Wednesday, April 13, 2011


You've probably noticed so far, that HOLLYWOOD SPY kinda likes Blake Lively, and it seems Hollywood likes her to. According to latest rumors, Oliver Stone wants her beside Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch in SAVAGES, in which Salma Hayek will be a drug cartel boss who kidnaps the girlfriend the two of them share, because she wants to put their successful marijuana business under her control. But that's not all, Blake Lively is also wanted in Sam Raimi's OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, in which she would play Glinda the Good Witch of the East beside James Franco as Oz and Mila Kunis as the Evil Witch of the West. Colour me intrigued :)

SHORT HEADLINES  John Travolta and Lindsay Lohan in the same movie? Yep! I kid you not! And not any movie - a mafia movie! They and Joe Pesci will star in Nick Cassavetes' GOTTI, a biopic on American mobster John Gotti *You can
also check out amazing pictures (click on them to see them better) of Ryan Reynold's fascinating costume in GREEN LANTERN. I think this will be a super hero costume I like most. The tight green costume with luminescent green fibers will be totally CGI made. The film is out this June.  

HOLLYWOOD SPY has already informed you that a ROBOCOP remake is in works in Tinseltown, but now we have the first names wanted for the new version of the famous 80's sf classic. The lead role which was given to Peter Weller in the original film could now go to Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp (yep, the two of them again).  The script is still in works but as you remember the story centered on a cop who was part man, part machine. He was first a normal human, but after being wounded he returned to the futuristic police as a powerful cyborg. The film should premiere sometime in 2013.


  1. Not sure about the Robocop remake but Green Lantern looks cool.

  2. Yeah, I'm not sure we need a remake of Robocop. Let's hope Depp doesn't do that one.

  3. @Ricky
    I'm not sure about any remake :)

    yep, as cool as he is, there's just too much of him in all the films lately.

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  5. Another Robocop? Too bad film makers aren't more original.
    Oh and I can never get enough Depp.

  6. Some weird sounding Robocop choices.

    But John Travolta and Lindsay Lohan together in the same movie? Hey I'm down for that!

    Tossing It Out
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  7. Oh Dezz, you know all too well that an appearance from Blake Lively at The Hollywood Spy excites me greatly. Well played, Sir!

  8. Honestly, i have no interest in a robocop remake. Its not so much the possible casting, i just don't see the point

    And i would love to see Lindsay Lohan make a comeback. While i realize she has made a mess of her life, i think she does have talent. I have been doubting the chance of Lindsay resurrecting her career, but this news gives me a small bit of hope that maybe she will get her life and career back on track

  9. Gotti sounds interesting! but more accurately, i'm just eager to see John n Lindsay in the same film! :D happy belated birthday, dezmond. :)

  10. If they're going for a serious Robocop, I'd say Keanu Reeves. If they're going for humor, definifely Johnny Depp.

    Thoughts in Progress

  11. I can never, ever have enough Johnny Depp. :) I can, however, have more than enough of Tom Cruise. Johnny would not be good for Robocop and I think whoever proposed that was high.

    I think Blake should be the bad witch, though because it so stereotypical to have the good girl be blonde. She would be great as the bad witch.

  12. I can't see Johnny doing Robocop (admittedly I was surprised when he first did the pirate movies)

  13. Ooooh (I must stop making that noise)

    A new Oz film sounds a bit of alright. Who doesn't love a bit of Oz?

    I am not sure about the CGI costume of the green lantern. I don't really like lots of CGI. It all looks a bit like the first spiderman or Harry Potter on a broomstick.

    I am also up for some RoboCop....Bring it on!

    Thanks Dez

  14. OoooOoo some exciting stuff coming up :) Always love checking out your blog Dezz!
    Damsel in a Dirty Dress

  15. Isn't Cruise a little short for the role?

    I am probably one of two people in the world who doesn't like anything OZ so this one is a no for me.

  16. Robocop remake??? With KEANU Reeves and Tom Cruise?? I need to wrap my head around that one...

  17. When putting Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise together...Keanu won by a mile for handsome-ness.

    Not much of Robocop fan but if Keanu got the role,I will watch it simply because I want to stare his face in the big screen...yup I know, it's a shallow reason.

