Monday, April 4, 2011


If, upcoming space epic GREEN LANTERN, starring Ryan Reynolds as the famous intergalactic hero, proves successful at the box office this June,
the sequel will be produced as well, and Blake Lively, who plays Green Lantern's gorgeous female counterpart and lover Carol Ferris, could turn into the villain Star Sapphire. In the upcoming film she is completely human and lives on earth. But she turns into a villain in the later comics which means we could see her as Star Sapphire in a possible sequel. Star Sapphire wears a crystal resembling an actual star sapphire that grants her powers and represents the symbolic weapon used by the queen of an immortal race of warrior women.
SHORT HEADLINES *I've informed you recently that ATONEMENT director Joe Wright is planning a new film adaptation of ANNA KARENINA with Keira Knightley, Jude Law as Karenin and Aaron Johnson as Vronski, and now according to  rumors, young Saoirse Ronan could also join them.
*Today, you can also check out two stunning new posters from THOR, which is coming out this May. As you know, Kenneth Branagh's epic film about the famous hero from Asgard will feature some breathtaking costumes as you can see from the helms worn by Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as naughty God Loki. *Young Lily Collins has signed on to play Snow White in Tarsem Singh's BROTHERS GRIMM: SNOW WHITE alongside Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen and Armie Hammer as prince.

In other superhero news this Monday, Dwayne Johnson has revealed that he is ready to accept the role of Black Adam in CAPTAIN MARVEL if that film ever gets into production. Black Adam is the enemy of Captain Marvel. In another story, Patrick Dempsey wants the role of DOCTOR STRANGE, a super hero from Marvel's universe, who uses his innate mystic powers to protect the world around him. And, speaking of super heroes, check out a sexy poster from X-MEN: FIRST CLASS which features gorgeous January Jones as the White Queen aka Emma Frost on a retro designed TOTAL FILM cover. Gotta love those white boots :) The film premieres this June.


  1. Indeed, Blake Lively is gorgeous! I liked her role (albeit relatively brief) in The Town.

  2. i can't wait to see The Rock in any movies! i have yet been disappointed by his role so far. i'm so waiting for Thor to be on-screen. Marvel never failed to impress us! :D

  3. I agree. I like all the superhero movies coming out.

  4. i love superheroes- but sometimes the sheer mass of superheroe movies in recent times gets kinda dizzing! :)

  5. It's raining gorgeous superheroes and villains. Talk about bringing the heat. ;))

  6. I have a strong feeling they planned for a trilogy of these GL movies and if they did of course Carol has to become Star Staphire. I hope they plant little eggs in the first movie that make her more than just a pretty girl to be rescued and set up just such a situation in any sequel. Her and Sinestro will be a good double whammy of former allies for Hal to fight. I am really jazzed about this picture. Blake has really grown on me in the past year and I hope they do more with her. Those clips from WonderCon look terrific.

  7. I'm not sure if Patrick Dempsey is the best person to play Doctor Strange, but I've not seen him in a great deal to be sure about it. Love the new Thor posters!

  8. What a surprise you didn't choose the Total Film cover with Fass-your-bender in it :) I think that one looks the best.

  9. Ooo I would love to see Blake Lively as a superhero! That would be a nice change for her. Dwayne Johnson as a villan is soooo perfect... I think. : )

  10. @Lyndy
    no complaints, off course :)

    I know you like Blake, especially in this pink picture, so I chose that one just for you ;)

    The Rock is really great, he has some warmth in him like Vin Diesel, which most other action stars don't have.

  11. @Clarissa
    glad you like it, Clarissa! :)

    it's true, especially since in this ocean of super hero films we haven't really seen a lot of great ones :(

    I'm guessing you're not opening your umbrella under such a rain :)

  12. @Kal
    glad to see you excited about this one, Kal. Blake really is unusually charismatic for an American actress, and following her next steps and roles will be really interesting

    aren't THOR posters just great? :)

    what? And miss posting my White Queen? Never, even if he really Fasts my Benders every time I see him :))

    we do love both Blake and Dwayne :)

  13. Do you not feel that this superhero fad is exactly that: A fad? It's all gonna implode if they're not careful. This summer is nothing but a collection of superhero flicks and I'm wondering if the public's interest will sustain. What do you think?

  14. January Jones looks hot and cold!

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  15. I love superhero movies. They take me back to childhood when I read comics and watched the cartoons.

  16. I read Anna Karenina long ago. I would like to see that movie adaptation!
    And yoW! Hot men with six packs on the sidebar!

  17. Wow, they sure are into the fairy tale and superhero thing lately. Yay on Anna Karenina. I named one of my cats Karanina. ;)

  18. @Movies
    well, as someone who has never really seen a really great and truly breathtaking super hero flick, I tend to agree that we are having too much such films in cinemas, especially this summer. Not to mention that some of the upcoming superhero TV show seem shockingly horrible, like WONDER WOMAN for example.

    he he she does, doesn't she? :) Ready for tomorrow, Arlee? :)

  19. @Medeia
    yes, they seem to be popular among the grown-ups who are still hiding a kid in them :)

    I read it back in High School when I kinda had a deep love with Russian classics :)

    he he is she a Russian cat? :) I sometimes also have a habit of naming my cats after literary or film characters :)

  20. I think Patrick could pull it off; I so want those boots! I like summer super Hero movies; Hope this one has a great story line. CGI is a guarantee, but story line...let's hope!

  21. I'm sure your hubs would love you in those boots too :)))