Saturday, April 16, 2011


Now this sounds like a potentially interesting project. HBO is preparing TV series based on Neil Gaiman's book AMERICAN GODS which describes a battle between two different God-like factions. One set of Gods is based on myths and legends who became real because the human race believed in them at one time. They're starting to disappear, and are being replaced by a new set of Gods that are a manifestation of America's preoccupation with technology, celebrity,  media and drugs. The main character will be an ex-con who gets mixed up in this war when he unwittingly decides to join a conman who turns
out to be a dieing deity gathering troops for the final battle.

Today you can also check out stunning first picture from the set of Brian Singer's JACK THE GIANT KILLER showing Ewan McGregor in full armor as the captain of the royal guard.  The film will follow young man Jack (Nicholas Hoult) who unwittingly breaks a long standing peace between the humans and giants when he goes after a princess who the giants kidnapped. Beside McGregor and Hoult, the cast also includes Bill Nighy, who will play the two-headed leader of the giants, and Stanley Tucci, who will play the main villain.

And are you super excited about the grand premiere of HBO's new epic fantasy series GAME OF THRONES which starts this Sunday, April 17th? If not, check out this stunning clip which could change your mind. The beautiful video depicts the first meeting of brute Dothraki leader Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) and Daenerys Targaryen, whose brother promised her to the horseback savage in order to use his people to regain the throne of Westeros. During the prescreenings of the show everyone was so amazed and breathtaken that apparently the second season has already been ordered even before the Sunday  start of the first one. The second season will follow George R.R. Martin's novel "A Clash of Kings from" his "A Song of Ice and Fire" saga. 


  1. Ooooooooohhhh!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the GoT teaser! I cannot wait!!!!!!

  2. I love it all: American Gods, Jack the Giant Killer, Game of Thrones. There's too much goodness in this post. Now if I only had HBO. :(

  3. Jason Momoa is brutally hot. Game of Thrones looks incredible, but I will have to wait for DVD as alas I do not have HBO. They charge too much for it a month.

    Jack the Giant Killer looks fantastic as well. Have a great weekend, my friend. :)

  4. @Allyson
    the show will be visually mesmerizing :)

    I don't have HBO either, but there are always ways ... :)

    hot and brute in this video :) But at least he liked the girl :)))

  5. I love the poster for Game of Thrones. Quite apt. The costumes for Jack the Giant Killer look fancy too.

  6. I've posted other posters from that series with other characters some time ago, so you might check those one too :)
    Ewan is certainly dashing in that armor :)

  7. I'll definitely be tuning into Game of Thrones this Sunday. The series looks like a winner!

  8. I've always thought that Ewan McGregor is underrated as an actor. Looking forward to seeing his work on this project.

  9. BTW Dezz, I awarded you the "Versatile Blogger Award." Come pick it up @ my blog!

  10. Excited about anything related to Neil Gaiman!

  11. American gods sounds awesome. I may try to check out Game of Thrones. I don't have HBO, but i did manage to watch True Blood, so i may do the same for Game of Thrones

  12. And where did we first hear about Game of Thrones? Right here on Hollywood Spy that's where! I'll be tuning in and really looking forward to it!

  13. @Cheeseboy
    if you ask me he should be the biggest star in Hollywood along with Jude Law, PAtrick Wilson and Karl Urban :)

    glad you find it so, Masy!

    well, thanks, I shall pop over immediately :)

  14. @Kelly
    he is quite popular among my readers!

    try it you must! It will be the biggest epic show ever :)

    indeed, kind sir :) You can watch it on Monday at Sky Channel over in UK :)

  15. Is the GoT 2nd season order a confirmed thing or still not officially announced so far?

  16. Games of Throne looks like an awesome series. Too bad I don't have HBO, will have to wait till it comes out in DVD. Thank you for sharing that information, dez.

  17. @Adam
    it's still not official, Adam!

    glad you liked it, Novroz ;)

  18. I'm sad I don't have HBO, it looks amazing~

    Cake Nazi post is

  19. I don't know that I'm all that thrilled about American Gods but I guess it sounds like it will be rather allegorical and maybe have some cool effects.

    Tossing It Out

  20. can only hope HBO can do Gaiman's novel justice. It's a fantastic read:)


  21. Lots of goodies in the horizon! Jack & The Giant Killer looks interesting for a Fantasy lover like me :)
    I'm so looking forward to Game of Thrones....the downside..not subscribed to HBO LOL But not a problem for this resourceful girl ;)

  22. Game of Thrones should be epic. I'm looking forward to watching it as it should be a lot livelier than Mildred Pierce!

  23. @Arlee
    I'm not expecting much either, but he is a popular writer although people say most of his film adaptations weren't successful, but maybe this one in the form of a TV show will be better.

    we shall keep our fingers crossed ;)

  24. @Summer
    I also like the idea of JACK AND THE GIANT KILLER.It will surely be a lovely fantasy for us big kids :)And what is it with my readers and HBO, doesn't anyone have HBO over there? :)

    The cool thing is that they are going world wide, which means that the show will be broadcast all around the world within two days like they did with THE WALKING DEAD which was the first one simultaneously world wide broadcast show in history.

    glad you like it

  25. Here's to hoping HBO does as good a job on American Gods as they have GoT.

    Anyone who can't wait another night can sate their GOT needs with the 14 minute preview. It's on Hulu (for the American audiences) and I'm sure you can find it elsewhere if needed.

  26. In my case, don't have HBO because I'm cheap! LOL
    As you said, probably by Tuesday will be able to watch it ;)

  27. @MJ
    Yes, we've seen that video with the first 14 minutes :) It was great. US premiere today and the rest of the world is watching it on Monday including Serbia :)

    he he ... cheap is good for saving money :)

  28. After the watching the G0T trailer, I just realized the man on the horse is from the Stargate Atlantis series. Cool!

  29. yep, he first starred in BAYWATCH and then in ATLANTIS.

  30. Boy that medieval outfit Ewan's wearing looks mighty heavy! Oh, love that Game of Thrones poster, and of course Sean Bean! :D

  31. it does, but I love what they did to his hair and I like when he has a goatee :) I love when he reminds me of posh and dashing younger version of David Niven :) Jude Law is Michael Kane, Gerard Butler is Sean Connery, and Ewan is the young version of DAvid Niven :)

  32. Also, I'm hoping that HBO realizes that Anansi is black. Apparently, someone wrote a screenplay for Anansi Boys and completely overlooked the fact that Anansi is an African god. *shakes head*

  33. I've no idea who Anansi is, MJ :)