Saturday, April 30, 2011


So, have you watched THE ROYAL WEDDING? How did you like it? Who was best dressed? What did you like/hate most? I think Kate Middleton looked lovely, but although I appreciated the
subtle elegance of her wedding gown, it didn't wow me and I wasn't amazed by the decision to do a Grace Kelly's wedding dress rip-off. She will be a future queen and queens should dictate not follow :) But she did look nice, tender, delicate and lovely, just not memorable as the royal wedding of the century deserves. Oooh, and I thought Victoria and David Beckham looked absolutely stunning. Princess Lalla Salma, the wife of Moroccan king was stunning as always proving her status of HOLLYWOOD SPY's favourite royal person. Serbia's crown prince Aleksandar was also present. Click on the images to see HOLLYWOOD SPY's visual fashion report from THE ROYAL WEDDING :) And please do
comment if you are inspired :) The next huge royal wedding we will be watching will be the wedding of Monaco's prince Albert later this summer. Will his future wife Charlene Wittstock be prettier than his late mother Grace Kelly? Albert was probably the best dressed man today at the London wedding.

Since we're sticking with love, today you can check out the first trailer for ONE DAY, a romantic film with interesting plot premiering  this August with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess in the lead roles.
The story, based on the bestselling novel, follows an extraordinary relationship. Emma and Dexter meet on the night of their college graduation in summer 1988. She is a working class girl of principle and ambition who dreams of making the world a better place. He is a wealthy charmer who dreams that the world will be his playground. For the next two decades, they meet every summer for one day, as their friendship ebbs and flows with the passing of the years. Through love and loss, heartbreak and success, hopes fulfilled and dreams shattered, they experience the grandeur of life. Somewhere along their journey, these two people realize that what they are searching and hoping for has been there for them all along. The film features beautiful music from One Republic and lots of horrible hairdos from Hathaway :).


  1. technical difficulties are preventing me from watching the trailer.

    You are so right about Kate's dress. It was fine, but it didn't wow and you are so right that she should dictate, not follow. I think she went for the safe option.

  2. Ooh! The wedding was very lovely! And thank you so much for posting those pictures! It's always so nice to watch history in the making like this.

  3. @Lyndy
    yes, she probably toned it down a bit to fit the stiff style of the surroundings and the British royal family, but since this was supposed to be the wedding of the century I thought she should've gone for something a bit more unique and stunning, but still refined. If she put a different, more bold pattern on this lace, it would be a wow factor - maybe asymmetrical lace patterns of lilies, or bird wings or something ...

    glad you liked it, Ems :)

  4. I thought the bride and groom looked beautiful. Didn't notice the Grace Kelly coincidence, but I consider Grace Kelly one of the most beautiful women ever so the coincidence is okay by me! :) I thought Kate's dress mixed modern with classic.
    Becks looked hot; didn't love Victoria's dress. Could have found a cuter maternity frock.

  5. And the poll on the right: How do I choose between Julian McMahon and Ryan Kwanten????? Both funny and handsome!

  6. he he .... well, most people did like KAte's outfit, but I'm always striving for the best :)
    Grace Kelly WAS the most beautiful woman ever!
    PS I'm kinda shocked no one voted for Kwanten so far, I thought he would be a smash hit since ladies seem to love him so much. It's a
    mystery :)

  7. Aha, I figured you'd be breaking down the Royal wedding. I didn't pay attention to any of it. It's not my cup of tea, but I'm sure few can critique it quite as well as you.

  8. not sure about posh's dress. looked a little odd.

  9. Dezzy - I thought the wedding was beautiful. Certainly seemed demure. I would've loved to see a more spectacular dress. One thing I loved was her hair, the beautiful crown Kate wore and the veil. The simplicity was outstanding.


  10. You're right - the Beckhams looked beautiful (as usual).

    I thought Kate & Will looked so cute I thought my heart was going to burst!

  11. Enjoyed the photos of some of the other couples at the wedding. Very nice.

    Thoughts in Progress

  12. i didn't see much about it, but the pics i did see, they looked so in love!!!! and that's what it's all about! :)

  13. I totally agree with your assessment of the wedding. The dress didn't have the wow factor for me. I think she looked beautiful, but didn't see the surprise. I did see the Grace Kelly styling. There was a gracious, quiet elegance about the wedding. It has it's charm, but not the romantic styling I had hoped for. I did think it was a beautiful wedding, Maybe the surprise will be in 8-9months. She kept touching her stomach and the ring didn't want to go on?! They do make a cute couple; I'm happy for them!

  14. I didn't see any of the wedding, only the brief kiss. Not much of a kiss, though, was it.

    I thought Kate was beautiful and sylph-like. And Will looked sharp in his red jacket. I can't help it, I'm a sucker for that stuff. Hope it lasts.

  15. I liked Kate's dress, but did not love it. I hated the plethora of ugly hats and QE2 looked liked Big Bird. Loved Posh and Becks. They always stun. And I thought Harry looked quite dashing.

    One Day looks cute so I just might be tempted to see it.

  16. Yes, the Beckhams looked wonderful but there's something just not right about that Victoria. She looks like a robot. Surely that's not all due to botox and anorexia, is it?

  17. OMG! One Day! I wrote a post about the book it was based on during the early days of my blog :)

  18. Watched it and loved it!! I thought Kate looked beautiful! Who knew a long sleeved wedding dress could look so divine? After reading your perspective on the dress I definitely see your point. The Beckhams looked ravishing as always! I love that she is pregnant with a girl, yay!!

