was just telling someone yesterday that many people don't like Olivia for some reason :) I kinda like her, although I'm not a humongous fan :) But they could find a better Lois than that ....

    I have a secret army of minions who shoot sexy pics of celebs for my purposes :) There, now you know :P And you can stare as much as you like at that pic, but you won't find whatcha lookin' for :PP

  6. Olivia Wilde certainly looks like Lois Lane, but I can't say I'm impressed with her acting skills.

    But SNOW AND SEVEN sounds like such a great twist on the story!

  7. glad you like SNOW AND SEVEN, Emily, it could be a great and unusual movie ;)

  8. Those pics are way too hot for work Dezzy!

  9. Not sure about Olivia Wilde...have seen her only on House.Not much of a fan of Superman in the comics but loved the tv show and Lois is a complex and strong character.
    Let's see who we end with.

    OML :)

  10. I thought the last Lois Lane needed more pluck.

  11. I think Olivia Wilde would do well as Lois Lane.
    Also, Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz seem oddly matched for a movie. She does look pretty as a brunette though!

  12. Olivia Wilde is a much better choice than pouty, slouchy always looks like she's in a bad mood– Kristen Stewart.

  13. i don't have a problem with wilde or anything, but she's like hathaway (who i love) in WAY too many projects right now. i'm getting sick of her. i think they should have had you cast lois, dezz. you have some way better choices over there in your poll... i'm thinking i'm going to have to go for kunis.. or maybe bledel... or blunt... or man alive! just not wilde or hathaway or jolie or france :P or any of those gals who are in everything right now!

  14. err... franco not france.
    that typo sure popped a hole in my rant balloon!

  15. I like Olivia Wilde enough. I don't think she's Lois Lane, though. BUT, she has to be better than the woman they cast in the last Superman reboot.

  16. As always Dez, great updates. I've never played the game Unchartered, but the film is intriguing me. I would love to see Scarlett Johansson get the lead female role.

    I'm not a big Cameron Diaz fan, but I must admit, she looks sexy in that picture above.

  17. interesting stuff coming up! And wow. I didn't even recognize CD~ :o) <3

  18. I love Olivia, and though I'd see her in more powerful roles, I think she's perfect to be Lois (all Loises must be that charming and have this kind of awesome and deep look to me ;) )

    I didn't know there were a new movie based on Snow White! The story looks ok, though the 7 warriors must be very far from our dear Disney dwarves haha


  19. These photos you post are way too distracting. I'm going to have to report you to the Department of Distracting Blogs.

    Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

  20. Too hot for their own good! LOL

    You have an award on my blog.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  21. Look at the ladies!! Sorry, Dezz, you were saying something...?
    Olivia is a great addition to Superman. And I'm not a fan of Diaz, but she looks good as a brunette.

  22. As I said here before and in Castor's blog, I like Olivia, she's not only pretty but has the appropriate personality for Lois Lane. I hope she gets it, definitely better than Stewart or Biel.

    As for Uncharted, I don't think I'd be interested to see it w/ Wahlberg and Scar-Jo. Too bad, it'd have been a fun movie w/ the right cast.

  23. Wow I loved reading though the comments so many pros and cons for Wilde.

  24. Snow and Seven sounds really good! I'll have to keep tabs on that one.

    And are they still auditioning for Lois? I'd throw my hat in to co-star with Cavill *purrs*. Otherwise, Imogen Poots gets my vote!

  25. You deserve an award just for that picture of Olivia Wilde....

  26. @Matthew
    don't let the boss see them ;)

    I expect to hear the casting news soon :)

    you did?

    Cameron and Colin really are an odd couple :)

  27. @Samantha
    your highness, don't you know that the name of that TWILIGHT person isn't allowed to be mentioned here? :)))

    ah, yes, there's definitely too much of Olivia, Franco and Anne in Hollywood these days!

    that was Kate Bosworth, who is pretty much forgotten just like Brandon Routh who played SUperman.

    I knew that my boys will like Cameron as brunette :)

  28. @Leigh
    yep, it's a different Cameron from the one you are used to :)

    yep, it will be far away from Disney.

    I shall plead guilty as charged :)

    I'm popping over immediately, I just came to the blogosphere :)

  29. @Alex
    indeed she does, that's her best pic ever, which is why I use it often

    yes, UNCHARTED would've been a great movie with Nathan Fillion and some gorgeous lady but not Scarlett.

    he he I said before that she is quite an intriguing person :)

    oh, thanks for voting for Imogen, glad to see she is getting some well deserved votes :)

    ah, you say an award, and Arlee above says a sentence and some jail time :)

  30. I don't know too much about Wilde so I can't say. Although, from what the others are saying, I guess they don't like her much.

  31. Ah, they are just jealous :))))

  32. I've never been a fan of the Lois Lane character anyway. She always seems to need saving.

  33. he he, Lyndylove, I couldn't have said it better myself :)

  34. It should be against the law to be that gorgeous!

    Oh, and you've taken away the snow :( Thought I could chill out here for a while ...

    Good post. As always dear Dezmond :)

  35. who is too gorgeous from those four ladies? (you included :)
    Yep, I've taken off snow, since everybody copied the idea and it's no longer original :))

  36. Breaking news! Eva Green's going to be in Dark Shadows! ;)

  37. Olivia Wilde looks... nice.
    Lol I wouldn't mind her playing the role.

  38. @Raw
    nice is the right word :)

    oh, thanks, I shall pop over immediately!

  39. @Answer
    he he than it will indeed be a dark shadow :))) I'm happy for you, since I know how much you like the film and the actress :)

  40. Eva Green and Johnny Depps sounds like a fab idea... I'm sure they'll have better chemistry than Depp w/ Jolie in The Tourist, ugh!

  41. it's a no win situation in both cases if you ask me :)))

  42. Uncharted is supposed to be an action-adventure movie, is it not? If so, I look forward to it, no matter the cast. (But I do like Nathan Fillion.)

    I still don't have any preferences for Lois Lane (or Lana Lang). Olivia Wilde is as good or bad a choice as any. I'm really interested to see Superman in Zack Snyder's vision. I just hope it won't be in black and white.

    Winter's Tale sounds strange. But I haven't read the book. Maybe it's interesting.

  43. it's still not totally clear whether Wahlberg will take the lead role, so Nathan can still get it, although I doubt it, that film is already ruined for me, more or less :(