Tuesday, April 12, 2011


 I'm not sure if aliens go with the Christmas season, but that's when THE DARKEST HOUR will be released this winter. Produced by famous Russian director Timur Bekmambetov with the cast full of upcoming young stars Emile Hirsch, Olivia Thirlby, Max Minghella and Rachael Taylor, this alien thriller will follow a group of carefree young Americans who go to Russia as tourists to have some fun, but when they get to Moscow they find themselves in the middle of an alien invasion so they have to team up with others in order to fight back, survive and return home. The film was shot in Russia with the budget of around $50 million.
If you like period films, THE ABSINTHE DRINKERS might be your kind of movie. The film which is in very early stages of pre production, will tell the story of a talented young woman painter whose recognition was usurped by the prejudices of the male dominated art scene of 19th century Paris and Florence. She joins a tight circle of eccentric foreign artists known as "Les Absintheurs" (The Absinthe Drinkers) who worked in decadent Montmartre at the height of the Impressionist movement. The cast list is very interesting and it includes: Peter Facinelli, Tim Roth, John Hurt, Keith Carradine, Jurgen Prochnow and my favourite Italian actor Alessio Boni.

Now, as you may know I don't have a high regard for Daniel Radcliffe's acting (which is mostly very poor and artificial) but the first trailer for his upcoming post HARRY POTTER film is rather spooky and chilling and plus it's a period film. So if you like such things, you might like this trailer too. Premiering in UK this October, the film called THE WOMAN IN BLACK follows a young lawyer (Daniel Radcliffe) who travels to a remote village to organize a recently deceased client’s papers, where he uncovers tragic secrets and encounters the ghost of a scorned woman set on vengeance. The trailer doesn't reveal much, but there are two extremely spooky scenes in it. The script was written by Jane Goldman who also wrote STARDUST, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, KICK-ASS ....


  1. Yeah, not much to the video other than a chill or two. You know I'm fond of the ghosts right now, but those scary movies, uh, scare me sometimes.

    Ooh, and I think I'll like The Absinthe Drinkers. That sounds good to me.

  2. yep, there's just the super spooky lady who appears suddenly while he's peaking through that thing whatever it's called :)

  3. oo..the teaser makes the movie chilling. Excellent! The Darkest Hour sounds cool too.

  4. The Darkest Hour seems fantastic. I am a sucker for this kind of science fiction; ya know, alien invasions in other more environmentally intriguing countries. The cast looks superb. Emile Hirsch is an underrated talent. I've always liked him since The Girl Next Door.

  5. I'm not a fan of Radcliff either but it's nice to see him in other films. I think when he has been in such popular films it makes it difficult for viewers to think of him as anything but Harry Potter.

  6. i didn't have a high rating for Daniel either, but the trailer for Woman in Black looks awesome. definitely the type that attracts me to watch it. chilly!

  7. The trailer looks great; I'm all for Aliens, but for Christmas...not so sure. I like period type films...we will see! Actually, it might be refreshing to have Alien for Christmas. I'm tired of the usually, yuletide meal~

  8. I'm a big Hammer fan, haven't had time to check out any of their new productions but The Woman In Black looks pretty good. I'd like to see them remake some of their campier films from the 60's and 70's, those are some of my favorites.

  9. I can certainly see why Alessio is your favorite Italian. Hot damn! I had to turn my fan on high. ;) This Daniel Radcliffe looks wicked and I have got to see The Absinthe Drinkers. Love me the period pieces.

  10. Looks like some great movies coming out! I've never seen Daniel Radcliffe in anything but Harry Potter - should be interesting!

  11. Oooh, freaky. I'm a Radcliffe fan. But, I'm an even bigger fan of yours, Dezzy! Huge fan!! Ginormica fan. LOL xoxo

  12. so what the heck harry plopper and spooky and chilling doin' here? I think you starting to shift your interest toward them, my friend :))

  13. Nothing for me today Dezzy.

    The Darkest hour brought a little interest from The Man Like Custard. Other wise I am not bothered by period dramas (I am trying to branch out, RTM is educating me). And I too am not a fan of the Potter boy...meh

    Thanks for the updates as always


  14. Creepy trailer, indeed! I think it's a brilliant move for Daniel Radcliffe to do this kind of movie after HP.

  15. oooh! that trailer was WAY too short- but looks like my kind of movie! :D
    and do aliens and christmas go together???!?!?!??!
    OF COURSE!!!!
    haven't you ever seen dr. who, dezz??? :)

  16. Don't go into shock, Dez, but I think I'd like to see all three.
    That thingy was the first motion picture projector. (Before you ask -- it was way before my time.;0))

  17. @Lyndy
    it is quite chilling isn't it? Great for warm weather Down Under :)