  19. I like the simplicity of the wedding. But,I should say that Kate is nothing compare to Lady Di in term of beauty.

    I didn't seen the guess and I am not well-educated in fashion, so I can't tell who has the best or worst dress ;)

    I have only seen Jim Sturgess in across the Universe and i adored his cute face.

  20. @Matty
    he he, Dezzy is an expert :)) You speak wisely, sir :)

    it's because she's pregnant and plus the wind was blowing in the pic above

    Beckhams are always stylish :)

    although I love her brown hair, I must admit I didn't like it yesterday. She should've done a more romantic hairdo and she should've had more hair over her forehead. But she was still angelic

  21. @Mason
    glad you enjoyed the pics, Masy :)

    it was nice when he told her she looked beautiful when she came into the abbey, but I thought he should've helped her more while entering and leaving the coach. And they should've stood more close to each other at the balcony :)

    he he you sense a royal baby? :) I think they might wait a few years, until Willy finishes his duties in the army and until they move to their house in Wales. But who knows, maybe the baby is already in the stomach :)

    yes, royal weddings in Britain don't seem to last long, except the queen and her husband, no one else has had a long marriage so lets hope these two will last forever :)

  22. @Melsy
    OMG, don't mention the hats, I have a nightmare :) Have you seen the ugliness on the heads of Fergie's daughters? Horrible. And yes, Harry did look better than Willy (unlike his girlfriend who looked trashy as always) since he had a black jacket unlike Willy's unfortunate red one with a blue bow . And the queen really did look like a bird in that big yellow outfit :))) and her hat was not suited for the occasion.

    Victoria is always a bit android-like :) This time I kinda liked it, she seemed refined and ethereal playing an ice queen :)

  23. @Sam
    it was a bestselling book, glad you liked it, hope you will like the film too :)

    glad you like my point :) And I'm also happy for the Beckhams that they are finally getting a girl after three little male devils :)

    I agree on Sturgess, but not on Lady Di. I never actually considered her very beautiful, she was always a bit goofy, while Kate has a more of a charismatic beauty. But she is much older than Di when she got married to Charles.

  24. DEZ - where's your write up on the "ugly step sisters" (as I've dubbed them) - Fergie's lovelies! What were they thinking?

    I'm usually the kind of person that figures - "Hey, whatever floats your boat," but this was just pathetic. They sunk the ship outright!
    These girls didn't need to look like carnival freaks! Sorry if that's too harsh, but really.

    I guess Camilla was grateful for their presence!

    Anyway, I loved the wedding - although I did not get up at 2 am to watch. Really, if it's not good enough to invite me then hey, I'll watch the reruns! (bad Jenny, bad)

    Well...on to the next, right!

    Happy Thoughts and Big Smiles,

  25. Jenny,I think I mentioned somewhere above in the comments those two young ladies :) But they never had style, they were always the freaks in the family. Harry's girlfriend also looked trashy as usually.

    Ah, now you know how we in Europe feel when we have to wake up in 2am to watch Oscars :) Here, the wedding was around 11am :) just with the morning tea :)

    And I also don't know why we weren't invited, do you think people still remember what we did at queen mum's wedding last century? :) We weren't that bad :)

  26. The wedding was lovely and formal (so glad it wasn't the way my wedding went down!). The dress definitely wasn't my style, but really, how much can a dress really "wow" you when the shoulders have to be covered? It automatically makes the lace come out and to me, that screams 80's early 90's. But I think she looked classy in it.
    And that's some movie poster! Wowza. The trailer appears to be blocked, so I'll have to look for it :)

  27. I've just installed the new trailer from MovieWeb, hope it will be fine this time :)
    KAte did look classy and lovely :) Well, if she had some more modern pattern on her lace, something geometrical or asymmetrical or even Elven instead of the flowers, it would've looked wow :)

  28. DEZ - You make me laugh! We would have rocked that wedding, that's for sure - their loss!

    Funny how we forget what time it is in different parts of the world! Since I have a few European friends that I chat with (by old fashioned telephone) they've made me aware of how annoying it is when I forget to check the time difference and call them when it suits me!

    I crack up about it - but don't think they find it too funny!

    As to Harry's gal pal - I don't see that being a "till death do us part" thing, do you?

    Happy thoughts laced with a few giggles,

  29. ah, who knows, both Harry and his little tart seem immature and ill-behaved, and you know that similar people stick together :)

  30. I think both bride and groom, looked great! Always smiling, enjoying the moment. About the dress, I think she wanted to make the statement that she is an elegant woman with delicate taste. Her second dress with the bolero for the evening reception was very beautiful.

  31. I don't have a strong urge to see "One Day." I am tired of the cliche "friends with benefits who are really in voe but can't admit it" story.
    For once i would like to see a movie where friends with benefits actually are...or at least some new take on it

  32. perfect timing! Just saw a poster for One Day at the theater and thought, "Wonder what that's about..." :D Interesting...

    I loved the wedding. I know, not too imaginative, but that seems to be this couple's MO. They're made for each other~ <3

  33. @Summer
    or maybe she's just plain :))) I loved that dark blue dress that she wore when her and Wills went public with their love best :)

    ah, I see you're not one of us more romantic types who love watching a good romantic movie on Sunday evenings :) I mean, that's what I'm not watching scantily clad people in SPARTACUS and GAME OF THRONES he he ...

    ah, now you know what's the film about :) Dezzy was of some help :)

  34. I don't mind a good romantic movie, i am just tired of the "friends with benefits who are really in love" plotline.

  35. I thought Kate looked lovely. I also thought the Queen looked lovely, even though many American news and talk shows poked fun of the yellow, which was inappropriate imo. My favorite was Kate's sister, wow, she was quite stunning!