  18. ooooh! oz is sounding great! blake lively was fabulous in ... i forget the name of the movie- i didn't really like it- but she was amazing... maybe THE TOWN or something like that...
    anyway, i have absolutely zero interest in any movie with travolta and lohan. they both irritate me. i feel mean saying it, but it's true!

  19. @Avalon
    one of these days remakes will eat us alive :)

    I knew you would be down for that :)

    Indeed I do, Lord Dezmond is always here to fulfill the requests of his renowned knights ;)

  20. @Dirty
    he he ... I'm not sure this film would be the right one to bring anyone's career back on track :) Travolta's name itself promises a huge flop :0

    thanks, Levian :)

    yep, Keanu would probably be the least bad solution from the offered names

  21. @Lyndy
    I can't see it either :)

    ah, you know those big shots in Hollywood are almost always high, very high :)

    ah, I don't think CGI will disappear any time soon, so you better get used to it :) I myself like quite a lot since I'm always for futuristic things, I'm one of those people who doesn't understand why aren't we wearing silver space suits and long capes in the street in our real lives, I mean it's 21st century, isn't it :))))

  22. @Nicole
    glad you like it, Nicole ;)

    to be honest, I'm not into OZ either, the only OZ I liked was that nasty prison show from five or six years ago :)))

    he he it is a piece of news which requires some time to recover after you hear it :))

  23. @Vics
    I believe the two of them, alongside Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen irritate pretty much everybody :)

    ah, my dear, but Robocop is wearing a helmet over his head for most of the film, so you won't be able to see Keanu's pretty face much :( I know it's sinful, it's like Karl Urban in JUDGE DREDD remake - we won't see his lovely face either :((

  24. No Problem Dez! I went to the cinema to watch TRON just because Cillian Murphy shows up for 2 minutes ;)

    Judge Dredd also being remade? who take Sandy's role?

  25. @Dez You are so right!! I am sure we were promised these things by now?? Wheres my flying car?

  26. @Novroz
    ah, some extremely boring young actress, I really hate her being cast beside my dear Karl Urban :(

    I swear if I was a billionaire (which mean my weird outfits would be considered artsy and cool) I would be dressing like futuristic Obi Van Kenobi meets Flash GOrdon meets Lord of The Rings :)

  27. I think the movie Oz would be so cool especially with those actors!

  28. And I had no idea that Cate Blanchett was Australian til today!

  29. Hey! Happy belated, my good friend! I've been terribly out of the loop lately!

    As for Ms. Lively--I've always liked her, too! Although the only thing I've seen her in is the Pants movie... :D <3

  30. I like Miss Lively too, she is so charming =) I really loved her in "Pippa Lee".

    I can't see Johnny Depp playing Robocop :S Ok, the guy likes to dress up, but no no no, please! :P Go back to Burton.
    Yet, Tom Cruise looks perfect for this role, after all he looks like he'd sell his soul to save America any day, so... HAHA


  31. Great post Dez.

    Not sure about a Robocop remake. With Keanu too. Not for me I'm afraid.

    New Oz film sounds cool though.

    Mr L

  32. I'm not sure either Oz or Robocop need a remake. What's with all the remakes? It's like they fear doing something new. If something was great the first time it was made, seems foolish to do a remake. It was like when they remade Psycho. lol No remake could be as good as the original.

  33. @Kelly
    you didn't know Cate was Australian??? :) I'm shocked, she is very pro-Australian and always supports her homecountry a lot. She even has extremely successful plays down in their theater.

    thanks, Leigh, come over for some cake :)

  34. @Lucinda
    Depp does like to dress up, sometimes you have a feeling that he accepts roles only if they involve crazy costumes :)

    OZ could turn out to be great, they might add someone else interesting in the cast too :)

    down with the remakes! :)

  35. Yeah, I like the GL costume alot too. It actually remind me of the super-suit in the video game Crysis.

  36. Thanks for keeping me in the know!

  37. Your ability to select such too-sexy images of movie stars amazes me. I just saw a photo of Jessica Biel in another one of your posts that made me look twice.

  38. @Eric
    isn't a supercool costume? The two of us must get us some like that one :)

    be welcome, Anita ;)

    ah, just twice? :PP

  39. Savages sounds a little like Weeds only w/ a different cast.

    Tom Cruise as RoboCop? Yeah, I can see it. But will wait for the Netflix version.