Friday, April 22, 2011


 SHORT HEADLINES *We wondered some time ago why Len Wiseman, who is doing the remake of sf classic TOTAL RECALL with Colin Farrell, hasn't offered the lead female
role to his wife Kate Beckinsale, but now he did just that. She will get the role of Lori, played before by Sharon Stone, while the second female role could go to Eva Mendes, Jessica Biel or Rosario Dawson. *Patricia Arquette will direct HEMLOCK DRIVE, a drama about a dying mother who enlists her three grown children to throw her a living funeral in a desperate attempt to unite her family. The cast will include Susan Sarandon, David Arquette and Adam Brody.

Check out the first, inspiring trailer for THE HELP, based on one of the most talked about books in years, a New York Times bestseller, with Emma Stone as Skeeter, Viola Davis as Aibileen and Octavia Spencer as Minny, three very different, extraordinary women in Mississippi during the 1960s, who
build an unlikely friendship around a secret writing project (interviewing the black women who have spent their lives taking care of prominent southern families) that breaks societal rules and puts them all at risk. From their improbable alliance a remarkable sisterhood emerges, instilling all of them with the courage to transcend the lines that define them, and the realization that sometimes those lines are made to be crossed, even if it means bringing everyone in town face-to-face with the changing times. Deeply moving, filled with poignancy, humor and hope, THE HELP is a timeless and universal story about the ability to create change. Premiering this August, the film also stars Bruce Dallas Howard, Sissy Spacek, Mike Vogel and Chris Lowell.


  1. OOOOH, The Help looks really good. The novel just got bumped up five places in my TBR pile.

  2. Total Recall was an epic movie - wonder why the remake? I hope they do a better job than Tron 2 which really disappointed me in that it was just a carbon copy of the original with suped up fx. There was so much more they could have done with it.

    Grant @ Grant's Big Blog

  3. @Luanne
    isn't the trailer just positively inviting? Seems like a very inspiring drama and a true joy to watch :)

    hey, Grant, welcome to HOLLYWOOD SPY, I think you're the first commenter from Africa in our two years history :)
    I'm not sure why Hollywood loves remakes so much, but they are currently remaking pretty much all the 80's and 90's classics.

  4. It's handy to have the right connections in Hollywood ;)
    Love the look of The Help

  5. The Help looks wonderful! I'm looking forward to that one!

  6. Oh thanks for posting that trailer. I can't wait to see it... loved the book!!! :)

  7. I think I'll take a remake of Total Recall over these over two films--they sound too dramatic in an uninteresting way. Just my opinion.

    Tossing It Out

  8. Not sure about the phony southern accents from The Help...maybe the acting will be better.

  9. ooooh! the help looks super awesome! never even heard of that one before!

  10. Another one of my celebrity favorites (equals crushes), Kate Beckinsale. Her and Farrell are an interesting pairing to say the least.

  11. Wow. The Help looks really good. I've been thinking about reading the book--guess I have to now!

  12. Oh my God I cannot wait to see The Help. It looks extraordinary and I am running out to get the book ASAP. Kate will look awesome in Total Recall. :)

  13. Hi Dez,

    I’m playing catch up on some of your posts - I’ve been behind the eight ball with this A-Z Challenge and my “outside life” that I haven’t had a chance to drop by and see what you’ve been up to. (I’m sporting a sad face as I write this!)

    Vin Diesel - I think he would be a great Terminator - I loved him in XXX. (I love him in anything he does - he’s just good to look at!)

    Kate Beckinsale - loved her in Van Helsing (with my fav Hugh Jackman) so she’ll rock in Total Recall.

    I’m not that knowledgable about actors and Hollywood, but I’m learning...thanks to this amazing site.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and if you celebrate Easter...I hope it’s Happy!

    Cheers, Jenny

  14. I usually stay away from stories set in the South because they leave me so disturbed. But I love the trailer. Now I want to read the book.

  15. Stories like that usually tick me off. I'll check out Help as a book first. I'd rather throw the book across the room than get thrown out of the theater.

  16. @Lyndy
    ah, if you had married a director now we would have been in Hollywood :PP

    the trailer promises a touching and inspiring drama.

    I Hear lots of people loved the book

  17. @Arlee
    you don't like dramatic dramas? :)

    I haven't paid attention to accents, I must check it again.

    it was a huge huge bestseller, and even my publisher has published it here in my country :)

  18. @Kristin
    now you must :)

    he he I knew my boys would like any given Kate be it Zeta Jones, Beckinsale or Winslett :)

    isn't totally inspiring? And the black actresses in the cast are simply amazing!

  19. @Jenny
    ah, we love Vinny too, and VAN HELSING was super fun :) I'm wishing you lovely Easter holidays too :) I don't celebrate religiously since I'm an atheist, but I do paint the eggs and put up decorations just for the sake of the atmosphere :)

    it's true, southern stories are often tough and dramatic. It's interesting that in most countries around the world the South is always the troublesome region.

    he he ... but as far as I got it, the villains get punished in the end in this one, so you should be safe :)


  20. Looks good.
    Total Recall again.So soon. (=

  21. Dezzy - Kate is so pretty. That's a fun pic.

    As for The Help, I never did read it. I tried. I've heard it's very good, but it isn't my style.

  22. I always thought TOTAL RECALL was a great concept but w/ a poor execution. Maybe this version will be better.

  23. @Jo
    all the remakes usually happen too soon :)

    I like that pic, too, I have the whole photo shoot :) Love the colours and the lighting in it

    maybe, we shall see

  24. The Help was a very good book. I read it last summer.

  25. Dez...I dropped by to read your replies - I love doing that! (when I'm stuck and need a break for my A-Z challenge I go surfing)

    I think it's cool that you paint eggs and put up decorations!

    I'm a Buddhist and I have an Easter tree with cute little painted eggs nicely displayed in my living room! Fun - nothing say one can't enjoy the trappings! (long as we aren't in the trap!)

    Cheers, Jenny

  26. oooh, I've never known a Buddhist before, you're my first one :)))

  27. The Help movie is going to be so great. I'm so excited. And can you believe I've never seen Total Recall? Hmm... :D <3

  28. Emma Stone is definitely one of the best young actresses. Easy A was funny and underrated.

  29. @Leigh
    well, TOTAL RECALL was long time ago :)

    I've never seen the movie, but I know she basically got popular with that role.

  30. That's a cute pic of Kate, looks kinda dangerous though :) The Help looks sweet, nice to see a positive and uplifting movie for a change amidst all the dark stuff Hollywood churn out in droves. Thanks for posting it Dezzy.