    I thought it could be your type of flick :) I haven't seen Emile so far, but I did see Max and he is quite interesting, although he needs to mature a bit in his acting

    it's true, not even acting nude in that Broadway play has helped him to get rid of Harry Plopper stigma :))

  18. @Levian
    it's quite an interesting trailer, isn't it? :)

    ah, I loveeeee Christmas atmosphere, the kitschier the merrier :)

    I've no idea what Hammer is, except that I know you wrote a lot about it, but I knew you would gonna like it :)

  19. @Melsy
    Alessio is not just good looking, but he is also extremely charismatic and a very good actor. I loved him in recent TV mini series on WAR AND PEACE. He was amazing.

    glad you like the news, Suzy :)

    he he ginormica fan :) I'm sending you a ginormica kiss ;)

  20. @Jaccsy
    it was a poor Monday in the news department what can I tell you :)

    sorry, general, but yesterday was horrible with news, nothing new, all boring, I had to come up with at least something :) Hope we shall have better news tomorrow.

    it's true, Sam, he must do something totally different to break the chains from Harry Plopper :)

  21. @Vics
    ah, DR WHO is one of the very few BBC cult shows I've never watched. I did try, but the only episode I ever liked was one with Agatha Christie :) I'm just not a fan of David Tennant :) And I wonder what goes with Easter if aliens go with Christmas :)))Zombie bunnies? :)

    he he ... of course it wasn't in your time, you are younger than me, and I'm a bit over 30 today :)

  22. does that mean it's your birthday today dezz?

    * blows kazoo and throws confetti *
    this is truly a blessed day! gave us our dezz!

  24. he he thanks, darling! Hope you will vacuum those confetti after the party and not leave it to me :)) And thanks once again for being so crazy to do a celebratory post for me over at your lovely mansion ;))

  25. "The Absinthe Drinkers" is my kind of film! Looks like an interesting storyline with a great cast. By the way Dezz, Alessio Boni is my favourite Italian actor too!
    Will be interesting to see Daniel Radcliffe in a totally different role, let's give the boy a chance to prove himself as an actor. :)

  26. First off, I've been somewhat keeping an eye on The Darkest Hour for a little while now. I've enjoyed Bekmambetov even since Night Watch/Day Watch. And I'm of the same mind as Matt, Emily is definitely an underrated talent. I think he's one of the best young actors around today. And I really can't remember anything he's done that was bad, so he seems to have a good head on him when it comes to picking movies, just giving that much more credit to The Darkest Hour.

    As for The Woman in Black, that teaser definitely does have that creepy aspect to it. That's one I'll have to check out. In a way, I hope it does well. I think Radcliffe kinda needs it to do well. He needs something good soon to break him out of that Harry Potter mold, lest he end up getting stuck as being Harry Potter and not Daniel Radcliffe.

  27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEZ! May you have many, many more and all filled with great blessings.

    BTW - Excellent answer. LOL

  28. The Woman in Black looks interesting... and, interesting about The Absinthe Drinkers - a lot of writers drank the stuff way back when. Something about green faeries? My husband and I and friends tried it a while back - nasty! No green faeries and my writing stayed the same, so... I liked the decorative spoon the bottle came with, though. :)

  29. @Summer
    Alessio is your favourite too? Wow, that so great, I thought no one would know him here but me :) He is such a great man!

    I must watch something with Emile, if you say he is great. I like talented young actors, and I'm glad some of them are coming into the spotlight these days.

    thanks, Mary ;) Hope we will be invited to your 27th birthday ;)

  30. @Donea
    ah, so the absinthe didn't give you inspiration? :) But at least you got a spoon :) Why were they giving spoons with booze? :)

  31. We don't get to see many Italian productions, but of the few they have shown, Alessio has been in the cast. Loved him in the Italian - European co-production- of War & Peace, he plays Andrei Bolkonsky, great performance and awesome looks in uniform!

  32. I will have to wait for a more informative trailer to say whether i'm excited for Women in Black or not, but i personally don't have anything against Daniel. I'm not a huge alien invasion guy, so for right now i have no interest in the Darkest Hour

    The Absinthe Drinkers seems like it might be interesting, but i would have to wait for a trailer before deciding whether its something to look forward to for me

  33. @Summer
    yes, he was super amazing and absolutely charismatic in WAR AND PEACE, I even mentioned that in one of the comments above. Such a stunning stunning man! I watched that mini series just for him :)

    the trailer for ABSINTHE DRINKERS won't be any time soon :) they didn't even collect the money for shooting yet.

  34. Eh, most child/teen actors aren't incredibly talented (or at least haven't truly developed their skills). I'm willing to hold out however, to see if "Harry" can grow into something better than his HP days.

  35. 'tis true, but most of adult actors aren't talented either :)